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Convert WooCommerce to mobile app to reconnect with customers

If you’re an online seller and wish to engage and retain customers to sustain and grow your business, then building an app is a good solution for you.

Mobile apps offer various opportunities to businesses to engage customers and reconnect with them. Native apps have versatile features that effectively assist in sales and marketing activities.

Reconnecting with old customers is essential because they are more likely to purchase more than new customers, and it is even cost-effective to re-market to existing customers.

If you have an existing Woocommerce e-store, then you can build a Native mobile app for iOS and Android for your store, so that your existing customers have another, more personalised and accessible, platform on which they can connect with you.

A native app not only makes it easier for users to connect with you, but it also assists in making it easy for you to communicate with your customers.

Reconnecting with your customers is essential to ensure that they remember you and return to you to purchase more. Such activities cost less than attracting new customers.

The quick and pocket-friendly WooCommerce app builder from AppMySite can help you convert Woocommerce to mobile app easily.

Here are a few ways in which a native app built with AppMySite can help you reconnect with and retain your customers.

1. Stay connected for a longer time

Apps, when installed on a mobile device of a user, is generally used for a long time. To ensure that a customer repeatedly visits an app, one can ensure that their product or service requires repetitive consumption for which the customers will visit the app again and again.

As apps can be opened by tapping on app icons on mobile devices, it is easier for users to use apps over websites, which require opening a web browser and then opening the website.

Besides easy access, Apps have better user interface on mobile phones than a website opened on a mobile device. Easy navigations features of apps enable users to browse for longer periods of time.

A customer committing to download and install an app mostly commits to using the app for a long time before uninstalling it. However, this factor is affected by the quality of an app, therefore one should use a high-quality mobile builder for Woocommerce websites. Deliver value to keep customers engaged and committed to your platform.

2. Market easily with native apps

Native apps built for Android and iOS use features of mobile devices to improve the user experience of customers. Therefore, if you plan to get an app, convert Woocommerce to mobile app that is native to the operating systems preferred by your customers.

Some useful features of native apps are push notifications, integrations with navigation maps, geo-targeting, access to camera to set profile picture, access to microphone to enable audio search, and more. You can even show users what people from their contact list are doing on your app. Such features make apps preferable over mobile websites, and they even help in communicating with customers easily.

A Woocommerce e-store website can be converted into a native app with the help of online app creators like AppMySite. Whether it’s grocery shopping app development or creating a content app, AppMySite is the best way to build shopping apps in minutes

3. Add fresh content or products

One important aspect of customer retention is to offer fresh material. You have to keep publishing new articles and blogs and keep adding new products to the store to ensure that customers find value in returning to your e-store. Strive to stay trendy!

If your online store attracts customers frequently, then your app will have more chances of getting popular. This will not only help you reconnect with existing customers, but will also help in attracting new customers. Make your product screens and blogs shareable, so that more and more people become aware of your offerings. One or two good viral content pieces are all you need to make an impact in the market.

Apps help in easy sharing of content from your platform to various social media platforms and messengers. Easy access to apps and the notification feature of native apps can be used to inform customers about product and content updates, so that they are attracted back to the app to consume more.

4. Get customer feedback and data

Apps have features that help in easily collecting customer feedback. Customers can rate and comment on your products and blogs. This helps in connecting with your customers by understanding their viewpoint.

Apps also help collect data about the categories or products preferred by customers. Businesses can create a flow chart to understand the kind of products users browse through and the order in which they go from one screen to another. This helps managers and app developers to optimise the platform and business offerings. If you pay attention to customers, you will gain valuable knowledge of existing growth opportunities.

Collection of feedback and understanding of customer data is a great way to reconnect with customers. Customers feel appreciated when you address their concerns. It’s important to pay attention to what customers want and give them that, so that all the marketing and merchandising efforts reap the expected results.


The above four ways give an overview of the ways in which a native app can help a business to reconnect with their customers.

Users tend to keep an app on their mobile device for a long time, enabling businesses to attract users back to the app, time and again, through notifications and offers.

Various features of native apps helps in carrying out easy and cost effective marketing activities, which help in reconnecting with customers. Many other features of native apps also help engage customers.

One important aspect of customer engagement and retention is publishing fresh content regularly and offering new products in every season, so that customers are interested in returning again and again.

Last but not the least, collecting customer feedback and data through apps help in optimising platforms and business offerings, which helps in retaining customers and building customer loyalty.

You can turn website into app by using services of professional development companies like AppMySite.

One great thing about AppMySite is that they can develop and deliver a tested app for a Woocommerce website within a couple of weeks. It is a cost-effective app building solution—cheaper than DYI app makers. Send a Query to build an app for your Woocommerce website.

You can easily turn your e-store on Woocommerce to Android app or iOS app, with AppMySite.

All you have do do it send them your e-store’s URL and your brand’s logo and art work. They will use that information to create a ready-to-publish app.

Create a native app with Woocommerce app builder on AppMySite and connect with your customers. This helps you to create a community of loyal customers who prefer availing your services or buying your products repeatedly.

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