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Getting your mobile app to trend on app stores

Getting an expert mobile app builder like AppMySite to convert your WordPress site to mobile app is one thing, but ensuring that the app gains visibility and becomes popular is whole other thing! With over 6,000 apps being published each day on Google’s Play Store alone, you need to be smart about how to popularise your app. How do you promote your app and get it to trend on app stores? Here are four simple ideas to get you started:

1. Choosing the right app store

First off, make sure you choose an app store that is the most relevant for you. This is particularly important if you intend to begin small and want to test how receptive your audience or customers are. Going all out and publishing your apps for both Google and Apple simultaneously will not only lead to a higher cost of app development but will also prevent you from focusing on your core audience. Selecting which app store to go for has to be a well-thought-out and strategic decision. If you have no idea how to go about the same, read should you go for an android app or iOS app or both?

2. Reviews and rating

One of the best strategies to establish your app’s value and functionalities is to garner positive reviews and ratings on the app store. A positively rated app will automatically elicit more attention and is more likely to be higher up on the recommended lists and charts. Thus, make sure you keep reminding your audience through your app, website, social media, and promotions to leave a short review for you on the app store. You could run a promotional campaign wherein you could offer some business-relevant reward to every app user who reviews your app on the store as well.

3. App store optimisation

Much like search engine optimisation (SEO), there is an entire process to ensure that your app is optimised to be searched easily on the app store using App Store Optimisation. With so many apps trying to get user attention, it becomes imperative to make the best possible use of the tools that already exist. For instance, going for an app name that is unique, including relevant keywords in the app and profile (but don’t overdo it!), relevant categorisation of the app, adequate number of screenshots, and prominently displayed developer information are just a few of the many things that are done to ensure that the app is easily discoverable. However, since AppMySite will submit your app to the app store for publication, all the preliminary work to optimise your app will be already done!

4. Demo video

Creating an app for your WordPress site isn’t as challenging as getting users to understand its features and functionalities. Hence, you need to invest some time, effort, and resources, in creating a short demo video explaining the app’s main features, designs, and highlights to directly communicate the value to your users. If your WordPress website witnesses a heavy traffic, you could also put up this video even before the app is released to generate some interest in users that are more tech-savvy. When you convert WordPress site to mobile app with AppMySite, the native mobile app that is created is a direct extension of your website and has dynamically created dashboard and categories which will mimic those on your website. This will create a familiar design and experience for your users and lead to higher adoption and engagement.

While converting your WordPress website to an app is a child’s play with AppMySite, getting it to trend will take some time and effort. Get in touch with us to know more about how to convert wordpress site to mobile app and engage your audience successfully!

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