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Build a pet store mobile app to allure animal lovers

The mobile industry is witnessing a revolutionary change as more people are turning to smartphone users. With millions of apps on the app store and billions of mobile phone users around the globe, mCommerce is slowly becoming the core driving force of success for businesses.

The pet industry is not alien to these changes and is rapidly aligning itself with the revolution. There are numerous apps dedicated to pet shopping, care, training and more. People are shopping for pet babies & pet care products, building pet parent communities, looking for pet training & veterinary services, and doing so much more online.

Clearly, this is the best time to get an app for your pet store. App building has become easier, affordable and more efficient with time. Whether it is WordPress or WooCommerce, you can easily convert your website into app with AppMySite.

Even if it is still a business idea or you already own a full-fledged pet store, you must venture into the mobile market. Attract the animal lovers and make them proud pet parents to boost conversions. Stay tuned and discover how you can build an amazing pet store app and decorate it with viable features.

Move ahead with a robust strategy

People nowadays, are having a secluded and busy lifestyle and they are finding resort in their pets. Animals have become much more than just ‘best friends’ for humans. They have become an integral part of their lives and are being raised like kids.

Pets are gradually turning into therapy and people around the globe are spending quite a lot of time and money on them. A survey cited that on average, millennial dog owners spend $1,285 a year on their pet, while cat owners spend $915 a year. There are a variety of things you can sell & endorse on your app and tap into this market.

Choose one or more things from the popular options below and curate your own multi-faceted pet shop:

  • Pet selling & adoption: Put up a store where you or other pet parents can sell or adopt pets. You can also give legal assistance regarding adoption.

  • Pet sitting or day-care: Connect people with pet sitters or day-care centres who can take care of pets for working pet-parents.

  • Pet products: Sell clothes, accessories, grooming kits, personal care products, organic toys, and more for pet animals.

Top five tricks for end-to-end perfection

If you proceed with a smart strategy, you can build a great app that will generate conversions and bring in revenue.

Go through the points discussed below and get incredible ideas:

Integrate favourable features

Your app should be of a premium quality and hook users. Look for a free online app maker tool that comes with a plethora of viable features and boosts your performance. It should help consumers in their journey and be intuitive enough to provide thorough assistance.

The features that can ensure absolute success are:

  • Standard UI/UX: Build native apps for Android & iOS users that are responsive and fast loading and use device resources for an easy and promising experience. Keep the interface simple but intuitive.

  • Compelling design & layout: Make the app aesthetically appealing with an amazing layout. Design the screens, landing page, icons, action buttons, tiles, banners, etc., such that it captures users’ attention and stands identical with your brand.

  • Smart-checkout: Be clear, coherent & concise about your checkout and delivery system. Allow people to manage their cart well, apply discounts and view taxes. Make their checkout process seamless & convenient.

  • Multiple payment options: Allow your customers to pay as they want by integrating a variety of payment options like COD, credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, and more.

Segregate canines & felines

separate categories for cats & dogs

It might interest you to know that the personality traits of people affect the choice of their animals. Although the world is majorly divided into ‘cat-people & dog-people’, there are a variety of animals that you can deal in. The in-app features and functionalities should also extend to a variety of things that help you incorporate all kinds of consumers. Help the users in meeting their shopping goals by defining everything clearly.

Keep the following points in mind as you curate your shop on app:

  • Layered navigation: The switch from one page or section to another should be smooth and seem like a cakewalk. Provide a frictionless app navigation experience and include ample sorting tools. Help animal lovers find animals of their choice but also try to cross-sell & up-sell by tracking their pattern.

  • Category tiles & filters: Design informative and attractive category tiles and let people choose from a variety of options like dogs, cats, birds, fishes, etc. Use simple tools for searching and filtering. Allow categorization and sorting based on species, breed, care-instructions, age and other factors pertaining to animals.

  • Description & attributes: Include concise and clear descriptions about each pet. Post good pictures and give their birth and breeding details, medication details, vaccination details, and other information. Allow existing buyers or sellers to drop their views about their experience. It will help new consumers in taking quick buying decisions.

Make it socially appealing

As the society is converging on our palmtops, it is important for apps to have a social appeal. People are becoming more aware towards animals and look for platforms that show genuine interest in the welfare of animals. People are also creating dedicated communities & profiles for their pets. Especially Instagram is flooded with pet pictures and videos.

You can harness this potential in a number of ways. Take ideas from the options discussed below:

  • Pet-parent communities: Build interactive communities on apps for pet-parents to converse with each other and share ideas, tips, & more.

  • Pet matching & dating: Interestingly, besides finding dating partners for themselves, people also look for companionship for their pets on apps and you can provide one.

  • Social media groups: Create social media groups, pages and channels where animal lovers, pet-parents and concerned businesses can interact with each other. Promote products, share compelling stories, tell animal tales, and more, using images, posts, videos, etc.

Build a sensitive community

Dealing with animals is a sensitive issue and your app should convey that you are doing it sensibly. It should act as a catalyst in building an entrusted bond between you and your consumers who are animal lovers. Think beyond business and monetary gains and focus on creating a community for collective animal welfare. Show that you care for your animals and motivate people to do the same.

You can achieve this in a number of ways, as discussed below:

  • Stray animal adoption & care: Many people are opting to adopt stray animals rather than buying. You can have an open platform on your app for the same. Your compassionate business can win the belief of animal lovers and make them loyal towards you.

  • Vet care recommendations: Offer suggestions, raising & caring tips through blogs, video tutorials, or more. You can also provide information or assistance on veterinary services nearby. It will boost app traffic and conversions.

  • Authenticity certificates: Post details about every animal on board and include health and other certificates from their breeders, former parents or sellers. Be transparent in you approach and also give ‘care-instructions’ for each.

Promote and publicize it well

Once you have created your app and launched it, you can proceed to work towards popularizing it. Ensure good number of initial downloads by optimizing and publicizing your app.

You can opt for a number of methods as listed below:

  • ASO: Go for App Store Optimization to enhance the ranking & visibility of your app on the app stores. Also, define it well on the stores with compelling description, screenshots, videos, etc.

  • A/B testing: You can conduct testing of your app in initial days and see what people like. Get their feedback on the theme, layout, features & functionalities and update as necessary.

  • Push notifications: Get an app builder with backend push notification management dashboard feature. Communicate with your targeted consumers and tell them about new updates, offers, discounts, and more.

  • Install ad campaigns: Use social media and other platforms to the fullest to promote your app. You can run install ad campaigns & advertisements to compel animal lovers to try your pet store app.

  • Others: There are many other options available to boost branding & marketing and fetch downloads for your app. Use these tools to attract new consumers and retain the existing ones.

Encourage people to use and review your app. You can also incentivize them for referring your app in their circle. Analyze the feedback of your promotional campaigns and the performance of your app and reinvent your business goals.

Tap into the mobile market now!

pet store app in mobile market 

As the awareness towards animals is growing, the pet market is also set to rise like never before. Technology is shaping ways in which people bought and raised their pets. People are using apps to adopt, purchase and monitor their pets and also to shop products for their dear babies.

As mobile industry is taking pace and apps are becoming more efficient with the integration of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Cloud technology, people are using them in many ways for pet nurture and care.

Hence, this is the best time to get an app and leverage your pet store business. All you need to do is to sign up for AppMySite WooCommerce mobile app builder and start building your app. You can proceed to personalize the layout and integrate features of your choice.

Make it more appealing using the free image library and add-on tools. Upgrade to publish & launch it on your preferred app stores. Get going without much ado and steer your pet business to infinite success.


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