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How to create an app development team?

Business leaders are acknowledging the fact that the creation of mobile apps is very important if they want to stay competitive since people spend lots of time on their phones. The use of mobile devices has increased dramatically in the last few years, with more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide.

The market is expanding since manufacturers are continually releasing new mobile phones and adding apps to app stores daily. As a result, mobile apps are expected to bring in more than 935 billion US dollars in revenue. 

Evidently, a robust mobile application is a necessity. However, before creating your application, there is one thing you need to figure out. You must select the kind of partnership you wish to build and assemble a proficient mobile app development team accordingly.

This blog piece will help you with the same. Take a look at how to build an app development team and propel your software development project in the right direction. Find alternatives to hiring a huge pool of talent and save time and effort. Let’s begin!

In this blog

  1. Who should be a part of your app development team?
  2. Different models to hire your dream app development team
  3. Tips for creating the perfect app development team
  4. Alternate: Build your app with AppMySite – No coding, no team required
  5. Frequently asked questions

Who should be a part of your app development team? 

Mobile app development stages


To build a successful mobile app, it is important to have the right team structure. This means that you must have the right number of people with the right skills and experience who can work together effectively.

The size of the app development team will vary depending on the complexity of the app, but some general guidelines can be followed. Let’s look at the list of members that are a part of an ideal app development team:

1. Project Manager

For the mobile app project to be successful, it requires the guidance of a project manager (PM). The PM’s key responsibilities include ensuring project quality, staying within budget, and meeting deadlines. The PM continuously monitors project progress, ensuring it stays on track, motivating the development team, and satisfying the client’s requirements.


  • Assign work to the development team, establish sprint criteria, and rank jobs.
  • Calculate the project’s cost and ensure adherence to it.
  • Encourage communication between developers, their contractors, and the client.
  • Modify the app development plan according to other modifications.
  • Maintain quality, meet deadlines, and prevent out-of-control spending.

2. Product Manager

Establishing the product strategy and monitoring the product’s lifespan are the roles of the product manager. Along with working with the development team to guarantee that the product is manufactured on time and under budget, they make sure the product meets the needs of the customer.


  • Conduct market research, outlining the benefits, core principles, and features of the application, as well as evaluating your target audience.
  • Identify the most important problems that people are facing and offer the best solutions.
  • Build the app’s development plan.
  • Determine which characteristics and features are most important.
  • Find an asset and assist in creating an appealing call to action.

3. Product Owner 

The Product Owner acts as the customer’s advocate for the mobile app development projects and prioritize tasks and processes based on their needs. Thus they act as an interface between your organization’s other departments and the core mobile app development team.


  • Supervise the entire app creation process.
  • Ensure that the end users always find the solution helpful.
  • Focus on optimizing the value of the application. Maintain and streamline the product backlog to ensure that the development team’s priorities remain constantly evident.

4. Business Analysts

As the name suggests, a business analyst, or BA, is someone who performs a business analysis of a mobile app at the beginning of a project. They will examine the needs of the firm and assist in establishing appropriate objectives so that the development strategy suits your situation.


  • Conduct a study to understand the app idea, functional and non-functional requirements, project cost estimate, and intuitive interface prototyping. 
  • Evaluate procedures constantly, maintain sight of the business value, and assist clients in achieving their initial goals.

5. UI/UX designer 

UI/UX designer is a vital member of the app development team and an important component in the process of developing a mobile app. Designers are essential members of any team, regardless of whether you’re creating a mobile app for insurance, a healthcare program, or a tool for any other industry. 

UI/UX designers can utilize the latest AI tools to build a prototype for your mobile application. They are responsible for making your application intuitive and user-friendly after conducting UX research and drawing insights into what people need in the desired mobile application. The better the user experience, the higher the engagement and conversion rates. 


  • Contribute to the final product’s simplicity, user-friendliness, and visual appeal.
  • Ensure the application is optimized in every way to provide the greatest user experience and, consequently, increased engagement.
  • Maintain the ease of use of your product and constantly work to provide an app interface that has an appealing look and feel.

6. App Developers

Whether you create an Android app or an iOS application or go the cross-platform route, you’ll likely require developers with the necessary knowledge and expertise for each project. Also, after UI/UX designers, mobile app developers are an integral part of the app development team. 

It is the responsibility of the developers to transform all the designs and prototypes created by the UI/UX team into real-life mobile applications. You will require experienced and skilled developers to give ideas a real form. You can create your app development team with backend and frontend developers or hire a full-stack developer for both server-side and client-side development. 


  • Transform all of the UI/UX layouts into a functioning program.
  • Implement their expertise on cross-platform or native tools or your preferred operating system and its associated languages to build your app.
  • Ensure the architecture and application logic and the working parts of your mobile application are integrated seamlessly to guarantee optimal performance.

7. QA Engineer 

Finally, an essential mobile app team member is a Quality Assurance Engineer, QA Specialist, or simply a Tester. As the name implies, this expert takes responsibility for the quality of the developed mobile application. 

Software testers and QA engineers utilize manual testing methods to find any possible bugs, errors, or problems with the application. However, automated testing has made the testing process more rigorous and stringent, providing more precision and accuracy in test results. 


  • Ensure that your application is bug-free, compatible with a wide range of devices and browsers, and generally compliant with all standards.
  • Collaborate with the entire app development team to get your product nearly as perfect as possible. 
  • Test the solution and verify its overall quality, usability, security, and performance.

Different models to hire your dream app development team

Now you know the key members in an app development team that are essential to creating a strategy, building a prototype, developing a mobile application, and testing the application for optimal function. Now, the question arises: how to hire the key members? 

Let’s look at the different hiring models that you can follow to assemble your app development team: 

Hire an independent contractor

Hiring an independent contractor for the development of non-exclusive applications has several benefits. Their experience and expertise often exceed that of full-time employees, which is especially beneficial in the initial recruitment phase. Additionally, they assure cost-effectiveness as they offer project-based charges, omitting the requirement for permanent employment relationships.

Consider a full-time employee

Hiring full-time employees for app development provides a dedicated and knowledgeable team but can be expensive if the budget doesn’t allow for it. This option is ideal for companies aiming for a long-term commitment and seeking the expertise of a specialized team to create their app.

Hire a team from offshore

Cost-effective and efficient, outsourcing expert team requirements for app development provides access to talented professionals at a lower cost than acquiring a full-time staff. Furthermore, it opens opportunities for hiring talented individuals from around the world. However, managing an external team can be challenging, and work quality may not always meet expectations.

Hire a freelancer

Hiring a freelancer is another cost-effective way to hire experienced professionals with specialized skills for app development. However, this approach comes with risks, as it can be challenging to supervise and ensure the quality of work produced by the freelancer.

Tips for creating the perfect app development team 

Creating a capable mobile app development team is vital for a successful app project. This is because such a team will be able to create an app that appeals to its target audience and stands out in the competitive app market. Here are some tips you can utilize to build your app development team:

Define your app’s purpose and goals

You need to figure out the initial steps, strategy, expectations, and everything else needed to define the app’s objective and motive clearly. Through this, you will be able to convey your thoughts clearly to the team and ensure that everyone understands what you want to communicate. After you are done with this stage, you can take a few minutes to assign exact roles and duties to every team member in order to provide them with a clear image of what you expect from them.

Choose your team carefully

Look for people who have the necessary abilities, background, and mindset to finish the project. Make sure the people you hire are able to collaborate on the project and work effectively with each other.

Establish the project timeline

The app development team will be more organized and productive if they have a strict timeline. Assign each team member a milestone and make sure to monitor their progress and follow up.

Utilize adequate tools and technologies

Make sure your team has the latest resources and tools they need to perform their jobs. This involves providing them with access to the newest hardware and software in addition to offering assistance and training.

Enhance communication with regular meetings

Make sure that there is quick and efficient communication within your team. Regular meetings, internet chat services, or video conferencing can streamline communication.

Motivate and engage the team members

Inspire and involve the team members in critical tasks to ensure that everyone on your team feels valued and motivated. Appreciate and acknowledge team members’ achievements.

Establish a procedure to sort out conflicts and problems calmly

Establish a procedure for settling disputes and reaching judgments. Make sure to establish a procedure for resolving disagreements and reaching a consensus.

Consistent feedback is the key to success

Give your team feedback on a regular basis. When it’s appropriate, give them appreciation and also offer constructive criticism when required.

Alternate: Build your app with AppMySite – No coding, no team required

AppMySite’s no-code app builder for fast and easy development

Building an app development team that will provide your business with an exceptional software solution is becoming increasingly difficult. Lack of talent and colossal hiring costs are the key challenges that haunt this approach. However, no-code app builders like AppMySite are changing this trend. 

With AppMySite’s no-code app builder, you don’t need an app development team to create an app. You can easily build and scale any project, from enterprise app development to creating a minimum viable product (MVP), in a streamlined DIY environment.

You can simply sign up for our free app maker and start app design and development by creating your iOS or Android apps with easy point-and-click tools. This approach is more convenient and inexpensive than forming an app development team, as you will have to pay only when you want to launch an app. Try it out now and know for yourself.

Frequently asked questions 

What is the ideal size of an app development team?

The size of the app development team working on a particular project depends on the complexity as well as the size of the project. The smaller projects can be managed by a team of two to five people, and a team of ten or more people is required for complex projects. Whereas, if you are creating an app development agency, you will require a team of around 50 people. The team size must be tailored to the specific workload of the project. It should comprise all the relevant expertise and practical experience.

Can one person develop a mobile app?

Yes, one person can create a mobile application, but it’s a time-consuming and exhausting process. To ensure effortless and effective software development without a huge team, it’s best to go with a no-code app builder like AppMySite that gives you the freedom to work single-handedly. This approach is more beginner-friendly and eliminates the need for a large ensemble of app experts.

Do you require an app development team for mobile apps?

Essentially, a full-fledged team of experts is required for app development. However, finding a mobile app development team, especially for small businesses and start-ups, can be challenging. It’s a time-consuming and expensive process, and traditional methods may not be the most straightforward. However, with AppMySite, you can avoid the complexity of coding and simplify the app development process. Here, you can build your own apps like an all-rounder expert and launch your apps on the app stores in no time.

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