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New Consent Form Add-on Launched

What is the first question people ask when there is a new iPhone launch around the corner? What about the time when there is a new iOS or Android update?

The discussions generally revolve around features and functionalities. High value features and functionalities are the core reason behind the rise of smartphones. The continued success of social media platforms is also driven by a continual push towards adding more features.

No one dreams of making a feature-less app. Part of the excitement when you build your own app is bringing forth a host of new features and functionalities.

Entrepreneurs first think about the visual appeal of their app. Their second concern is generally the features their app would offer. Good features make an app marketable and help brands stand apart from the competition.

AppMySite understands the importance of features in the overall success of a mobile app. It continually updates its platforms and the apps built on it.

Besides these updates, AppMySite also has a large library of add-ons. These add-ons essentially provide users the ability to improve specific parts of their apps.

The latest addition to this library of high performance add-ons is the Consent Form add-on.

The Consent Form add-on

Not all apps are meant for everyone. App stores generally ask developers to specify an age rating when uploading an app. The goal is to prevent lower age group users from accessing some apps.

However, specifying an age rating is not enough in most cases. The open nature of the mobile app world makes it difficult for apps to verify the eligibility of their users to access the app.

The Consent Form add-on enables apps to make users confirm their eligibility to use the app. Many apps require users to explicitly confirm their credentials to access an app as part of necessary compliance and guidelines. This add-on enables apps to fulfill these compliance requirements.

How does it work?

The Consent Form add-on enables users to add a form after the launch screen finishes loading. To go further, users have to confirm their eligibility to enter the app and view its contents.

The content of the form has to be added to make this add-on fulfill its purpose.

In the form, the users buying the add-on should add content which prompts their app users to proceed only if they meet certain criteria. The exact nature of the criteria has to be entered manually. The criteria can be anything the users want it to be, from a certain age limit to demographic boundations, and so on.

How can users access the add-on?

Users have to make a one-time payment to buy this add-on. The following steps explain the entire process-

  • Log-in to your AppMySite account
  • Go to App add-ons. You’ll find the Consent Form add-on here.
  • Purchase this add-on. You’ll have to make a one-time payment to complete this process
  • Go to General under App Settings after purchasing the add-on. Here you will find a field to enter the content of the consent form
  • Select Next when you’re done writing content for the add-on

You will now be able to see a consent form appear once the launch screen finishes loading. Your users will be asked to confirm their eligibility to use the app. Once they do so, they’ll be able to access the app without any further complications.

What are the benefits of using the add-on?

It is possible that some users are not allowed to access the content you add to your app or the products you sell on it. In some cases, you may be required to gather confirmation from your app users regarding their eligibility to use the app.

These kinds of compliance requirements are common for companies with apps targeted towards a very specific clientele. It is naturally tedious for the company to develop resources to selectively screen every app user. Doing is not viable for any normal company bringing an app to the market.

consent form

The Consent Form add-on enables users to meet these compliance requirements with great ease. The app users only have to confirm their eligibility to use the app. This makes the process easy on users as well the companies who’re trying to reach the right users.

Companies don’t have to create resources to selectively verify the eligibility of each user. More importantly, end users don’t have to participate in a long process of confirming their credentials. A simple press of a button does the trick.

In conclusion

AppMySite constantly strives to improve the app building experience it provides to its users. The powerful add-ons it provides are part of the same effort to help users build the best possible apps they can.

AppMySite is not simply a platform where you can convert WordPress website to Android or iOS app. It is the premier platform for building premium mobile apps.

This piece discusses the launch of the new Consent Form add-on. The new add-on enables users to add a consent form within their app and make users confirm their eligibility to use it. This is an important addition for all users who need to meet key fulfill compliance requirements. The add-on is now live and available on the AppMySite dashboard.

Need help enabling consent form in your apps built with AppMySite? It is actually pretty simple. Here’s a guide that will walk you through.

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