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4 reasons why you should stay away from DIY app builders

Simpler isn’t always better. The biggest testament to this is the fact several DIY app constructors which promise to build and publish an app for your website ‘instantly’ often create suboptimal mobile applications. In this post, we will be discussing four critical areas where DIY online app creators fall short, but dedicated app builders with expert teams behind them, like AppMySite, fare well.

1. Design and functionality

A majority of online app builders provide users with cumbersome drag and drop tools, that are not only frustratingly ineffective, but also offer severely limited functionality to build a dynamically layered app. What’s more, web apps can’t even be published on app stores. Furthermore, since most of the apps are web-based or hybrid in nature, integrating third-party services (like payment gateways) is a challenge. Apps created using AppMySite, an expert mobile application builder, not only offer an aesthetic design and a dynamic functionality, but also provide all third-party services that are live and functional on the original website.

2. Responsiveness

Since a majority of app creators simply offer a web or a hybrid app, the responsiveness is a major issue. The presence of a decent internet connection is important for such apps to function; and even then, they offered a delayed response, often running into several seconds. However, native apps developed with AppMySite are extremely responsive and can perform all basic functions without the internet. They function without any lags and are able to make the best use of the smartphone’s hardware as well. Simply put, there is no contest when it comes to responsiveness, as AppMySite apps outshine the apps created with DIY app builders.

3. Testing and debugging

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that apps published ‘instantly’ using DIY app creators aren’t tested comprehensively for bugs and broken links. Thus, the end-product not only has technical inconsistencies, but is also potentially risky to use, since it hasn’t been debugged. This is not an issue with AppMySite, wherein each and every native app developed is thoroughly tested by a team of expert app designers and developers. Once our team is fully satisfied with the app, is when it goes to the next stage, which is the client’s approval. Only then do we publish the app on app stores.

4. App updates

If apps builders provide the functionality to update apps at all, the process is not user-friendly or is available for a limited time period. That means, once your app is live on the app stores, there is usually no way to provide your users with new updates or features. That is why you should pick an expert mobile application builder while turning your website to an app. If you build an app for your website with AppMySite and wish to make any changes to it, all you have to do is make the required changes to the backend of the website, and the same will be automatically reflected in the app. Updating an app with AppMySite is that simple!

If you have decided to convert your website into a mobile app, go with a dedicated mobile application builder, like AppMySite. AppMySite delivers a fully-functional, dynamic, and responsive native app for WooCommerce and WordPress websites within a week. Get in touch to know more!

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