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Create a restaurant app and offer no-contact eMenu to your customers

Mobile apps are the new age marketplace for all kinds of businesses. Name a business, product, service, industry or niche, and there are likely a dozen of apps for the same.

However, despite millions of apps already active on the app stores, there is ample demand and need for more. This rise in demand for creating new apps and converting websites to apps is being met by DIY mobile app builders available online.

The significance of on-demand, food-delivery and other service based mobile apps has increased further in the pandemic-stricken world, where people are cautious about going out in the public and interacting with others. Today, consumers want everything to be available at their fingertips.

So, if you own a restaurant app, you must leverage this trend and create an app for your customers. Stay tuned to know more about building apps for no-contact orders, digital menus, effortless payments, and more.

No contact ordering and payments is the new normal

COVID-19 has affected almost every industry around the world. However, the food and entertainment industry has observed some peculiar and never seen trends in the pandemic affected world.

As people are home-bound, and skeptical about going out in the public and interacting with others, websites, mobile apps and other digital tools and services have become more significant overtime.

For instance, many top QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) apps including McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut registered a huge number of first time users on their platform in the year 2020. There was also a rise in orders placed through websites, apps and other digital medium.

Clearly, digital solutions are the new normal and many restaurant and food-based businesses have already introduced contactless dining solutions that allow customers to scan a QR code to scroll through the menu and place orders with their phone.

Comfort food has attained an all new definition in 2021 and now it less about the food that you are having and more about the convenience while having it. So, you can also offer the convenience of online ordering, no contact-payments, etc., to your customers and make every dish, a comfort food for them.

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Top trending features that you can incorporate in your app

Why limit yourself to just offering QR codes and digital tools for ordering and payment when you can offer much more to your customers by building a full-fledged feature rich app on an optimal budget?

You can build a dynamic mobile app and integrate the following features to keep up with the trends and demands of your customers:

#1: Easy on-boarding for quick access

Offer an app that allows customers to get on-board within seconds. The app should enable users to create an account using their email or social media accounts. You can also enable guest browsing and checkout for users who do not want to go through the sign up process.

Keep in mind that most users abandon an app after a few minutes due to poor onboarding experience and below average UI & UX. Avoid losing potential customers by designing an awesome app with an intriguing theme, aesthetic screens, and more.

#2: Digital menus for in-house customers

Do not just design the app keeping the online orders in mind. You can also consider designing menus for your in-house customers and guests as digital menus are the new craze.

Customize the menu, layout, description, etc., to suit your restaurant, website, and overall theme of the brand. Design creative banners and home screen to endorse latest offers and deals for your customers and increase the sales.

#3: No-contact checkout and payments

Add easy sorting, filtering, cart, and checkout features to the app and make the end to end experience of your customers smooth and frictionless. Make their checkout easy and effortless and also enable your users to claim rewards, add discounts, redeem coupons, and more.

Moreover, integrate multiple payment gateways into the app to facilitate easy and limitless transactions. Keep your website and app payment gateways consistent to avoid confusing your customers.

#4: Easy review, rating, and feedback collection

Collect reviews, ratings and feedback for your dishes, services, and the overall experience. Also inspire your app users to drop ratings and reviews on the app stores to give a boost to your ranking and visibility.

Additionally, you can add these ratings and reviews as testimonials to build brand authenticity and social proof. You can also add a share button and encourage app users to become your brand ambassadors and share the app in their circle.

#5: Effortless communication and marketing

Ensure that the app you build also supports your marketing and communication endeavors. For instance, you must be able to integrate your social media channels to the app and also add and schedule push notifications and blogs for your app users. This will enable you to share regular updates, announcements, etc., and boost the communication between you and your customers.

Additionally, you can also get an app with in-app monetizing and advertisement feature to make an extra profit by showing relevant ads to your users.

Integrating these trending features will ensure that your app incorporates all that your users may need or demand. It will also offer absolute convenience and ease of use to your customers. A dynamic and feature-rich app will also amplify your chances of success and profits and give a boost to your conversions and growth by making the business easier for you.

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How to create a trendy app for your restaurant business

app for your restaurant business

Now that you have stayed with us, it might have become evident to you that mobile apps are the ultimate tool of success in this day and age. Especially in the restaurant and food-ordering business, apps are the go-to solution for all.

You can create a trendy app for your restaurant business without writing a single line of code and without burning a hole in your pocket. All you have to do is sign up for AppMySite free app maker and get started.

Build, customize and test your apps on the app builder itself. You can go ahead to pay for the apps and publish them only when you are completely satisfied.

You can manage all the settings related to various aspects and sections of the app on the app builder itself, and offer the mobile experience to your customers without going through a strenuous process.

Additionally, you can also integrate marketing, communication and monetization features like Social Media integration, integration of Push Notifications, App Monetization, and more. In a nutshell, AppMySite offers everything that you need to excel in the current app-friendly market.

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Over to you!

That was all from our end today! Now that we have done our bit and given you some quick insights about creating restaurant apps, it is now your turn to go ahead and turn your dream into a reality.

Create your own app with AppMySite’s restaurant app builder and offer ease and convenience to your customers. Enable no-contact ordering and effortless payments and amplify your engagements.

You can also go through the other blogs by AppMySite and learn all about code-free and affordable app development. Stay tuned to this space for regular updates and tap into the mCommerce industry like a pro!

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