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Your online gift store business is incomplete without an app

The art of gifting has been parallelly evolving with the growth and progress of mankind. With time, technology has started defining and influencing this sector as well. As lives are getting busier and the world is confining on our palmtops, people are opting for smarter, quicker and technically advanced gifting solutions.

The global gifting market is estimated to cross the $475 billion mark by 2024. As many people are buying and sending gifts through web, the growth trajectory of the online gifting industry is bound to increase. However, as mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) is rapidly taking over eCommerce, it has become necessary to complement your online business with an app.

With the availability of free online app maker tools like AppMySite, it has become easier to get an app for your business. But, before you proceed to build an app for your online gift store, you must be aware of the various aspects of it. Read further and discover the essentials of having an app for absolute success.

M-Commerce – the future of commercial growth

The number of mobile phone users is set to cross the five billion bar this year. With more than 2.47 million Android apps and more than 1.8 million iOS apps on the stores, there is no question of not having an app for an online business.

To make the most of the opportunities, you must harness the potential completely. However, before you proceed to make your own app with AppMySite, you must know about the benefits.

The most significant advantages of having an app are as discussed below:

Convenience & Ease:

It has been assessed that mobile apps are 63% more convenient than websites. By complementing your website with an app, you offer the ease & convenience that your users seek.

Accessibility & Speed:

Mobile apps are quicker and more accessible as compared to websites. Even less tech-savvy people can easily shop on mobile apps and exercise the features. Mobile apps are easier to maintain even from the business owner’s point of view.

Increased Session-time:

It has been studied that people spend more time and money on apps. Unlike websites, people don’t just shop on apps and close it never to return again. Therefore, the revenue through mobile apps registers more numbers.

Enhanced Brand Value:

Once a user downloads your app, it becomes a permanent representative of your brand in their phone. Your app icon constantly reminds the user about your store. Thus, an app boosts brand recall value and strengthens your brand identity.

App features that can elevate your gift store business

To make the most of your resources and to harness all the benefits of mCommerce, you must ensure that the app you build has all the necessary features that make it highly functional and desirable. You can seek the features listed below for total success.

Responsive & Fast:

Get an app builder that creates powerful, responsive, fast loading and intuitive apps for Android & iOS users. Only settle for native apps as they are capable of using the resources of the device and easing the experience of the users.

Alluring Design & Layout:

Ensure easy navigation and user-friendly interface to allure readers to spend more time on your app. Use all the tools & features wisely to offer unmatched experience. The design, screens, landing page and more, should all be aesthetically appealing.

Personalized Appeal:

Customise stories, offerings and updates differently for different users. Keep your app and website in sync for retaining the identity. It will help your existing users to relate with your brand’s app. Also study and analyze the purchase pattern of your buyers to make personalized offerings.

Marketing Tools:

Use marketing tools and resources creatively and innovatively. Look for an app builder with in-built Push Notification dashboard, Social Media integration and more. Build community forums where people can interact with each other and the company.

Multilingual Support:

The app builder should come with this viable feature to help you cover a wider demography. Having an app with multi-language support gives your brand a global exposure and wider reach. It also helps your users feel more related to the brand.

Smart product search:

The aim of your app should be to help the buyers in meeting their shopping goals. The app should have smart searching, filtering and sorting features. Help the shoppers in selecting the perfect gift to suit the occasion by smartly categorizing the products.

Seamless Checkout:

The cart should be dynamic and allow buyers to add as many products as they want. Integrate multiple payment gateways to give more checkout options to your buyers. Also allow them to apply discount coupons, referral codes and more at the point of checkout.

March ahead with a sure shot strategy

It is great if you have decided to complement your gift store with an app. However, as you proceed, you must move forward with the right strategy to make the most of your resources and time.

Few significant factors that you must look for and apply, have been enlisted below.

Affordable & Quick:

You can ditch the traditional methods and opt for more affordable DIY solution like AppMySite. It is an elegant mobile app builder for WooCommerce that comes with flexible pricing plans. You can create an app in few minutes and also preview it before you proceed to publish it on store.

Builder-friendly tool:

Look for an app builder that is affordable & quick and yet makes no compromise on quality. The interface should be friendly & seamless and the environment should be coding free. The tools should be intuitive enough to help the builder in making the app and publishing it.

Optimized App:

Do not just sit back once your app is on the store. Keep optimizing and updating your app. You can also do primitive survey and A/B testing to check the response of your users. Study the feedback and make changes accordingly. It will help you in getting better ranks on app stores and also increase the visibility of your app.

Marketing Strategy:

Have a robust marketing strategy to promote your app and advertise it well. You can opt for the traditional marketing methods or go for other alternatives. You can go for social media advertisement campaigns, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Push Notifications or more.

Performance Analysis:

Analyse the response of your users, their session patterns, feedbacks, response, comments and more to get the insights of your performance. Also keep a track of the number of downloads and installations of your app. This will help you in determining and designing your marketing goals.

Don’t be a procrastinator

Now that you are aware of the benefits of complementing your online gift store with an app, it is time to proceed. You can easily build an app with AppMySite mobile app builder for WooCommerce stores. It comes with all the essential features and ample tool tips.

To create your app with AppMySite just follow the simple steps listed below:

Register: Sign up on the website and provide the basic details related to you and your WooCommerce store.

Build: Start building your app and personalize it. Design the layout, screens, landing page and more. Integrate your website with the app to sync the data and features.

Preview: Test your app on a real device before you proceed to upgrade and publish.

Publish: Choose you users (Android &/or iOS) and proceed to publish and submit your app on the relevant stores.

That’s it! You can sit back and relax once the app is submitted to the app store for approval. AppMySite will notify you when the process of approval is completed by the relevant app store.

As stated, it is the easiest way of getting an app for your store and utilizing the opportunities of mCommerce. There’s no need to wait anymore and lag behind your competitors.

Go ahead and grab the opportunity TODAY! Contact AppMySite to build a premium app for your online gift store.

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