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Choosing the best platform for creating your WooCommerce native app

Entrepreneurs are not expected to know how the development of mobile application works. As an owner of a business, you are only expected to know the trend of the market and how to grow your business. Having said that, it is important for every business owner to open up to all options available and go with the best one.

The best method of building a mobile application will depend on the timeline, the budget and model around which your business evolves. While some businesses are looking to create WooCommerce Android app, there are some businesses that only want to go with iOS apps for their business.

The world is moving towards m-commerce and experiencing a significant increase in their revenue just by building an app. Owning to the popularity of the apps, there is no reason for you to be stuck with a wrong platform of developing an app that can make your business or break it.

Let’s talk about the different platforms that you can go with to build an app:

1. Build an app yourself

Simply put, you can take up the DIY challenge and build an app for your business yourself. To initiate the process of developing an app, you will have to take up an online course or training from an experienced app developer to acquire programming knowledge.

The intensity of the training will depend on how complex the structure of your app will be. It is quite possible that you will have to keep yourself updated with the language, keeping in mind technology advancements.

Mostly, businesses with an extremely low budget and a lot of time in hand go with this option to save some money. Seldom do business owners app with building an app all by themselves, considering the time it takes to learn the basic skill set and come with a full-blown app.

It is certainly not easy to learn how to make an app in a few months and deliver one that impresses the customers. While you may believe that you have mastered the art of building an app, the outcome may not be as great as you expected. Even after putting months of hard work, your app may not look very professional.

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It is always better to channelize energy into driving more business through your core skills than investing time in something which may not be as fruitful as you though it would be.

2. Hire an app development company

This is probably the best option to go with if you have excessive funds and very limited time. Successful companies that have allocated a big portion of their budget to the development of their app mostly go with hiring an app development company.

This is the easiest way to build an app, all you need to do is let your account manager what you are looking for and share ideas of how your app should look like. Your feedback will be enough for the team to get going.

The company you hire will keep working on your app until your completely satisfied with the outcome and hand over the rights of your app as soon as you have made the payment.

The only catch is that both small and medium-sized businesses can’t imagine getting an app build through this platform, for the enormous budget needed to build a mobile app. Sometimes, it can shake your entire yearly budget and leave you with no fund to manage the business.

Capitalizing a big budget on the development of your app will not be the end. There will always be some changes that you will want to make to your app for which you will bear a heavy maintenance cost. Additionally, you will always be dependent on the development company to make changes to your app.

It is rare for small scale businesses to take up this platform, considering the kind of capital cost and on-going cost it involves.

3. Sign up for an app builder

Mobile app builders have been gaining popularity all over the world for more than a year now and have become the talk of the town among small scale business and freelance website developers too.

You can find a lot of platforms that allow you to create a mobile app without coding. AppMySite for instance enables you to make an app with any website.

Developing an app for you business through online app developers is very affordable and takes as less as 1 week to get an app that performs perfectly. With many options available in the market, it is important to go with the one that offers a WooCommerce native app.

The best part of building an app through this platform is that you can create an app without needing an coding skills. Businesses that run on a retail model can enjoy complete features of an m-commerce that includes multiple payment gateways, category filters, search filter, advanced cart features and more.

AppMySite is rare mobile app builder that offer native app development which means that your app will be built from scratch. Additionally, the apps built through AppMySite are utilise the complete efficiency of the device, helping in better performance of the app. This way, you app will work faster and load products than web view and hybrid apps.

While building an app can be a challenge for any business, AppMySite promises to smoothen the journey of all business owners who are looking to instantly convert websites into apps.

To get started, you can simply sign up on AppMySite and start your app development journey.

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