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The importance of collecting and analysing user data on WooCommerce mobile apps

It is often said that the new currency of this century is data. Effective collection and analysis of user/customer data has helped businesses become more agile and predict consumer trends. More so, it has allowed for better customer service and created a personalised approach to engagement. Online stores and businesses extensively follow this practice in order to foster customer trust and cultivate a holistically engaging experience. Let’s take a look at why the collection and analysis of user data is critical for businesses that have a woocommerce mobile app:

1. Customer database

Collecting comprehensive user data is critical to creating and maintaining a panoptic database of your customers. While this concept in itself is by no means new, but the process of organising customer information has been greatly simplified by cloud technology. An up-to-date, accessible, and customer database acts as a valuable repository all information a business needs regarding its users. Mobile apps are also much better at collecting customer information as they make effective use of the mobile hardware features, and are capable of collecting additional information like location.

2. User Behaviour

While collecting the demographic data and information of your customers obviously strengthens your business operations, one critical aspect of this process is meticulously recording the way your users are interacting with your app. Keeping a track of user behaviour gives you important insights on which app features most used, which ones are redundant, what are the pain-points experienced, and what challenges are encountered during the checkout process. All this information can help you bring down cart abandonment, promote offers more effectively, and schedule push notifications for maximum impact.

3. Shopping Trends

In addition to helping you understand how users are engaging with your app, you can also identify customer shopping trends and patterns. This is particularly useful if you have a woocommerce mobile app for your online store and want to make your marketing and promotions strategy more effective. Once you have recognised which products are more popular amongst which category of customers, it becomes easier to create targeted marketing campaigns. This also increases the chances of successful up-selling and cross-selling of products and services, as your suggestions are more relevant and personalised.

4. Personalising Content and Services

‘Personalisation’ is the latest buzz-word in the tech industry and a wide almost all digital product and services providers are applying the same for better business growth. By understanding user behaviour and preferences, you can automate the personalisation your app’s content and services for better engagement. Depending on the nature of your app, you can use user information like age, gender, location, profession, or social media activity to curate content and services that are most appealing for your target audience. In other words, you identify and anticipate what your app users want and give them more of the same to ensure maximum retention.

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