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How to build an AI app? Beginner’s guide to AI app development

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the new buzzword, and the world cannot seem to get over it anytime soon. While AI technology has been around for quite some time now, the advent of tools like ChatGPT and Bard has led to a spike in discussions around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

There is a sudden wakefulness toward AI technologies and almost every business is looking forward to incorporating it in some way or the other. From healthcare to real estate, fitness to education, AI is everywhere in all its glory.

This is true for the app development industry as well. Creating Artificial Intelligence apps and creating apps with AI are the two new and significant trends in the mobile app development industry. If you are a seeker of the same, you have landed at the right place.

In today’s blog piece, we will guide you through the process of AI application development. So, stay tuned and learn about the same. Get answers to all your queries about AI app development and get started with your app development project with expert-like confidence.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) and app development

Global Artificial intelligence (AI) market size: 2021 to 2030


The launch of ChatGPT resulted in a surge in interest and conversations centered around AI (Artificial Intelligence). While we can credit these platforms for making AI more mainstream, it has been in the picture for years now.

The summer 1956 conference at Dartmouth College (funded by the Rockefeller Institute) is widely regarded as the birthplace of the discipline of Artificial Intelligence. While the groundwork began years ago, several milestones have been achieved in the realm since then.

From answering customer queries on support channels to tracking the mood and activities of individuals, AI is already doing a lot. There is no denying that it is everywhere. In fact, data suggests that the global market for AI is expected to show robust growth in the coming decade. Its current value of 100 billion US dollars is expected to grow to nearly two trillion US dollars by the year 2030. 

This is just one stat. AI is getting mighty and the mobile app development industry is not oblivious to its effects. As we know, apps have become highly important in the age of smartphones and so has AI. It is only natural for people to want to leverage the power of the two technologies together and invest in AI-based application development.

In fact, Artificial intelligence for app development is already being harnessed in many ways. Primarily, AI serves the following two goals in the app development realm:

  • Create an AI app: Here, the goal is to build an app for the end-user that incorporates AI technology. The app should ideally simplify or automate tasks that require human intervention. For example, Siri, ChatGPT, Google Assistant, Alexa, Elsa, and so on.
  • Create an app using AI: Here, the goal is to simplify and automate the process of app development. Beyond creating AI apps, the aim here is to develop apps using AI-powered technologies. For example, CoreML and GitHub Copilot are AI-powered tools that aid app development.

Evidently, AI is influencing and shaping the app industry in several ways. However, today we will stick to discussing how you can build an AI app of your own. So, continue reading and find out.

How to develop an AI app?

Now, let us cut to the chase and learn how to build an AI app. Follow the step-by-step guide discussed below and create your own AI app for your desired goal:

Step 1: Define your app’s goals and scope

Extensive research is the first step in development. This allows you to head in the right direction and avoid wasting resources on trivial efforts. Study your targeted audience and competitors and define the purpose of your app. What is your app’s goal? What problems will your app solve? How will the app benefit your target audience? How will your app stand out among similar apps?

Get answers to these questions and establish what type of AI app you want to develop. You can create a chatbot, an education app, an AI photo editor app, an AI news app, and so on. The options are endless, and the choice depends on your personalized business goals.

Step 2: Find reliable tech partners

App development requires dedicated frameworks, tools, and technologies. In the case of AI applications, you will also need to find the appropriate tech stack that supports AI app development. This may include technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and so on. You can explore machine learning frameworks or libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Spar ML, etc.

Moreover, you can use existing pre-trained models or build your own and train them. Else, you can simply go with app development tools that facilitate AI mobile app development. If you have an AI-powered website, you should be able to create an app for it with AppMySite. The idea here is to explore your avenues and options extensively and then finalize your tech stack.

Step 3: Design and develop your app

Once you have found your reliable tech stack, you can go on to design and develop your app. Start with UI/UX designing and shaping the look and feel of your app. You can create wireframes and prototypes and get your app idea validated. If outsourcing is not an option, you can hire resources or use tools meant to simplify these processes of design and development.

When the skeletal outline of your app is ready, you can proceed to develop the components of your app using frameworks. Add features, compile screens, and implement advanced capabilities in your app. You can also integrate the trained AI models into your app at this stage. Additionally, develop the backend to handle requests, process data, and communicate with the AI models.

Step 4: Test and deploy your app

Once your app is fully developed, go ahead, and perform rigorous testing. Make sure that each component of your app functions smoothly. Test the look, feel, performance, features, and so on. Allow testers to review your app and offer suggestions. Collect their feedback and work to rectify the flaws, if any.

Make sure that your app is secure and flawless. Once you are confident of your end product, you can proceed to deploy the app on the app stores or distribute it through your preferred mediums. If you want to go for the standard marketplaces like Google Play and Apple App Stores, make sure you follow their submission guidelines. Go on to optimize your app listing and earn better visibility and ranks.

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These were the generic steps required to build an AI app. Remember, that each app project is unique, and therefore, the approach towards each project will also require meticulous research and tailored efforts. While this was a comprehensive guide for AI app development, you may need additional help with the exact process.

Moreover, once your app is built and launched, you will have to maintain and update it frequently. Keep scaling and promoting your app and you should be able to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. To know more about app development, you can also get in touch with AppMySite.

Wrapping up

That was our concise guide to AI app development. We hope that it helped you understand the concept of AI app development and get a head start. For those of you who are relatively new to app development, AI can be overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, you can go with a no-code app development tool.

It is better to cut the clutter and opt for something more meaningful and absolute. You can create your own app with the iOS and Android app development technologies available online. These platforms and technologies are created specifically for app development and make the job more efficient and easier.

While you are at it, do not forget to check out our other blogs as we cover a range of topics like mobile app development, marketing, monetization, and so on. You can keep visiting this space to learn more about AI development as we cover more topics in the future. Until then, experience AI technology unraveling like never before and make the most of it.

Frequently asked questions

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence of machines or software. It can also be defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines and computers. Today, AI technology is being used across several realms in some way or the other. Primary applications include natural language processing, speech recognition, business process automation, and so on. Some real-world examples of AI-powered apps include Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and so on.

What are the benefits of AI in app development?

AI is changing the game of app development to colossal extents. While the scope of the full realization of AI’s potential is yet to unravel, it has already started enhancing the process of app development. Additionally, AI is also enhancing the capabilities of apps designed for various goals. For instance, there are AI applications and tools that automate several processes like research, data entry, content moderation, UI/UX designing, testing, and so on. It can simplify and fast-track several activities that traditionally took hours to complete. Additionally, it also enhances the features, feel, and performance of apps.

How much does it cost to build an AI app?

Developing an AI app or an AI-powered app can cost several thousand dollars. However, the ultimate cost of AI app development will depend on numerous factors like the complexity of design and development, research and documentation costs, tech stack expenditure, level of intelligence required, availability of talent and resources, and so on. These components can affect the final budget of your app development project. You can calculate the generic cost of app development and then factor in these elements to get a final budget assessment.  

How to build an app with AI?

Wondering how to make AI apps for Android and iOS? The first step towards creating a mobile app with AI is to do extensive research. This will streamline the consecutive steps for you and make your journey easier. By default, the next step is to find good and reliable AI technology that can help you with app development. There are several platforms that claim to be AI-powered, but the reality is different. So, choose your tech partner wisely. The next step will depend on the tool you pick for your app development project. It should help you design, develop, scale, and deploy your app with minimal effort and coding. You can work with tools like CoreML and Github Copilot to achieve AI-level intelligence and facilitate those processes within your app.

How to create an AI app?

Start with writing down your goals and understanding what you want to achieve with your AI app. Find reliable technologies based on the product or service you wish to offer through your app. This may include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and so on. Build and train your AI models or use existing ones. You will have to work on the design and features of the app simultaneously. Go through the blog and learn about the detailed process of AI (Artificial Intelligence) application development. Create an AI app based on your unique idea and launch it on the app stores.

What is an AI app builder?

A no-code app builder like AppMySite enables users to create apps without any coding. Similarly, as the name suggests, an AI app builder platform or tool enables users to create apps using artificial intelligence technologies or build applications powered by AI technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, and so on. Such tools usually do not require any intensive coding or programming. They come with pre-built AI components or modules that can be integrated directly into applications to create all kinds of software and apps. 

How are developers using AI to build an app?

Developers are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create diverse kinds of apps. They are creating apps with AI technology incorporated within the applications. They are also building AI applications based on technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Generative Models, Sentiment Analysis, and so on. Developers are also leveraging AI app builders and automated testing and debugging tools for their AI based app development projects. Evidently, AI is empowering developers and changing the app development industry for the better.

How can I build an app without coding?

Most AI tools are still limited to producing boilerplate codes. There are hardly any platforms that can truly simplify the end-to-end app development process for non-IT developers. Therefore, it is not necessary to fall for the fad and go with AI tools only. You can also opt for a DIY app development platform that enables easy and no-code app development. For instance, AppMySite allows holistic app development in a completely no-code environment. It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals and expedites app development like no other.

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