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Five reasons you should choose managed WordPress hosting for your website

WordPress is the most popular website CMS in the world. Over a third of the websites in the world are built using the same.

This widespread dominance of the CMS naturally has its reasons. WordPress is easy to set up and use. It has a vast plugin library that enables users to introduce features and functions without coding. Users can even access an enormous market of website themes to build a beautiful platform for their business.

All these great advantages don’t mention one glaring challenge – the performance conundrum.

WordPress may be ubiquitous, but great performance is not. Even a great website CMS cannot guarantee great performance and speed.

There are many factors that govern website performance. One could probably write a whole book discussing every factor that affects website speed.

Let’s discuss the most important factor affecting website speed – web hosting.

Businesses make compromises all the time. This is most evident when they purchase hosting for their WordPress website.

A compromise on website hosting is essentially a compromise on performance and speed. You cannot unshackle your website to reach its true potential by burdening it with an inadequate shared hosting plan.

You need reliable and blazing fast website speeds.

To put it succinctly, you need managed WordPress hosting.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a service web hosts provide specially for WordPress websites.

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is very popular. Web hosts specifically create specialized hosting services designed only for WordPress users. These services enable users to set aside the problems of managing their hosting plan and simply focus on growing their business.

WordPress hosting plans differ from shared hosting packages on many levels. One can get shared hosting plans for as little or even lower than $3/month. The same is not true for WordPress hosting which is much more expensive.

Why should you choose WordPress hosting?

So WordPress hosts are more expensive than shared web hosting partners. And yet, many top websites lean on managed WordPress hosting.

Why is WordPress hosting good enough to make businesses ignore their price tag?

This piece discusses five key reasons you should choose managed WordPress hosting despite the higher price tag.

Reason #1 – Meeting your need for speed

Not every website in the world can deliver fast website experience consistently without failure.


Most websites compromise and select shared web hosting packages. This inadvertently leads to inconsistent website speed. A shared hosting plan will not get you a dedicated hosting environment designed to meet every need of your WordPress website.

Managed WordPress hosting is different. Businesses can host their WordPress website in a reliable environment designed to specifically cater to their needs. Most important, WordPress hosts can promise blazing fast speeds that shared hosts cannot.

This simple reason is the use of dedicated servers for handling WordPress websites. Since these servers are configured to the special needs of WordPress environments, the website speed is naturally high.

Reason #2 – Thwarting malicious parties

Security may not seem like a big factor to someone at the beginning of their WordPress journey. However, one encounter with a malicious hacker can change this perception.

Managed WordPress hosts understand the security threats WordPress websites face through different entry points. This is why they design a hosting environment which takes special measures to thwart malicious black hats.

WordPress hosts follow very strict security protocols and carry out routine checks to thwart and dissuade any type of hacking attempt.

They even stop WordPress users from downloading unknown plugins and themes, a major cause of cyberattacks.

Reason #3 – Automatic website backups and updates

One big drawback of generic hosting is website management. Businesses have to hire WordPress developers to specially manage their websites and perform important tasks like website backups.

Dedicated WordPress hosts essentially let businesses grow their traffic and visibility without worrying about website management. This includes automatic website backups and updates.

Many companies don’t have the resources and time to worry about website management. Their sole focus is on growing website traffic.

Selecting managed WordPress hosting is thus a great option in case you don’t want to worry about tasks like backups and updates.

Reason #4 – Zero downtime

One thing you’d notice when looking over shared hosting plans is the uptime. Most hosting companies claim to offer 99.9% uptime. This basically means the host would respond to a client request 99.9% of the time.

The strange part is most hosts quote the same uptime. Very few engage in one-upmanship and claim 100% uptime.

This hesitation to claim 100% uptime is more suggestive than many choose to believe. The web host is basically claiming it cannot guarantee zero downtime. This should make customers question the validity of the 99.9% uptime guarantee as well.

Managed WordPress hosts don’t have any such problems. They can indeed guarantee zero downtime because their services are specially designed to handle WordPress. The main reason shared hosts crash from time to time is because they have to cater to multiple environments.

A website getting high traffic cannot afford downtime. It can lead to serious loss in traffic and revenue. It is thus wise for WordPress websites at least to choose managed WordPress hosting.

Reason #5 – Real guidance and insights

Regular fast food is cheap and effective, but not very rewarding in terms of pure experience. Fine dining is not just about food. It is also about the overall experience.

This is a good way to think about regular hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosts guide users through the process of setting up their website. The service in other words doesn’t end once the purchase is complete and the hosting space is allotted.

Users also stand to gain guidance on development and content-related matters. Prominent web hosts like WP Engine are known to provide the same.

Setting up a new WordPress website can be exhausting. It thus makes sense to invest in managed WordPress hosting and simplify the process of setting up a website.

WP Engine – Managing powerful WordPress experiences

WP Engine is the best managed WordPress hosting provider in the world. Over 90K clients across 140 countries trust WP Engine to host their WordPress websites.


One advantage businesses get right off the bat with WP Engine is speed. It is peerless when it comes to delivering seamless WordPress experiences that consistently outperform industry standards.

You can click here to start hosting your WordPress website on WP Engine.

Why do we recommend WP Engine? Here are some features that have shaped our decision-

  • Security – WordPress users can be forgiven for discounting cyber security as a concern. And yet, it is a reality. WP Engine manages security threats through practices like vulnerability scanning, threat detection, two-factor authentication, and more.
  • Faster development – WP Engine makes it easy for users to quickly set up their websites with important guidance at every step of the way.
  • Easy management – It is very easy to manage a WordPress website hosted on WP Engine. Users can focus on growing their website and not worry about updates and hosting issues.
  • Insights – WP Engine provides insights on the performance of the website and suggestions to improve the same. It even provides content creators data on the best-performing content on the website.

In conclusion

Selecting the right web host is always a challenge. This is especially true when you’re looking for a hosting partner worth the capital you’re ready to invest.

This piece provides a complete breakdown of the five reasons you should choose managed WordPress hosting. Readers should do their own research on managed WordPress hosts before settling down on one.

Our recommendation is WP Engine. We’ve listed out the reasons why we’re suggesting WP Engine. Try it for yourself before making a choice as WP Engine also offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

WordPress helps you build a website easily. Create an app with AppMySite’s free app maker and go live on the app stores in no time. Development is thus not a great challenge anymore. Performance is the next frontier and this piece offers important guidance on the same.

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