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iOS build generation simplified with better error handling

AppMySite has introduced a new update to make iOS build generation simpler with improved error handling. This will make it much easier for you to generate your iOS build quickly and launch on the App Store.

The AppMySite online app maker makes it very easy for you to build an app. However, it still takes a lot of effort to eventually make the perfect app.

To get an error while generating your iOS build can be frustrating. Build generation is the final part of the journey and you naturally want to quickly get your app build and proceed to app submission.

The new update will now streamline iOS build generation with new error handling mechanisms.

How has iOS build generation been simplified?

To generate an iOS build on AppMySIte, you have to submit some essential certificates and information. This information and certificates you need to submit are:

  1. Apple team ID
  2. iPhone distribution certificate
  3. iPhone provisioning profile
  4. Push notification certificate (if you enable push notification)

Earlier, if the information you entered was incorrect, the build generation would initiate and report an error 10-15 minutes later. This made the process of iOS build generation long and tedious as you had to wait for the whole process to be completed in order to be notified about an error.

The new error handling mechanisms will notify you about an error within minutes after you submit the essential certificates and information. Here are the mechanisms that will help make this process smooth-

  • A certificate password field where you can enter the password of your iPhone distribution certificate. You can leave the field empty in case your certificate is not password protected.
  • Error message for certificate expiration.
  • Error message in case the team ID in provisioning profile and distribution certificate do not match.
  • Error message in case the provisioning profile and distribution certificate data does not match
  • Error message in case the team ID entered does not match the team ID provided in the profile provisioning certificate.
  • Error message in case the bundle identifier of the provisioning profile is different

These error messages will help you identify the main issue you need to fix when there is an error.

Your iOS build generation process is thus made much more simpler and streamlined.

Alternatively, you can set aside all the complications of iOS app submission and let the experts handle it. The Upload to App Stores add-on enables you to let a team of trained professionals generate your Android and iOS builds and submit it to Google Play and App Store.

In conclusion

You can easily create an app with a mobile app creator like AppMySite. However, there are many challenges along the way you should be cognizant of. App submission is one of them.

This blog provides a guide on the improvements made in error handling during the iOS build generation process. You can now generate your iOS app build with greater ease as you will know exactly where you go wrong.

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