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The importance of app store optimisation in app promotion

Converting a website into a mobile app is a child’s play today. With a plethora of easily available quality wordpress mobile app builders in the market today, almost every other website has its own app. In a sea of similar-looking apps, the challenge then becomes vying for new apps users and ensuring that it is easily discoverable on the app store.

Let us understand why that is important and how App Store Optimisation can be achieved:

1. What is App Store Optimisation?

Just like Search Engine Optimisation tools and techniques are used to improve the searchability and visibility of websites, App Store Optimisation involves optimising mobile apps to become more visible to interested customers. This means ensuring that it lists high in search results and features in the trending lists to get maximum traffic to your app. There are several ways in which a mobile app can be optimised according to the app store to ensure maximum app download.

2. Why is App Store Optimisation necessary?

Research has shown that searching for an app and browsing for popular or top-rated apps on an app store are some of the most popular ways in which individuals discover and download new apps. In order to reach out to potential new app users, your app must be easily discoverable and should have credibility. No matter how great your app is, if it isn’t even visible to the individuals who are looking for it, it is of no use.

3. What are the factors that influence the App Store Optimisation?

Several, actually. Right from the name of your app, to the category and sub-category you place it in, the keywords and tags you assign to it, the number of downloads, rating, and so much more – everything impacts App Store Optimisation. Hence, when you submit your application to app stores, put sufficient thought in deciding these factors. However, if your mobile app isn’t engaging enough, chances are it will garner negative reviews and ratings. Non-IT businesses and companies can use an expert WordPress Mobile App Builder, like AppMySite, to convert existing WordPress websites into mobile apps for quality, cost-effective, and elegant native mobile apps.

4. How to improve App Store Optimisation?

Experts suggest that you must continually work to optimise your app to sustain higher ranking. However, small actions like adding a relevant keyword in your app title, choosing the right category, asking loyalty customers to submit a positive rating, and resolving issues promptly will lead to better ranking. The importance of adding a sufficient number of screenshots cannot be emphasised enough as it provides potential users a glimpse of how the app will look like. With Android Instant apps catching up, the spotlight is on providing an immersive experience and a flawless design from the moment go, with no room for error.

It is important to remember that App Store Optimisation is a slow process. Even when all the things are in place, it will take some time for the app to trend and rank higher. However, it is important to have a powerful and engaging mobile app to retain new app users. You can build dynamic, feature-rich, and secure native apps for your existing website using AppMySite a dedicated wordpress mobile app builder. To know more about how you can benefit from AppMySite, get in touch with us today!


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