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The missing ingredient for a thriving online business: a WooCommerce mobile app

The e-commerce industry has a stiff competition with large players dominating the bigger shares of the market. With thinning margins and low levels of customer retention, online businesses have to find new ways to engage their customers and one of the most effective ways to do so is by using a native mobile application. Allowing your customers to remain connected with your store, even when they are on the move will naturally be good for your business; but that’s not the only benefit that comes with a mobile app. Let us take a look at why a powerful mobile application is indispensable for online businesses and how you can get a native app for your existing website with a woocommerce mobile app builder:

1. Know your shoppers

A native WooCommerce app provides you with an opportunity to know your shoppers in detail. A mobile app makes the most of the features of the hardware device and collects user information like location, usage pattern, and social media activity. Using several readily-available intelligent reporting tools, businesses can analyse this information and data to gain insights on the behaviour of their customers. This helps businesses to understand their customers better and allows them to provide their customers with relevant products and services, as per their choice and taste.

2. Improve conversions

With a WooCommerce mobile app, you can pave way for a sustainable growth in your business. A mobile app for your online stores serves as a direct and instant mode of communication between your brand and your customers. By sending them in-app updates and push notifications, you can inform your shoppers regarding flash sales, limited-period offers, and time-bound discounts. Experts have found that sending a well-crafted push notification is one of the most effective ways to re-engage dormant and inactive customers, thus, bolstering your marketing and promotional activity as well.

3. Simplify Controls

An in-sync mobile app, created using a woocommerce mobile app builder, can help you control and manage your online presence better. Apps built with online app creators, like AppMySite, are in complete synchronisation with the website. In other words, any changes made to the website are automatically reflected in the app. This saves the double effort that would have otherwise gone in updating the app separately and consolidates the control of two of your biggest digital assets, the website and the mobile app.

4. Enhance shopping experience

Last, but not the least, is the fact that a mobile app improves the overall shopping experience for the customer. A mobile app is a simple, convenient, and personalised way for your customers to browse through products or manage their orders. More so, a mobile app gives the shopper a sense of control over the entire experience, and unlike the website, commands greater attention from the user. Furthermore, unlike a hybrid or web app, native apps work better with limited internet connectivity and are more responsive.

If you haven’t considered launching a mobile app for your online store, now’s the time to think about it! You can create a premium mobile app for your e-commerce store using an intelligent woocommerce mobile app builder, like AppMySite. AppMySite will not only build an in-sync native mobile app for your website in under a week, but also publish the same on app stores for you. In addition to being extremely easy-to-use, AppMySite has cost-effective pricing plans that start at just a few dollars a month – with discounts for annual plans as well. To know more about how your online business can benefit from AppMySite, get in touch with us today!


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