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WooCommerce support for external products added

AppMySite now extends support for external products on your mobile app. This update will enable you to successfully present and sell external products within your app.

Any external product you sell on your WooCommerce store will now be available on your app as well. Support for external products will help you boost the visibility of your affiliate product links.

The following points explain how users can sell external products on their app –

  • Add external products to your WooCommerce store backend.
  • Once you add the external products to your WooCommerce store, they will also be visible on your app. Anyone who wants to buy them will be redirected to the official seller’s website in a web view interface.
  • You can thus redirect people to your affiliate products within your app.

The support for external products will be available for mobile apps with code version 1.3.4 and above. Visit the release notes for more information.

Check out our blog to get a more detailed insight on external product support.

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