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AppMySite introduces revamped mobile app interface for better performance

AppMySite recently introduced new designs to help you deliver a revamped mobile app interface to your customers. The new interface marks a complete overhaul in the design of your app from previous app versions.

Standing still is never an option in the app space. This holds especially true for mobile app design.

It is important to consistently react to prevailing design trends and practices. The new redesign of the app interface will help you present a brand new version of your app to your customers.

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The following sections provide a deep dive into the bare bone of the new design update on the AppMySite online app builder.

The new app interface – Adopting a minimalistic approach

The new mobile app interface introduced by AppMySite takes on a more minimalistic approach to design.

App users these days prefer clean layouts with simple color schemes and limited action buttons.

Clutter-free clean designs make it easy for hyper online customers to have a soothing and seamless experience on your app.

Keeping this idea in mind, AppMySite has made the new designs lightweight and easy on the eye. You can now help your customers enjoy their app experience and give them a reason to come back.

The previous app interface was a little heavy and cluttered. This new update overhauls the app design from older versions and takes on a light and minimal approach to designing the interface.

Impact on performance and experience

The new mobile app interface will significantly improve your app performance and consequently enhance user experience as well.

Lighter designs have a direct impact on app speed. Your app will be able to load each screen with greater ease. A lower loading time will make it easier for users to browse through your app.

Performance and user experience are closely interlinked. You cannot hope to optimize user experience without decent app performance. The new update ensures your app performance and experience also receive a significant boost.

Additionally, you can purchase the WordPress web hosting add-on to immediately supercharge your app performance. The add-on migrates your website to WP Engine which consequently your app speed as well.

How to update your app interface?

The new app interface is available for all Android and iOS apps for code versions 1.5.0 and above. 

The following steps explain how you can rebuild your mobile app to upgrade your app’s code version-

  • Login to your AppMySite account.
  • Go to the Download app section.
  • Select the Rebuild app button. This will initiate the generation of a new app build.
  • Download the new app build(s)  and upload it to your Google Play and App Store accounts.

Your app users will be able to see the new app interface on updating your app. The AppMySite app creator online helps you develop an app in minutes and further rollout nifty updates like the redesigned interface.

In conclusion

Creating and designing mobile apps has always been a challenge. Even though you can easily create an app with a free online app maker like AppMySite, designing apps is still a challenging task.

The new AppMySite update overhauls the old app interface and introduces new lightweight designs. This will help you improve app performance and enhance user experience as a result.

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