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Know how AppMySite is elevating the success of homegrown brands

Entrepreneurs are people who are on the mission of building an empire that benefits them and the mankind. The number of such innovators and out of the box thinkers is rapidly increasing with time.

The expansion of technology is reducing the dependency on hefty budget and large industrial set-ups. As a result of this convenience, more and more homegrown brands are flourishing everyday.

Most of the homegrown brands are selling online as it eliminates the need of an outlet at various locations. The smart sellers are also complementing their websites with an app as it intensifies their opportunities and ensures roundabout progress.

In this article, we will tell you how AppMySite, the best mobile app builder is fuelling the growth of such brands. Stay tuned and discover the ultimate recipe of success.

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Homegrown brands: The small-scale giants

Glocalization is a real term that has emerged recently and applies well to homegrown brands. It refers to the growing market advantage of local businesses over global companies.

The small businesses with mobile apps, are giving the heavyweights a run for their money. Before we discuss the benefits of creating a mobile app, let us get an insight into the fascinating world of homegrown brands:


The definition of homegrown brands is constantly changing due to the evolving dynamics of the arena and the intervention of technology. However, primarily it can be defined as the small-scale business setups that do no require huge operational architecture and often cater to local clientele.

The varied range of such businesses is not just limited to clothing apparels, fashion labels, accessories, footwears or jewellery. Different kinds of businesses like furniture stores, home décor stores, grocery stores and more, are springing up and taking the consumers by storm. It is for this many reason many such businesses are building their presence online. Grocery app development , for example, is a viable option given the rise of online grocery shopping among consumers.


The apprehension that only big-brands are worth our money is changing. The philanthropic side in people often compels them to support local and small-scale setups, especially if they have a strong appeal. Few of the unparallel advantages of such set ups are as follows:

  1. Unlike big brands, they do not burn a hole in the pocket of buyers and offer the warmth of a personalised experience.
  2. The small brands often cater to a particular motto, culture or theme that connects with special consumers and allows them to express explicitly.
  3. Creative thinking and out of the box ideas are the vital qualities and good for breaking the monotony of big brands.
  4. They harness local talent pool and the small employee strength makes the business leader-oriented and easily manageable.
  5. It allows the sellers and buyers to create their own signature or statement and go beyond the materialism of production & consumption.


The homegrown brands often suffer cultural & geographical barriers and financial constraints. They lack the infrastructure and budget required to gain visibility and trust of the consumers. Many such endeavours suffer an early death as they go unnoticed.

However, with changing times, technology has started solving these issues. Affordable and easy to build WooCommerce websites and mobile apps have widened the scope of small businesses. Those who understand the importance of it, are conquering all odds.

The unbeatable partnership with mobile apps

All businesses, big or small are realizing the potential of mobile apps. It is nothing short of a boon for the homegrown brands.

The following facts make mobile phones the surest formula of success:

  1. The number of mobile phone users is soon expected to cross five billion
  2. People are spending more time and money on mobile shopping apps
  3. The global revenue from mCommerce is constantly on a rise
  4. Mobile apps offer ease and convenience to sellers and buyers
  5. Mobile apps in users’ phones boost brand identity and recall value

Mobile apps, when designed smartly and promoted well, can do wonders for SMEs and other local brands. However, you must have the right strategy and planning before you start building the app.

Consider the following factors and suggestions before you proceed to get an app for your business:

1. Affordability is vital

As a small-scale business owner, budget is often a concern for the entrepreneurs. You can ditch the traditional methods of app building that requires hefty money, huge manpower and long wait hours before delivery. Instead, fetch a DIY mobile app builder that allows you to create your own app and delivers it on time without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Seek convenience & ease

As a homegrown brand owner, you are already multitasking and managing the work of many people single-handedly or with a small team. Fetch a builder-friendly mobile app maker that is easy to understand and use. The builder dashboard should be intuitive and the suggestive tips should come in handy.

3. Emphasize on quality

The small budget should not hamper the quality of your app. Only settle for a native app builder that ensures amazing user interface and experience. The app screens, pages, buttons, shopping cart, filtering & sorting, payment options, checkout options and all other elementary features should be intuitive and offer speed & convenience to shoppers.

4. Personalisation boosts brand value

The app icon on the screen and the app in your users’ phone ensures a constant brand presence. Thus, everything from the icon, pages, screens to the banners should be given a personalised appeal. It should reflect your brand identity and be in sync with your website.

5. Ensure Content Marketing support

Good and creative content can be a game changer for your business. Impactful content promotion can help boost your ranking on app stores and fetch more downloads. Get an app builder with CMS integration feature and an in-built dashboard for creating and managing push notifications. It will save you the advertisement expenses.

6. Leverage Social Media Marketing

The new age wonder is changing the face of promotions for businesses. Get an app builder that provides social media integration with the app. Endorse your app, products and brand on various social media channels. Reach out to your targeted communities based on their groups, geographical locations, likes or more and register unprecedented growth.

7. Analyse performance post-launch

Besides ensuring a great pre-launch and post-launch strategy, devise a plan to assess your performance, consumer ratings & feedback, number of downloads, etc. Determine your business goals and act accordingly. You can also get an app builder with analytics dashboard.

Shed the strain with AppMySite

Building an app with AppMySite is a breeze. The easy-to-grasp features and additional support tools and products, all contribute in the process of creating a premium app for your homegrown online store. The apps built with AppMySite simplify the task for retail store owners.

AppMySite mobile app builder has been empowering many businesses & bloggers and small & big brand owners across the globe. E-commerce stores like Celkart, Yevatelo, Wish A POS, WAVbuy, Aqua Filter and more have already built an app with AppMySite.

The businesses are now reaping the benefits of a native mobile app for their business. You can tread on the same path and ensure growth.

Just follow these simple tips to convert your WooCommerce website to an app:

1) Sign Up: Open the AppMySite website and enter your details to register and sign up. Enter your name, email, basic details and provide the link of your WooCommerce store to turn it to mobile app.

2) Design & Personalize: Follow each step on the intuitive dashboard and gradually proceed to next. Design the app icon, splash screen, landing pages and banners. Continue to add products, buttons, category tiles and more. You can also upload your existing icon and designs and integrate your social media pages. You can easily retain and sync the payment gateways and other data present on your website.

3) Enhance with Add-ons: AppMySite offers a wide range of add-on products like White labelled solution, App Store Optimization and more. All the features are designed to add more value to your app and your brand. Avail these extra benefits and boost success.

4) Preview & Publish: Once you are done creating, preview and test your app on a real device. This unique feature of AppMySite allows you to get a first-hand experience of the app that you are about to offer to your consumers. Once you are satisfied, go ahead and publish your app on Google Play Store &/or Apple App Store.

Now, you can sit back and relax. AppMySite will submit your app to the store and notify you when your app review is processed by the store.

Time to think global & act local

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a mobile app for your homegrown business, it’s time to build one. Your creative thinking, exquisite range of products and the app’s functionality can do wonders together.

Claim your territory in the rapidly revolutionizing world of m-commerce and tap into your local consumer base. AppMySite can help you make the most of this opportunity and add a new dynamic to your business.

Create an affordable consumer-friendly native mobile app and take your homegrown brand to new heights. Get going now!

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