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Looking for ways to keep your customers engaged?

The best way to engage your customers in this fast paced world is by simply staying connected to them at all times. If you are not, you are probably losing business from a major chunk of clients. Businesses who constantly stay in touch with their clients by sending them promotional messages, remind customers of their very existence. However, flooding the inbox of the customers through repeated sale reminders can often irritate them, eventually leading to loss in sales. It is very important to keep a right balance between staying in touch with the customer and intruding into their personal space. While it’s imperative to keep the customer engaged, frustrating them by upselling your products and services can do more harm than good to your business.

Mobile apps are working wonderfully for businesses, helping them maintain a right sense of balance between motivating a customer and annoying them. Here’s a list of few things that you can follow to win customer loyalty:

1. Taking feedback from customers

The easiest way of staying in touch with your customer is to always take a feedback from them after they’ve shopped from your store. This way, you can let your customers know that you care about how their experience was and also help you asses your performance as a business.

Your existing customers are a key to sustain your business, because retaining a customer is considerably easier than acquiring a new one. Grabbing the feedback from your existing customers will help you analyse your area of improvement and also enable you to offer them better services in future.

If you own a dedicated app for your business, taking a feedback is relatively simpler. Customers normally dodge feedback form that they receive on their emails or text messages. A simple pop up from your app to rate their experience is quite effortless.

2. Rewarding customers for sharing their personal info

Going after your target audience and collecting their personal information can be quite tricky. Most business struggle with channelizing their attention in the right direction to retain their customers. This process can be simplified if you can, in some way, convince your customers to provide you with their personal information.

The best way to carry out the process of convincing customers to release their personal information is by rewarding them generously. Obviously customer hesitate in handing out their personal information to businesses, not if they benefit from doing so.

However, collecting information through a mobile app makes the entire process comparatively less painful. You can simply ask customers to fill out their information at the time of registration and form a good database.

3. Involving customers in your business

If your customers are constantly made to believe that their experience and their feedback of your services and products matter to you, they will certainly feel like a part of your team. Additionally, a great way of involving your customers into your business is by promoting their interest.

For instance: if your customer is a business owner and has launched a product, promoting it on your business social pages will strengthen their trust in you.

You can go with an app builder online to build a dedicated app for your business and send push notification to your customers whenever you post their product on your social media. This is great way to make them a part of your business family.

4. Using the correct marketing tools

To ensure you are targeting the right audience, you must ensure that you go after the marketing tools that your target audience interacts most with. Spending more doesn’t always assure success, investing funds in the correct direction does.

Mobile apps have unpredictably gained more popularity in the last two years and has been flourishing ever since. Small and large businesses can both count on apps for marketing the products and services of their business.

The most personalised way of marketing your business and reaching out to your target audience is going for a dedicated app, to help your business sustain and grow substantially.

AppMySite is a wonderful tool that is helping businesses build their native apps that can help your businesses grow significantly. If you are looking for an app builder online to convert your website into a mobile application, get in touch with AppMySite today.

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