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Best WordPress plugins for restaurant websites

WordPress is an amazing platform. It rules almost two-third of the CMS market and continues to grow and expand day by day. It has become the go to website building solution for many people across the globe.

We too love WordPress! In fact, AppMySite is the ultimate WordPress app builder you can partner with and scale your business to new heights. Here, you can complement your website with an app and enter the mobile market with ease.

You can read about that in detail in our other blogs. Today, we are here to help those who already own or are planning to launch a restaurant website built with WordPress. From creating menus, to adding maps & references, and managing orders, plugins can help you achieve them all.

So, stay with us and learn about some of the best WordPress plugins for building, managing, and scaling restaurant websites and other types of F&B (Food & Beverage) websites. Pick the ones that fit you the best and grow your online restaurant business.

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21 WordPress plugins for restaurants

WordPress has a pool of plugins for almost every business. From setting up the menu to enabling reservations, booking events, adding visual and textual details, collecting reviews, building an app, and more, there are plugins for achieving any desired feat.

Let us go through our list of 21 WordPress plugins that can help you scale your restaurant business to new heights.

1. WPCafe

WPCafe is the ultimate restaurant management solution for WordPress. The plugin helps you create beautiful, responsive food menus with various layouts and drag-and-drop functionality with 33+ templates, and the ability to set up online ordering and delivery options.

It allows you to create and manage reservations with an intuitive booking system and table layout visualization, automated order and booking confirmation emails to customers, and you can track inventory and manage ingredients to ensure smooth operations.

WPCafe also has Elementor and Gutenberg block compatibility for seamless integration with your website design as well as extensive add-ons to add advanced functionalities like multi-vendor marketplaces, loyalty programs, and more.

2. Restaurant & Cafe Addon for Elementor

If you use Elementor page builder, then Restaurant & Café Addon for Elementor could be your go to plugin. It has all the elements that you need for creating a perfect restaurant website and its 50+ unique & basic Elementor widgets cover almost every aspect related to a restaurant business.

You can choose from a range of blocks to achieve a range of functionalities like adding menus, food items, ingredient lists, recipes, locations, offers, etc. It also has WooCommerce specific features like enabling product add-ons and filters that can be accessed as you upgrade.

In the “Pro” version, you can unlock several other features like adding layered images, gift cards, open table integration, banners, etc. You can download the plugin from WordPress plugin directory and manage your website orders more efficiently.

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3. FoodBook

FoodBook is a popular plugin among food ordering and takeaway businesses built on WordPress and WooCommerce. It is a standalone WordPress plugin that allows you to set up a food ordering system on your WordPress Website.

With FoodBook you can manage both pickup and delivery orders. It is completely customizable, and you can shape it based on your needs and business goals. It becomes easy to set up with the intuitive demo and user-friendly system.

The outstanding features of this plugin include quick search, single page cart system, smart filters, preparation instruction and add extra item feature, delivery optimization, translation friendliness, and more. All in all, it can be considered a complete plugin.

4. RestroPress

RestroPress is yet another online food ordering plugin for WordPress. This plugin enables you to receive and manage pick up, takeaway and delivery orders. This plugin works much like WooCommerce and automatically adds the required pages to your site when you activate it,

With support for custom post types, you can create endless menus and add items and categories of your choice. You can also enable easy pick up and delivery with smooth payment gateway integrations, tax, and delivery detailing, and more.

RestroPress has a built-in reporting system, and everything can be easily managed with a user-friendly dashboard. With 3,000+ active installations, it is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress among developers and restaurateurs.


WPPizza was originally designed for pizza delivery businesses, however it soon became popular among other verticals due to its flexibility. This is a great plugin for adding menus and managing orders online.

The best thing is that it is essentially free and still manages to give a tough fight to paid plugins. It enables you to track online orders and generates sales reports, offers different delivery and tiered payment options to customers, and also supports more than 140 currencies.

Other noteworthy features include support for varied languages, multisite support, multiple payment gateway support, coupon, and timed menu support, etc. In a nutshell, it is a wholesome plugin for pizzerias, and support other kinds of restaurant businesses as well.

6. AppMySite Mobile App Plugin

AppMySite is the ultimate code-free app builder plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce websites. While anyone with a website can build an app with AppMySite without coding, it offers deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Once you have setup your restaurant business on your website, you can go ahead and build an app for it. This will enable you to offer ease and convenience to your customers as they will be able to download your app on their phones and order directly every time.

It is a pretty intuitive app builder and is capable of much more than other code-free builders in its league. Not only does it super-simplify and expedite app development, but it also enables you to create feature-rich apps where you can customize the design, add unlimited products, manage orders, and do much more. Several features like app monetization, push notification support, chat support, etc., come bundled with the tool.

The best thing is that you can build premium Android and iOS apps for WooCommerce enabled websites and preview them before you commit or pay to publish. The platform gives all the control in your hands and powers you to build marketing-worthy apps without breaking the bank.

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7. Restaurant Menu Plugin for WooCommerce

Restaurant Menu Plugin is one of the most WooCommerce friendly plugins for restaurant websites. It is basically a menu and bulk order plugin that can help you set up your restaurant website quickly and effortlessly.

You can create quick single page menus and offer a simple experience to your users. In fact, the platform claims that it makes the process so simple that even children can use it to place orders. However, there is no compromise with quality.

In fact, it offers a feature-rich experience and enables users to select different side dishes for certain meals, add individual prices for side dishes, display multiple categories on one page, and more. Basically, it is a simple plugin that help you achieve your goals in a short time.

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8. Accura FoodMenu WP

Accura FoodMenu WP is a menu plugin for modern day restaurants. You can easily create a menu for your restaurant, cafe or bar with this plugin with over 50 ready-to-use menu styles and modify its look and feel.

You can select from a range of options like a simple menu, a table menu, modern or special menu with tags, toggle and accordion menu systems, and more. You can also classify based on dish type or divide your menu as lunch, dinner, drinks, etc.

This is a suitable plugin for large restaurants with a diverse menu. You can use this plugin to achieve all your menu related goals and offer interactive options to your customers. After all, menus are the first step to form a bond with your customers.

9. MotoPress Restaurant Menu

MotoPress is a free WordPress menu plugin that can give tough competition to the paid plugins. It powers you to handle everything from setting up a menu to managing pricing and payments, and so much more in between.

It is customization friendly and super simple to use. You can add multiple pictures of the food, descriptions, ingredient lists, etc., and create dynamic menus. You can also enable customers to drop special instructions for preparation. Basically, it enables you to have a premium experience at negligible pricing.

10. Five Star Restaurant Reservations

Five Star Restaurant Reservations is a popular WordPress plugin for table booking. It enables you to add a simple and customizable reservation form to your site to unlock the reservation features which are a critical aspect of owning a restaurant.

It comes packaged with several winning features that make restaurant and reservation management a breeze. For instance, you can get email notifications when a reservation is done on your website, restrict booking in closing hours, confirm or reject bookings with a few clicks, send booking receipts etc.

With this plugin, you can place reservation forms at various site locations such as pages, posts, and widgets. Therefore, it powers you to avoid overcrowding in your restaurant and manage your orders and overall operations more efficiently.

11. ReDi Restaurant Reservation

ReDi or Reservation Diary Restaurant Reservation plugin is yet another popular plugin with over 1,000 active installations. It enables you to manage table bookings, restaurant reservations or availability in an easy manner.

You can easily set up your opening hours, restaurant details, etc., and do the necessary customization required to book and manage reservations. The plugin automates several processes involved in booking and instantly checks seat availability for the selected time and date, and provides an immediate response to your customers.

It also informs and updates the restaurant as soon as a reservation is made. The premium version comes with support for added features like reservation dashboard for daily operations, customizable work hours, multiple location support, email templates, etc., and also offers support for pre-payments through different payment gateways.

12. Five Star Restaurant Menu

Five Star emerges as a champion when it comes to feature-rich restaurant plugins. In fact, its menu plugin is one of the best in the league and enables you to create responsive and aesthetic menus for your website.

Five Star Restaurant Menu is quite versatile and suits almost every kind of restaurant you can imagine. It comes with three Gutenberg blocks that allow you to place the entire menu or add specific sections and items on a post or a page.

Sounds tricky? Do not worry! It is actually really easy to use. You can effortlessly add and classify items into several categories and group them based on different parameters. You can create dynamic menus with the plugin and offer an interactive experience to your customers.

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13. Slider Revolution

Images play a critical role in the success of any restaurant business. The visual drama and appeal that you create can determine the overall success of your business. The Slider Revolution plugin can help you do the same with utmost professional gravitas.

It is an advanced plugin that has tons of features and powers you to create aesthetic image sliders and carousels. You can show responsive images as full-page backgrounds or add them to dedicated sections.

The plugin allows you to showcase content based on posts, pages, or portfolio items. It comes with an extensive library of templates that can help you visualize your story. All in all, it can help you make your restaurant website aesthetically rich and appealing, thereby attracting more eyeballs.

14. WP Restaurant Price List

WP Restaurant Price List is a simple plugin that helps you show the price list of the products you sell. It has an amazing visual interface where you can enter both the titles of the categories of saleable items as well as the price, name, and description of the items.

This plugin has features that make it perfect for any restaurant, pub, etc., as it helps you set up dynamic menus with varied nuances and detailing. You can create menus, add items, ingredients, price, currency symbol, etc. You can also optimize the layout and add more detailed information as needed.

15. The Events Calendar

If you love to host and organize events and performances at your restaurant, then this is the plugin for you. The Events Calendar enables you to easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress site and lets you seamlessly host virtual or real-world events.

From an open mic to a rock band performance or a fund-raiser, you can add and manage any event. You can display calendars, list organizers, add widgets for upcoming events, and more. The plugin is also SEO and translation friendly, making it a complete package.

16. Store Hours Manager

If you have managed physical stores, you would know how tough it is to establish a sync between store hours and profitable business operations, and how exhausting keeping everyone on the same page, including your staff and your customers can get.

You can get rid of all that hassle when it comes to your website with this one plugin. Store Hours Manager, as the name suggests, lets you manage your operational hours with absolute ease. You can create your own custom schedules for daily operations.

Basically, this plugin enables/disables the WooCommerce checkout functionality to allow orders based on your schedule. You can customize daily schedules with multiple hourly time slots and breaks (closed for lunch, tea break, holiday special hours, etc.).

You can also turn off orders if you get one too many at a time and open it when you want, thereby cutting the load on your staff. Now how cool is that!

17. WP Store Locator

If you have a chain of restaurants and want your potential or existing customers to find their nearby outlets without any hassle, then this is the plugin for you. WP Store Locator, as the name suggests, allows visitors to filter locations and find the closest stores.

You can integrate a Google Map with all of your store locations to your site and leverage the benefits of location-based targeting. You can choose from multiple map markers, add store information, customize map terrain, enable zoom and geolocation-based features, and more.

18. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews is one among the top review plugins for WordPress. It offers a premium solution on an affordable budget. It enables users to add dynamic reviews and hence ensure a feature-rich experience.

With this plugin, you can select global options or change the settings for any individual post or page. You can choose the fields for customers to fill up or to display on the submitted reviews. If you wish, you can ask customers for detailed feedback using the space for additional custom fields on the review forms.

You can also moderate and manage reviews as desired. All in all, WP Customer Reviews plugin ensures a holistic experience on an affordable budget.

19. Five Star Restaurant Reviews

Review plugins are a must-have for restaurant websites as most potential customers rely on the experience of other customers before they decide to commit. Five Star Restaurant Reviews plugins is one of the best in the league.

Five Star Restaurant Reviews enables you to collect reviews in an SEO-friendly manner. This is done by ensuring that all reviews appear using the markup to help search engines. This helps integrate the reviews with your listing in actual search results.

20. WP Yelp Review Slider

If you are in the restaurant business, you must be aware with people’s obsession with Yelp Reviews. It is the gospel for many people who could be your existing or potential customers. This plugin can help you bring those reviews on your website.

All the hard work that you do for earning good reviews on Yelp can fructify on your restaurant website with WP Yelp Review Slider plugin. It can power you to earn user confidence and attract new customers with ease.

The slider can be customized as you can change the colour of the text bubble and border, or choose to display the name and date of the reviewer, and more. You can also control and manage the reviews that are displayed to your visitors. Basically, you can paint the picture the way you like.

21. WP Notification Bar

WP Notification Bar is an alerts and notifications plugin for WordPress. You can use this plugin to display messages and notifications in the header/footer of your website. It is perfect for promoting discounts and offers, daily specials, sending order reminders, and more.

It has 30,000+ active installations and is widely popular among websites that need to send push notifications to their customers. You can customize the notifications as per your requirement and target specific posts and pages.

You can also do segmentation based on visitor type (Example Google visitors, Facebook visitors, etc.) and serve the right content to your audience. The plugin also enables you to track the views and clicks on the messages.

If push notification is your go to marketing and promotional tool, you can definitely go for this plugin. Some alternates of WP Notification Bar include NotificationX, Gravitec, Easy Notification Bar, etc.

Wrapping up!  

These were some of the best restaurant plugins for WordPress websites. Pick the ones that suit you the best. Ensure the best experience for your customers and level up your restaurant business to new heights.

If you are looking for more information, you can also explore our other blogs. We write on a range of topics including website development and maintenance, mobile app development, mobile app marketing, and more.

You can also create your own restaurant mobile app with AppMySite. Experience app building at its best and let us know if you have any queries or doubts. You can also let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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