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How do mobile apps help optimize your business prospects?

The number of smartphone users worldwide has doubled in the last five years.

This brings the total up to almost 80% of the world’s population.

Alongside this growth has come a rapid increase in the usage of mobile apps for all manner of purposes. Business, entertainment, finance, utility—almost anything you want to do nowadays can be accomplished with a mobile app.

The increasingly impressive functionality of mobile apps makes them valuable tools for business both internally and externally.

Apps are built for ease of use, combining dynamic functionality with an intuitive user experience.

If your business isn’t already utilizing mobile apps, read on to find out why it needs to do so now. Let’s get started!

Apps make for successful business models

Think of brands like Uber, Tinder, and WhatsApp.

All the above took pre-existing ideas like public transport, dating services, and instant messaging, and transformed them into global money-making machines by building successful apps. And these are just a few of the many examples we could offer.

The ease of use that comes with mobile apps makes them instantly attractive to consumers. With a solid marketing strategy and a team of skilled developers, you could easily increase your business prospects exponentially within a short time.

Why do businesses with mobile apps do better?

There are myriad advantages to integrating a mobile app into your business model.

Boosting customer engagement, increasing accessibility, promoting your brand, and fostering a loyal customer base are just a few of the benefits you can reap.

#1: Customers get better value

The expectations of the average consumer are significantly higher now than they were five years ago.

Technology has brought unprecedented convenience to the procurement of goods and services. Everything from banking transactions to invoice templates has gone digital. Mobile apps provide a way for your customers to browse, select, and pay for goods or services all from their handheld device.

If the process of purchasing goods and services becomes too lengthy or disjointed, most people will simply seek out a more convenient course of action.

Now more than ever, time is money, and people value convenience and instant gratification.

#2: Strengthen your brand

An experienced UX designer knows how to build brand awareness within a mobile app.

The consistent but subtle use of logos and brand colors throughout an app translates to greater brand recognition, an essential component of any successful marketing strategy.

Mobile app usage is at an all-time high, dominating consumer time and attention. A savvy business owner should capitalize on this for marketing purposes.

#3: Get instant, actionable feedback

One of the main benefits of mobile apps for businesses is the ease of two-way communication between user and developer.

With tools such as ratings and reviews, apps deliver customizable feedback mechanisms to users that generate valuable data. This data can be saved, stored safely, and then combined in an easy to access format to provide an overview of the customer experience. Analyzing this data gives businesses rapid and detailed insight into the needs and expectations of their customers, allowing them to make improvements faster without wasted effort.

Customer support also becomes easier within mobile apps.

Instead of wasting time waiting for the next available agent, users can simply log feedback and complaints through the app and carry on with their day. This makes the customer support dynamic easier to manage for both the business and users.

#4: Grow a loyal customer base

Not only do mobile apps provide convenience to the user, but they are excellent tools for special services that help retain customers.

It’s easy to offer special deals, rewards, and other incentives to customers that engage with your business via your app.

If people know they can save money by using your app, it becomes far likelier for them to stick with your services. If you frequently update your incentives, users will be keen to check back in on the app regularly to view the latest special offers.

Rewarding social sharing with discounts and deals will also help spread the word about your company faster.

#5: Apps act as a direct marketing channel

There are several ways a mobile app can act as a customizable marketing channel.

The best part is, you own it and therefore pay no overheads on marketing on this channel.

With push notifications, you can deliver up-to-date marketing information to your users on a daily basis. A further advantage to this is the increase in response time. Given that most people check their phones once every ten minutes, the likelihood of your push notification going unnoticed is low.

Other digital marketing channels, like email and social media, have their uses, but they also cost money and have a slower response time.

What’s more, when comparing the click-through rates of email vs. in-app marketing, the difference is astronomical. The average click through rate for email marketing is a mere 1%, while push notifications and in-app messages are 28% and 7.4% respectively. This means that not only do mobile apps act as direct marketing channels, but they are also far more successful than many other forms of digital marketing.

#6: Become more accessible

There are very few aspects of a business whose accessibility isn’t improved by a mobile app.

Customer service, shopping, transacting, and feedback are all easier to engage with on this platform, both for you and for the user. When a customer has your app installed on their device, your services could not be closer to hand. Plus, seeing your icon every time they scroll through their home screen will incentivize them to use your services more frequently, as well as increase brand recognition.

#7: Build your business an app today

If the prospect of creating an app for your business seems daunting, you can put your fears to rest.

Every step along the evolutionary chain in business takes some trust, but mobile apps offer incredible returns on small investments.

If you want to step up your game in marketing, customer service, brand awareness, loyalty, and accessibility, a mobile app is the logical move to make.

If you trust the development and maintenance of your app to the right people, all you have to do is advise on the personal touches and watch as your business transforms before your eyes.

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