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Four reasons why you should choose no-code mobile app builders

About to start app development? Are you still thinking about hiring an expensive agency to build an app?

Custom development can be a complicated process. It’s a good solution if you’ve found a great agency and have the budget needed.

If not and you need to stretch your budget, there are better ways to build an app for your business. DIY app builders allow you to create apps without writing a single line of code. You don’t need to have a storied background in coding to use such DIY no-code tools.

This article explains four reasons why you should choose to work with DIY no-code mobile app builders.

#1. Simplified development workflow

The most obvious advantage of using no-code DIY tools is that you don’t need to write a single line of code.

It’s safe to say that a professional running a business may not know how to build an app from scratch via coding. Even if you do know how to code an app, you may not have the time or resources needed to do it.

The solution is to use no-code DIY tools and create mobile apps effortlessly. AppMySite is a great no-code solution if you’re looking for a platform to build mobile apps.

All you need to get started is a website. Once you connect your website and app, your mobile site’s pages will be synced to the native interface of the app.

#2. Fast turnaround time

It takes time to build an app from scratch with traditional custom development.

Typically, app development takes anywhere between eight weeks to many months. For a small business, it’s not feasible to wait for weeks and months.

Just as web development can be expedited with CMS and website builders, app development can also be done via no-code solutions. These tools automate the technical parts of app development in a code-free environment.

With simple point-and-click options, you can build and design different screens and sections in your app. You can also integrate various powerful features with a few clicks.

This workflow expedites the time it takes to develop an app. With AppMySite for instance, you can literally create an app in minutes and proceed towards app store submission.

#3. Sustainable costs

For every 250 websites, there is only one mobile app. This is despite the fact that 80% of all digital traffic is driven by mobile apps.

One of the big reasons behind this gap is the cost of app development. It’s not always feasible for businesses to invest a ton of resources into hiring an agency or a team of developers.

Launching an app is always a risk. As a business owner, you can never predict its success. Small businesses can consider building an app if the financial risk is more reasonable.

The solution is to use a no-code app builder that allows you to create apps on a sustainable subscription plan. This is an easy way to build apps without considerable financial risks, along with all the other advantages discussed earlier.

#4. Managed updates and new features

Let’s assume you launch an app on the app stores. How do you manage future app updates? After all, you may need to change certain features or UI/UX aspects of the app.

It’s very tedious to do this with a custom-built app. Even if you don’t want to update a feature or a design detail, releasing regular updates is a key ASO factor. Apps that release frequent updates have a better chance of ranking well in the app store search results.

AppMySite works on releasing new updates and features for your Android & iOS apps. Once an update is released, you can build a new version of your app and release it to the app stores.

In conclusion

The two main ways of building an app – custom development and no-code platforms.

Custom development can be expensive, complex, and time-consuming. With a no-code tool like AppMySite, you can convert any WordPress website to a mobile app effortlessly. This article covers four main reasons you should consider using no-code DIY solutions over traditional custom development methods

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