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Web View feature has been enhanced

Performance is the foremost vertical ensuring the success of a mobile app. A slow app thwarts usage experience and leads to various other consequences such as app churn and abandonment.

Big companies spend millions on hosting fees and development talent to shave off a few milliseconds from typical loading times.

This luxury is naturally unavailable to a bootstrapped startup or a small business. Even still, they’re never far away from spending copious amounts of time improving app performance and speed.

App development is not a ‘big’ challenge anymore. Users can easily create an app using mobile app builders like AppMySite. The next frontier is naturally improving the app and enhancing its performance.

AppMySite regularly brings out new updates to help users enhance the performance of their WordPress and WooCommerce apps. This essentially ensures the platform is constantly updated with new features and additions.

It is not just a platform where users can convert WordPress to a mobile app. AppMySite is also heavily invested in making sure users are able to offer the best possible experience to their clientele.

The enhancement of the web view feature is the latest update made to the AppMySite platform. The following sections will provide readers insights on the exact nature of these improvements.

First, let’s start with the basics.

What does web view mean?

Before we delve into advancement AppMySite has made to its web view feature, it is wise to understand the basics.

What does web view mean? If you already use AppMySite, you must have noticed the web view feature in the dashboard section.

What does activating this feature really do?

A web view app is one which loads content directly from a web URL. Any screen you see on a web view app is loading information and content directly from a website.

This is in stark contrast the architecture and make-up of native mobile apps. Native mobile apps load information using the resources hardwired in their build. They don’t simply display a web page within an app environment.

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Using a web view app has its advantages. Developers don’t have to worry about app development and design as the website is automatically replicated in a mobile app. Web view apps also help establish website-app synergy.

AppMySite enables users to create a web view app without writing a single line of code. The mobile app creator offers a powerful web view feature which enables users to create a web view app.

Recently, AppMySite updated its web view feature. The new update effectively boosted the performance of web view apps built on the platform.

This following section provides a complete overview of the new improvements brought to the web view feature.

Improvements in the Web View feature

AppMySite has a deep understanding of the value of performance. We know our users seek to offer their clientele the perfect app experience. Performance plays a key role in the same. The following points provide insights on the new additions made to the web view feature.

  • Full screen display – A web view app will now be able to display the entire web page of a website on an app screen. The earlier version didn’t allow full screen display. This harmed app experience as web view apps need full screen display to provide an effective app usage experience.
  • Back button enabled – Users can now use the back button on a web view app. This will further move web view apps built on AppMySite closer to the performance of a typical native app.
  • Active links – Both internal and external links within the app content will work normally. This will further enhance app experience as users will be able to navigate between different screens.
  • Speed enhancements – The speed of web view apps has been enhanced from previous standards.

How do the new improvements help?

The one glaring drawback of using web view apps is their inferiority to native apps.

The new upgrades made to the web view feature enable users to create web view apps which match native apps in speed and performance.

Companies generally use web view apps because of their inherent simplicity. However, they have to compromise on quality on performance while enjoying this simplicity.

The recent upgrades made to the web view feature nullifies the need to compromise between simplicity and performance. AppMySite has effectively enabled web view apps to match their native counterparts.

In conclusion

Every platform worth its salt updates its services and products.

AppMySite is no different. It constantly strives to provide a better way to develop premium mobile apps. AppMySite is the only mobile app builder that updates its services as frequently and intensively.

This piece provides insights on the latest upgrades made to the web view feature. AppMySite users can go ahead and create their own high flying web view apps now.

Support for the upgraded web view is available for apps with code version 1.3.4 and above.

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