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Top ten video marketing strategies to popularize your app

The technological revolutions around the world are shaping our lives and moulding our future. With more than five billion mobile phone users and millions of apps on the app stores, mCommerce is set to see an unprecedented rise.

However, with the growing statistics, the competition is also growing. It is easy to convert your WooCommerce website into an app, but the real game begins when app promotions come in picture.

Just creating an app from a website is not enough. One must also aim towards getting more downloads to achieve conversions. Hence, having a great marketing strategy is must to make your app popular among your targeted audience.

Although, there are many marketing tools that can leverage your apps’ visibility, video marketing stands atop all of them. It is the most creative and appealing format of marketing, the powers of which are yet to be fully discovered.

Video marketing, when done strategically and smartly, can work wonders for your app. Read further and find out the top ten video marketing strategies that can skyrocket your app’s popularity and give your business, a new dimension of growth.

Videos empower mobile applications

Mobile apps have become a more appealing source of interaction between customers and businesses. The factors like effortless accessibility, ease and convenience of use and more, make apps better than websites any day.

Videos can further empower this magnificent invention of technology and take your business to new heights. It can empower mobile apps by making it more likeable, simple and interesting.

Today, many businesses are opting for video promotions through various tools and platforms. While some use it for explaining the features of the app or helping customers realize their goals, others use it for promoting their products and services.

Videos are considered better than other formats due to the following reasons:

  • People are 27 times more likely to click on a video ad than an image or text
  • Videos get 1200% more share than other content formats combined altogether
  • Videos attract around 41% more traffic and generate 80% more conversions
  • 95% of the information from a video message is retained by the users
  • Visual learning is grasped more easily by users and is preferred by everyone
  • Independent video streaming applications like YouTube are highly popular
  • Videos help in boosting the search engine results and ensure better ranking

The usage and implementation may depend upon your goals and the availability of resources at your disposal. However, you must have a strong layout or blueprint of your plan before you proceed to make use of video marketing. It will help you realize your potential to the fullest.

Video marketing is viable marketing

The marketing industry is in awe about using videos as a promotional tool. The splendid benefits have taken the world by storm and people are discovering new ways for using videos as a marketing tool, everyday.

Undoubtedly, video marketing has become a viable tool of marketing and can also help you in boosting your app’s visibility, reach and popularity.

Videos can fuel your online business prospective in the following ways:

  • Affects the psychology: Videos have a more influential impact on our minds as compared to texts and images. It compels even the laziest users to take certain actions like share, download, or more. It can highly manipulate the targeted audience to believe in your app and share it.
  • Has mass appeal: Videos appeal to people of all genders, class, age, qualifications, backgrounds and other socioeconomical divisions. From toddlers to old age veterans, videos can be perceived by anyone and everyone.
  • Looks more authentic: Videos mitigate trust issues as people tend to believe more on interactive content rather than a static one. Videos ignite emotions and promote confidence for making purchase.
  • Increases brand visibility: Videos are proven to create more brand awareness than other formats. As the message stays longer in the minds of the users, videos help in retaining your brand identity better among your potential buyers.
  • Communicates well: Since videos establish a better connection with users, it becomes easier to communicate the message. Besides, it also entails all the elements like text, images, visuals, sound and more and thus conveys the message well.
  • Google loves it: Videos make your visitors spend more time on your page. Longer exposure catalyses your SEO and ASO objectives and helps you attain better rankings on search engines. Optimized and embedded videos can work wonders for your brand.
  • Strengthens ROI: All the factors discussed above, lead to one highly desired output, and that is ‘revenue generation’. Videos ensure Return on Investment by boosting engagements, sales and conversions.

Top ten strategies for success

Video marketing can be carried out in a number of ways. It highly depends upon your budget, creativity and marketing goals. However, with a sure shot checklist, you can further elevate the potential of your app and make most of your resources.

The top ten tried and tested strategies of video marketing are as discussed below:

1. Create Good Content

Any marketing strategy is incomplete without good content. Do preliminary research, determine your marketing goals and then create compelling content by incorporating texts, visuals, images and sound.

The content should be strong enough to grip and win over your customers and hold them from start to end. You can take ideas from your competitors’ campaigns. However, always be original with the content and avoid plagiarism.

2. Ensure Appealing Quality

As the smartphones have reached the hands of millions of users, quality is something you cannot compromise on. Create high quality HD videos with the available resources at your disposal.

Ensure that the videos do not pixelate and suit every device. Optimize it for various hardware-devices and platforms. Also keep in mind, the technical facts like the aspect ratio, contrast, color schemes and more.

3. Be Creative & Interactive

Let your creative juices flow as you proceed to create and market your videos. Make the videos interactive and talk directly to your users. You can also use few animated characters as your mascots to entice your users and capture their attention.

The first few seconds of the video are most crucial so use them properly. Highlight your motives and time the appearances well.

4. Phrase Strong Description

Create a strong description for your video and include the relevant keywords. It should be concise and strong and depict your message clearly. Keep the language simple and free of technical jargon.

Avoid spilling unnecessary information and keep your focus intact. You can also include different links in the description depending upon the video and the platform.

5. Design Alluring Thumbnail

Design thumbnail for videos

Thumbnail decides whether the user will bother to open the video and watch it. It is proven that YouTube videos with compelling thumbnails get more views and have longer watch time as well.

You can apply the same strategy to your apps promotional videos and design a thumbnail that attracts the users’ attention. You can also have a teaser that generates curiosity for watching the full video.

6. Include Call to Action

Users often don’t take desired action until they are asked to. So, include one or more strong ‘calls to action’ like Subscribe, Install, Download, Follow, Share, Comment, or more.

‘Call to action’ commands will communicate your goal to the users in few words. It will also help you in manipulating your users into doing what you want.

7. Use Optimization Techniques

Use the technical tools at your disposal and include elements that can help your app video rank higher on relevant platforms. Include tags and go for optimization tools and techniques that redefine the presence of your video altogether.

Also do not neglect the little elements like video title, tags, authors, licences and more as it can play a crucial role in giving your app more visibility and authenticity.

8. Reward users for Referrals

This technique is being widely used by businesses these days. Earn brand loyalty and free advocacy by urging your users to share the app or the video and incentivizing them in return.

It will help you in establishing long term and profitable connections. It will also aid the process of reaching your potential buyers, strengthening your brand image and increasing your lifetime value.

9. Promote on Social Media

Social media has emerged as the most powerful tool of promotion in this day and age. Go for cross-platform promotions and share your marketing videos on your social media pages and accounts.

Social media promotions will help you in realizing the full potential of your apps. It will populate the traffic towards your app and also fetch real-time and instant feedbacks, reviews and comments.

10. Engage Influencers

Besides aiding your marketing messages and mails with videos, you can also opt for this technique. Partner with popular influencers that can attract and inspire your target audience.

Compile videos of influencers praising or talking about your products and your app. Distribute and promote these videos across their profiles and your own, and make your app popular among their fanbase as well.

Over to you

As discussed above, the checklist for your video promotion strategy can fuel your growth and help your app penetrate a wider market. Besides these, you can also come up with your own strategy and execute it. Create videos that offer solutions to your targeted audience.

It is true that video marketing is not easy. However, by using the resources at your disposal smartly, you can win half the battle. The rest will depend on the features and functionalities of your app.

To create an app from website and seek more information on app marketing techniques, get in touch with AppMySite. It comes with many inbuilt intuitive tools and features that can help you cover the dynamics of video marketing and more.

Besides video marketing, you can also harness the potential of social media marketing. Discover the power and various aspects of this powerful tool and elevate your app popularity further.

If you have already tried video marketing for your app, share your tricks and stories with us and our community. May the power of technology, always be with you!

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