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Aqua Filter Waterhouse super-charged their business with a WooCommerce Mobile App

Aqua Filter Waterhouse is a budding new business in the water filtration domain offering its services and products in the United Kingdom and Ireland via their online WooCommerce website. Their mission is to bring their consumers the means to be able to drink healthy and clean water. Passionate about good quality water, they pioneer in water filtration and work towards helping people drink water more healthily.

They supply the latest and most sophisticated water filter systems from all over the world. They offer the most up to date systems, the best water filters, and long-lasting replacement cartridges, with a range of great delivery options.

Aqua Filter Waterhouse wanted to take their offering up a notch for their customers with a WooCommerce native app. After looking at multiple options online, they approached AppMySite, the best WooCommerce mobile app builder.

Building the mobile app is pretty straightforward and hassle-free. After signing up to the AppMySite platform, they just had to submit their basic details and requirements for their mobile application.

The Mobile App

Aqua Filter Waterhouse was able to successfully convert their WooCommerce website to a mobile app with AppMySite. The app was named Water Filter Store and it clocked multiple downloads in the first week of its launch. Ordering water filtration solutions was never this easy. Links to the app are below.

iOS :

Android :

App Features

The Water Filter Store WooCommerce mobile app is loaded with multiple features that come with AppMySite.

1. Native Experience

Water Filter Store app by AppMySite offers its users a premium user experience and is completely dynamic in its features and is in complete sync with the website. Any additions and modifications in the website automatically get populated on the mobile app.

2. Platform Independent

The mobile apps are built for both Android and iOS platforms and are compatible with the latest versions of both.

3. Efficient Checkout Integration

The mobile app’s smooth and seamless cart and checkout feature gives a premium user experience to all consumers. It results in revenue growth as it promotes fewer cart abandonments and dropouts.

Efficient Checkout

4. Highest Return on Investment

Aqua Filter Waterhouse got the best return on their investment with flexible and highly economical plans of AppMySite. With AppMySite, they eliminated the requirement of any technical professionals.

5. Smart Product Search & Filters                          

The mobile app features the cutting-edge technology of smart product search and filters which helps customers easily order the product or service of their choice.

These features coupled with multiple others have helped Aqua Filter Waterhouse to super-charge their business for growth.

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Client Feedback

Here’s what the client had to say about the mobile app by AppMySite.

“Thank you for the app, it looks great, very well done.”


Now anyone can turn their website into an app and take their business to the next level with AppMySite online app creator. With AppMySite’s on-demand grocery delivery app builder, you can easily develop retail applications without writing any code. .

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