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How native apps help businesses capture relevant customer data

Apps are not only built to increase customer engagement, they also give an opportunity to build quality customer database, which helps profile customers and take decisions about optimizing content to deliver value and maximise revenue opportunities.

Native Apps have features that help intuitively engage customers and, in the process, collect valuable customer data, which can be used by content and business managers to take important editorial and commercial decisions.

If you’re running a WordPress website for your blog, publishing platform, or company’s online presence, then you can develop a native app using a wordpress mobile app builder.

Following features of native apps help businesses capture relevant customer data:

1. Different types of login IDs—Email, Phone no., Face, and Touch IDs

You can prompt users to login with their email IDs, phone numbers, and Face or Touch IDs. To propagate marketing activities, it is more sensible to allow users to register with Email IDs and Phone numbers, which can be used to reach customers. For convenience, users can be allowed to later login with Face and Touch IDs.

2. Login with Facebook—IDs, Friend list

Native apps often allow users to login with Facebook. This prompts users to share their email IDs, phone numbers, friend lists, and personal details like age with you, giving you an opportunity to profile your customers and to engage your customers in relation with their friends’ activities.

3. Login with Google+—IDs, Calendar, Wallet, etc.

Many native apps allow you to login with Google+, this allows you to access various Google-account related information of users. You can request Google to share access to users’ Calendars, Wallets, Email, Phone, Birth date and other similar information. Commit to protect customer data during collection and use.

4. User location

Users can be requested to share their locations with you, so that location-related information, promotions, and more can be shared with them for relevant and targeted customer engagement. Native apps make it easy for marketing teams to gain access to and use location information.

In this information age, the more you know about your customers and their preferences, the better edge you have over your competitors to serve existing customers and win new ones.

With power comes responsibility, therefore if your business is collecting various kinds of customer information through native apps, it is ideal to commit to use strong encryption for transmission and storage of customer data. This helps you build goodwill of your company and also makes your customers more confident about downloading and using your apps and other platforms.

You can first decide the kind of information you need, and then use a wordpress mobile app builder to create a native app that helps you collect all the relevant customer information that equips you to serve customers better.

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