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WordPress web hosting add-on is live

Speed is the ultimate experience metric now. More than design brilliance, an average person online expects efficiency and speed. Most top websites are frequented often because they offer a fast and reliable experience to visitors.

The obsession with speed comes from general progression in the world of website speed. We’ve come a long way from the days of 2G internet and dial-up modems. The expectation for website and app speed is higher than it has ever been. This is a big reason companies try a lot of things to enhance speed.

Website speed is now a ranking factor for app performance as well. Tools like AppMySite basically allow you to leverage your website to create an app without coding. Since these tools use your website to make an app, they also rely on its speed to power the app as well.

In other words, good website speed leads to good app speed as well.

There are many effective ways you can improve website speed. The most direct and simplest way of doing this is getting a super-fast web host.

Importance of hosting in enhancing website speed

There are a number of tactics companies use to enhance their website speed. Image optimization, JavaScript reduction, enabling caching, CDN addition, and more help improve website speed.

However, most of these measures are incremental. They don’t radically change website performance or create a framework for high performance.

More than anything, your website speed depends on your web host. A good web host will ensure your website performs optimally and provides a sound experience to incoming users.

Companies often try to compromise when it comes to selecting a web host for their website. This is typically an exercise in cost saving.

It is not right to fault companies for trying to save money. However, any compromise they make should not harm the website and the brand associated with it. This is especially true for those using DIY app making solutions like AppMySite.

Anyone using an app creator online to make an app cannot afford to make a bad compromise when selecting a web host. This is because a bad compromise would harm both website and app speed in the long run.

AppMySite recently launched the WordPress web hosting add-on to stop users from compromising on their web host. The following sections will discuss the essential attributes of the new add-on and how you can improve your website & app speed with it.

The WordPress web hosting add-on

The new WordPress web hosting add-on basically enables AppMySite users to migrate their website to WP Engine, a highly regarded WordPress web host. The entire migration process will be handled by our support team at AppMySite.

wordpress web hosting add on

WP Engine is a very reliable web hosting partner serving 90K customers in over 140 countries. It provides reliable and fast WordPress experiences that meet the current industry standards.

Hosting your website on WP Engine will naturally supercharge your app speed as well. Thus, you can solve performance issues of both your WordPress website and mobile app with one add-on.

How to get the WordPress web hosting add-on?

The following steps explain the process of getting the WordPress web hosting add-on for your website and app-

  • Log-in to your AppMySite account.
  • Go to App Add-ons on the left panel menu.
  • Head over to the WordPress web hosting add-on. Read over the details and purchase it.
  • Our support team will get in touch you to initiate the migration process.
  • Your website and app speed will increase as soon as the migration is complete.
  • You will also get the additional benefits part of the deal such as a free SSL certificate, custom caching, a free CDN, and more.

You can alternatively visit WP Engine directly and get a hosting plan for your website without the add on. Click here to get started.

Why is this add-on important?

53% of users abandon an app if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Three seconds is not a lot. A slow app speed will effectively set you up to lose more than half your app users.

The WordPress web hosting add-on is important simply because performance is a key part of website and app success. It is a direct and effective way to quickly resolve your speed issues and provide the ultimate experience to visitors.

The last thing you need is users abandoning your mobile app because of performance issues. This is one area of your app you can resolve with a solution like this new add-on. Anyone using AppMySite to convert WordPress to mobile app must thus take this add-on seriously.

In conclusion

Getting the best out of your website and app is always a challenge. Companies hire various performance-oriented developers to work on their website and app speed. This investment in time and capital solely to enhance performance underlines its importance.

You can go from WordPress and WooCommerce to app using an app builder and streamline mobile app performance using AppMySite now.

This piece provides an overview of the new WordPress web hosting add-on now available on AppMySite. Start improving your website and app speed now! 

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