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How small businesses can gain visibility with an app

A small business’ biggest task is to attract customers and retain them. This can either be done with the help of a large marketing budget or with tools that can create a multiplier or viral effect.

One of the marketing and selling tools that can help small businesses gain visibility is a shopping app. Shopping apps that are well-designed can help you gain popularity, referrals and customer retention.

Therefore, you can make your own app easily with app building services like AppMySite, which require just your website’s URL to convert your web-based marketing or selling platform into a mobile-based app that is more accessible to a wider audience that prefers using smartphones to transact and communicate.

How to gain visibility with apps

Here are a few ways in which a mobile app for customers can help your business gain visibility:

1. Gain referrals

Your commerce app can be used to gain new customers in the form of referrals. You can encourage your existing users to share the app among their social circle. You can offer incentives to existing satisfied customers to refer the app among their peers. When a referral downloads the app, you can reward your referring customer.

This program can be easily run through an app, as it is easy to share an app through mobile phones. Also, you can easily send reward notifications to customers through SMS or notifications, which can be instantaneously read by customers.

The instant gratification that occurs with the help of easy communication made possible with mobile phones enable businesses to leverage mobile apps to achieve various business objectives.

2. Popular loyalty program

Many businesses have become popular with the help of a loyalty program that delivers value to customers. A good loyalty program is easy to run through mobile apps, as customers can track their loyalty rewards in real time through the app and can avail them by making in-app purchases.

This helps to increase revenue and also to attract new customers. One good example of a successful app with an integrated loyalty program is of Starbucks. The coffee giant’s mobile app became popular due to its successful loyalty and reward program.

Small businesses can formulate a loyalty program that delivers real value to customers and then make that loyalty program accessible through an m-commerce app to gain popularity among its customers.

3. Increase visibility among existing users

With the help of an app, your business can also gain increasing visibility among existing users. It is important to create recall among customers to increase revenue and sustain customers base. Native apps allow businesses to send push notifications, SMSs and emails to customers about products, discounts, events, etc.

This helps businesses stay in the mind of consumers, who then tend to make repeat purchases and purchase larger baskets of goods. Content in such app-enabled communications can be linked to relevant pages and products on the app to make a customer’s browsing activity seamless and conducive to higher sales.

It is important to be visible among existing customers from time to time, as it is cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire one.

4. Social sharing options

When you make your own app, you should integrate social sharing options in the app to allow your existing customers to share their preferred products and pages on their social media profile pages. This helps you gain higher visibility among new users.

You can also offer incentives to your existing app users to share products and pages of their choice on social media. Develop sharing options in a way that relevant hashtags are also integrated in the content of shared messages, so that higher visibility can be gained on social media among people following those hashtags.

Add attractive images of products, so that shared posts are catchy and encourage people to click on shared posts. Plan your landing pages well so that they help new users reach relevant pages to purchase or download app. Once your one or more products go viral on social media through such activities, there will be no going back for your business.

5. Reach mobile shoppers

If you are a retail store with access to only local customers, then it will be perfect for you to create a mobile presence to reach shoppers who prefer shopping online through their mobile devices. Customers, these days, are increasingly purchasing through mobile apps or websites on their mobile phones.

Mobile apps work better than websites to sell more, as it is convenient to access an app, it is easier to pay through an app that offers easy payment options, and it is also easier for businesses to send transactional messages to customers through mobile-based platforms.

As the size of mobile shopper segment is increasing, the opportunity for businesses to grow revenue from a new segment of customers is also rising.

6. Optimizing app pages on app stores

You can gain visibility for your app and business by optimizing your app’s download pages on app stores. Include the right keywords, choose the right app name, and promote the page through various SEO activities to help your app page gain visibility on search engines.

If your mobile app starts ranking high on search engines for relevant keywords, then you can gain a lot of popularity among new users who are looking for your products online.

You can also add relevant and attractive videos and images on the app page to show to customers how they can benefit by downloading your app and purchasing through you.

The above app features, programs and marketing methods can help your business gain popularity among new customers, exiting customers and referrals. If you already have a Woocommerce website, you can make an app for Woocommerce easily with AppMySite.

AppMySite helps business publish and develop an e-commerce app that not only enables you to sell more and retain customers, but it also helps your business gain visibility among a wider audience.

Create a shopping app in two easy steps

AppMySite helps you create apps in two easy steps:

Step 1: Choose app platforms and plan

You can visit AppMySite’s website and choose which platforms you wish to build an app for. There are options to build apps for Android, iOS or both. You can choose a plan that suits your needs. AppMySite (AMS) has monthly and yearly plan for app development and publishing.

AMS enables small businesses to develop apps in a very cost-effective manner. It helps save large sums of money required for designing, development, testing and publishing of apps. Yearly plans of AMS are much cheaper to subscribe to.

Step 2: Share your website’s URL

Once you have chosen a plan and paid for it on AppMySite, then all you have to do is share your website’s URL with AMS’ team.

AMS’ team extracts content, products, and graphics from your website to create an app​ that is in perfect sync with your website. This means that any changes you make to the product menu on the website is reflected in your app, too. AMS builds your shopping app with smart product search and filter options, cart, splash screen, payment options, etc. that. offers a smooth shopping experience to your customers.

After completion of the app, AppMySite’s team tests your apps, shares them with you for feedback, and then publish them on relevant app stores, from where your potential and existing customers can download the app to purchase with you.

Building your app is made easy with AppMySite. In this way, with the help of a well-developed and cost-effective app, you can easily gain visibility among customers who prefer using mobile devices.

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