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The push notification feature is live: Now connect with your app users effortlessly

AppMySite has released push notification feature for all apps with code version 1.7.0 and above. You can now send unlimited push notifications to your app users from your AppMySite account.

The push notification feature will be available for both Android and iOS app users. To start sending push notifications, login to your AppMySite account and go to Download app.

Support for push notifications is available for all apps with code version 1.7.0 and above. Check out our release notes and blog to find more details of this release. 

Get on a paid subscription plan and start sending as many notifications to your app users as you want. Visit our support article to learn more.

About AppMySite

AppMySite is a no-code mobile app builder that empowers users with the ability to create premium native mobile apps, in real time.

Create customizable and affordable apps for Android & iOS. All mobile apps created are optimised for performance, and built for publishing on the app stores.


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