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Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps: The revolutionary partnership

The advancements in the mobile technology are touching new heights every day. Many new trends are shaping the world of apps and making our smartphones even smarter.

Artificial Intelligence is one such revolutionary and giant leap that is rapidly becoming ubiquitous. This technology is not only empowering our machines, but also leveraging the functionalities of mobile apps.

As the advent of DIY app makers made it easier to create app with websites, various development trends have further enhanced the capacity of the apps.

You can read our other blogs where we have discussed about the various trends of app development that will stay in the limelight this year.

However, today we will discuss only, and all about Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps. Read further and find out more about the wonders of this technological breakthrough.

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Artificial Intelligence: Enhancing the cognitive architecture

Artificial Intelligence has totally revamped our lives by making our machines and devices smarter. Most of the functionalities for which we give credit to our smartphones, are actually powered by Artificial Intelligence software.

In layman terms, artificial intelligence (or machine intelligence) defines the cognitive strength of our devices, machines or applications. It empowers their ‘learning’ and ‘problem solving’ abilities and thereby imparts more ease, convenience and speed.

The technology is not very new and has been existent since more than five to six decades now. However, it is turning more advance and ideal each day, thereby wowing the world with the developments.

Many scholars have given their views about the pros and cons of the technology, but nobody can deny the impact it has created on our lives today. As days are passing by, it is getting more relevant and turning stronger, and the futuristic advances are beyond our guess.

Hence, we can say that AI technology is remodeling the cognitive architecture globally and the realm is expanding every minute. In fact, according to Statista, the global revenue from the AI software market is expected to reach 126 billion USD by the year 2025.

AI in mobile applications – The game changer

Ever since the AI technology came into play, our mobile devices have become more capable and efficient. It has changed and enhanced our experience in a number of ways, thereby optimizing the overall productivity too.

The most note-worthy advantages of the AI technology, are as discussed below:

#1- Optimized searching

One of the most satisfying contributions of AI technology is that it has made our search engines and algorithms more efficient. In fact, searching has become ‘cooler’ with AI powered devices. The process has become more optimized, accurate and faster.

For instance, devices powered with speech recognition features are a bliss. We can easily command our devices to provide accurate information about anything and everything, just by prompting a few words or queries. It is a boon for people who are unable to read and write as the need of typing is eliminated.

With added advantages, people can also interact in multiple languages, get product information by scanning barcodes, click a picture of some object to search it anywhere on the web, and a lot more.

#2- Digital assistance & Automation

Smart recognition facilitated by Artificial Intelligence goes beyond just optimized searching. Such devices have turned advanced enough to provide digital assistance. In fact, it has automated many processes, making our daily tasks easier.

Even in the form of mobile applications, our mobile devices have turned into miniature robots. We can command our devices and apps to carry out multiple activities on our behalf, like booking movie tickets, fixing appointments, ordering groceries, computing accounts, making calls, and so on.

The automation facilities have taken off a lot of work load and maximized our work potential. With further developments being made in the technology, we can expect even more hi-tech responses and functionalities in the future.

#3- Identification & Security

AI Bio-sensing and identification

With bio-sensing, and facial and finger print recognition techniques, AI is gradually changing the security and privacy mechanisms of our devices for better. It has made the web world safer and our devices more secure by integrating smart sensors and cameras.

The AI powered voice, face and finger print recognition software enable a number of security features. For instance, locking and unlocking our devices, biometric attendance of employees, encryption of accounts, etc., all are facilitated by it. The technology is being used at every level of the social hierarchy, and accounts for all kinds of personal and professional usage.

In fact, many apps are using AI to ensure privacy and security of individuals. For instance, if Facebook detects the upload of a person’s photo belonging to a different account, it instantly notifies the original user, and thus ensures safety and prevents mala fide usage.

#4- Data tracking & processing

Predictive analysis and data tracking have reached a new zenith as AI technology is turning stronger each day. We come across some of these examples frequently like the word suggestions, auto correct tools, speech to text tools, etc.

We search for products or view something on a store once, and a flood of numerous such suggestions starts populating on our devices. Although it might seem pushy and daunting at times, but it turns out to be really helpful in our daily quest.

As advance data monitoring, handling and computing has become easier, many complex problems can now be solved with the blink of an eye. The partnership of cloud computing and AI has even eased bulk data processing and automated analytical decisions.

#5- Industrial empowerment

It is evident that the power of Artificial Intelligence is not just limited to individual usage today. From big industries to small, from huge multinational companies to retail outlet stores, AI technology is catalyzing the productivity of the workforce and amplifying profits for all.

Creative Sciences, Data Sciences, Agriculture, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Education, Ecommerce, Travel, etc., are few of the many industries that are harnessing Artificial Intelligence technology to their advantage in multiple ways. In fact, the impact is turning bigger each day. Besides boosting the performance and revenue for the industries, it is also enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

By enabling life like experiences that consumers can enjoy remotely, businesses are increasing transparency and ensuring quality offerings. This aspect is only going the optimize and maximize the benefits further in the coming time, thereby bridging gaps and strengthening the business-consumer relationship.

Some trail blazing examples to learn from

Artificial Intelligence is practically being harnessed in any and every industry today. Hence, discussing industry specific examples can get immensely lengthy and tedious.

To avoid this, let us stick to discussing few app examples that are powered with AI. Most of you might already be aware of the wonders of Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, that have become inseparable part our lives.

Hence, let us go beyond these popular names and discover some other honorary examples:

#1- Seeing AI

Seeing AI is an amazing artificial intelligence app that was developed for people with visual impairment. It is a heart-warming and fascinating example of the power of AI and its ability to change the world around us.

Developed by Microsoft, it can help the user perceive their surroundings by giving audio information. It enables them to identify people and objects, listen and process data, and lot more.

#2- Ada

Ada is a power example of the uses of AI in the healthcare industry. This app, as it claims, is your mobile and portable “health companion”. It is a holistic mHealth solution that comes with a wide array of benefits.

It enables you to conduct health assessments and generate reports. It is also capable of studying your symptoms, past medical history, physical and mental conditions, etc., and give advices accordingly.

#3- ELSA

ELSA, the English Language Speech Assistant, is an AI powered app that enables you to learn English the fun way. It is a widely spoken language and this app can be the best tutor for those seeking remote lessons, at their own convenience.

It also provides immediate feedback and thus helps you with result-oriented practicing and growth. You can also master your pronunciation skills and hone your linguistic abilities with the app.

#4- Socratic

Socratic is an educational app that is powered by AI and enables students to learn their lessons without any hindrance. It covers a wide variety of subjects like Mathematics, Science, History, Economics, and more.

The machine learning functionalities simplify complex lessons and help students in accomplishing their syllabus. It enables them to understand concepts better by making them visually enriching.

#5- Hound

Hound is a voice assistant app, much like Google Assistant or Siri. However, it is available for both Android and iOS users and that makes it stand out amidst its competitors. In fact, it is constantly evolving and integrating new and advance features regularly.

It takes voice recognition and data processing facilities a notch higher and becomes a strong contender in the world of applications providing digital assistance.

Unleash the AI experience for your consumers! 

Create AI powered app

Artificial Intelligence, as elaborated above, is a great revolution that is only bound to gain more momentum as time flies.

It will ripen further and see new developments that will extensively enhance the viability and reach of this technology.

However, for now, businesses are experimenting with the basic features of AI, with the sole aim of offering an unmatched app experience to their clients.

Besides smoothening the customers’ journey it is also amplifying the caliber of the workforce for the organizations.

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