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External product support now enabled

Very seldom do people discuss affiliate marketing and mobile apps together. This is generally visible when many affiliate marketers focus chiefly on websites and not mobile apps.

This is despite the general simplicity of app development. AppMySite has played a big role in making app building easy by providing the ability to create an app from a website without coding.

We recently enabled support for external products on our WooCommerce apps. AppMySite users selling external products on their website will be able to display them on their apps as well. Before we delve into the nitty gritty of this update, let’s try to understand the significance of external product support on mobile apps.

External product support – Why does it matter?

A lot of websites these days rely on selling third-party external products for monetization. We often refer to this reliance as affiliate marketing. The premise is simple and effective – sell external products and generate commissions.

There are many reasons why selling external products makes great sense. You don’t have to worry about verticals like billing and shipping. The main seller can handle the entire process while you only need to redirect traffic to the money page.

Companies these days have a number of ways to funnel more traffic towards external products.

One unique tactic is attracting potential audiences with mobile apps. The aim of every affiliate website is to get relevant traffic to relevant money pages. Starting a mobile app for an affiliate website makes sense because this opens up a new channel of promotion and outreach.

Generally, we think of websites and blogs when affiliate marketing comes to mind. Mobile apps still remain relatively removed from the world of affiliate marketing. This is despite the fact that anyone can make an app with a free online app maker without coding.

A big reason behind the low reliance on app engagement in affiliate marketing is the general procedural challenges.

Let’s keep aside the challenge of user acquisition when it comes to mobile apps. Making people go through an entire sales journey to complete an affiliate sale takes a lot of effort.

One little addition that can solve this problem is external product support. This simply ensures app companies can sell products from external websites on their own app.

AppMySite recently made a new update to its platform enabling support for external products on WooCommerce apps.

How to enable external product support on your Woocommerce app?

You don’t need to make any changes on your app to enable external product support. However, you do have to add external products on your Woocommece store backend.

The following points layout the process-

  • Log-in to your Woocommerce backend.
  • Head over to Products and select Add New.
  • Scroll down to the Product Data section and choose External/Affiliate product option.
  • Make sure you enter your own unique affiliate link.
  • Fill in the other product details and publish your new product.
  • This external product will now be visible on your Woocommerce app. Anyone who wants to buy it will be redirected to the official seller’s website within your app.
  • You can thus redirect people to your affiliate products within your own app and earn commissions.

Why is the new update beneficial?

It is difficult for a small store to manage tasks like billing and shipping. Selling external products on your WooCommerce app can alleviate users from the stress of billing management and shipping.

New stores also have the problem of volume. Managing a great volume of products is always a challenge because of considerations like inventory. Populating the store with external products can relieve some of the stress on small ecommerce apps to manage products.

The best part of the update is its instant implementation. You don’t need to make any changes on your AppMySite account or Woocommerce app. Just a little work on your WooCommerce app will instantly help you display external products and shore up the visibility of your affiliate links.

In conclusion

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. However, mobile apps are not generally considered a viable platform to promote affiliate products. This is partly because of a lack of support for external products.

This is no longer the case with AppMySite. Now promote affiliate products on your WooCommerce app.

This update again underlines our commitment to deliver valuable features to our users. AppMySite already enables users to create Woocommerce and WordPress apps. This new update will further enhance the ability of users to provide the ideal app experience.

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