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DIY WooCommerce apps made simple with AppMySite

If you’ve always wanted to convert your WooCommerce store to a mobile app, AppMySite is the perfect DIY solution for you. It allows you to build a mobile app that’s powered by your WooCommerce store.

The best part is that you don’t even have to know programming or have a background in technology to do this. AppMySite is designed to allow you to build an app with simple point-and-click features and options.

The app you build is further powered by essential and premium ecommerce features that make user experience seamless as well.

In this article, we’ll briefly go over the process of creating a mobile app without coding on AppMySite, and the key features that will power it.

Build a WooCommerce app in three simple steps

Creating a WooCommerce app doesn’t have to be complicated. With AppMySite, you can be up and running with three simple steps.

The following sections cover each step in detail.

#1: Connect your WooCommerce store and app

AppMySite offers deep integration with WooCommerce. This means your store’s products, details, and other data will be synced to the native interface of your app.

The process of connecting your store and app is simple and straightforward. Install and activate the AppMySite plugin on your WooCommerce store.

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll be required to grant access via WordPress application passwords. This will fully connect your store and app and ensure your site’s data is synced to the native app interface.

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This will establish a deep integration between your app and your WooCommerce store.

#2: Design your WooCommerce app

The next step is designing your WooCommerce app. There are plenty of assets you can customize within the Appearance module.  

The following points highlight the app elements, screens, and assets you can customize:

  • App icon: Every app starts with an app icon. You can upload your own artwork or choose to design an icon with AppMySite’s existing design features.
  • Launch screen: Welcome users with a custom-designed launch screen. Upload your own background and icon or use the options available within the platform.
  • Login & sign-up: Design your app’s onboarding screens – sign up, log in, and the forgot password screen.
  • Color theme: Design your app’s color theme. This will affect how your app’s native screens will appear.
  • Home screen: Choose from multiple options to design your home screen. Design banners and sections, manage section arrangement and visibility, select pages, enable webviews, and more.
  • Bottom bar: Add a bottom navigation bar to your app. Add items, select an icon, and choose a destination for each item. You can also style the bottom menu and make sure it looks sleek and accessible.
  • Menu: Create a side menu for your app from scratch. Point and click to add items, select an icon for each, and choose destinations for each of them. You can preview how the menu looks on the live screen.

#3: Publish the app to the app stores

When your app is ready, you can preview it on live emulators. AppMySite has a special Preview module that contains two emulators– one for Android and another for iOS. For each of these platforms, you can choose a device of your choice and start previewing your app.

If you find issues with your design or settings, you can go back and make the changes needed. The emulators will instantly reflect any changes you make.

However, device emulators may not be enough to test your app properly. You can also test your app on real devices via the AppMySite demo app (for Android) and TestFlight (for iOS).

Premium features for your WooCommerce app

Your WooCommerce app can be powered by premium features that improve the overall experience of your app users.

In the following sections, we’ll briefly cover some top features you can supercharge your WooCommerce app with.

#1: White label your mobile app

AppMySite enables you to fully white-label the mobile app you build. With the right plan, you can make sure your app only contains your branding, and not AppMySite’s.

By default, your app would display the AppMySite logo. You can white label your app by simply upgrading to a subscription plan that includes the white label solution.

#2: WooCommerce to app sync

AppMySite is designed to synchronize all your WooCommerce store’s products, details, and other data to the app. Any time you add, delete or edit products on the store, your app will reflect the changes instantly and automatically.

#3: Universal payment support

Your WooCommerce payment gateway will automatically be rendered in the app. When app customers proceed to checkout, they would be able to see your website’s payment gateway rendered in the app.

There’s no need to take any additional steps to integrate your website’s payment gateway to the app. Once your website and app are connected, your customers will be able to see the various payment options automatically.

#4: Universal shipping support

Many website owners use third-party shipping solutions on their WooCommerce websites. AppMySite will be able to support any shipping method active on your online store. With universal shipping support, you can ensure all your shipping methods are synced directly with your app.

#5: Simplified product discovery

You can enable product search, filter, and sort in your app and make it easy for your customers to discover products within the app. These options are available within your AppMySite account and can be enabled with a simple click.

With enhanced product discovery, you can retain app customers more easily and make user journeys effortless.

#6: Chat integration

AppMySite allows you to connect your website’s chat software to AppMySite. This feature allows you to enable customer chat in your app and directly speak to your users.

Most major ecommerce brands offer chat support to make sure customers can speak to the support team in case any discrepancies arise with their order. There are direct options available to integrate popular chat software like LiveChat, Intercom, and more. If you don’t find your chat software, you can always just paste your chat software’s script.

In conclusion

Developing a WooCommerce app may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Tools like AppMySite allow you to create an app effortlessly and keep it connected to your online store. This way, you can easily manage the products that appear in your app via your WooCommerce website.

This article highlights the basics of creating a WooCommerce mobile app. There are various features that you can power your app with and help you build a reach more customers.

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