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How online stores and businesses can benefit from push notifications

In today’s volatile and disruptive business environment, it is essential to deploy new-age tools and strategies to stay agile. The advent of digital processes and technologies in the business world has pretty much re-written almost every conventional rule there is. Today, online stores and businesses are thriving alongside brick and mortar stores and using modern technologies to their maximum potential. The humble mobile application, for instance, is being used to engage customers and sustain business growth. Let’s take a look at how existing stores and retail websites can use a mobile app builder for woocommerce and benefit from Push notifications​.

1. Increase User Interactions

Push notifications have shown to help retain users and shoppers. Since they are able to immediately attract and retain user attention, push notifications are being used by several kinds of apps to improve user interaction. For instance, online stores and retailers are making the most of push notifications to rollout latest offers to their customers. Additionally, by serving as a direct, trusted, and authentic source of information, mobile apps remove gatekeepers of information and interact directly with their end-users.

2. Re-Engage Inactive Users

In addition to increasing user interaction by improving retention of existing app users, push notifications can help re-engage users that have reduced their interaction with the app or have stopped using it altogether. While using attractive ‘welcome-back’ promotions and discounts is a common practice in the retail industry, push notifications help in communicating this message directly and instantly to end-users and shoppers. A variety of apps (like shopping, news, health, games, and instant messaging) use push notifications to reach out to inactive users and re-engage them.

3. Track User Behaviour

If done right, push notifications can help app owners and online retailers learn valuable insights on user behaviour. An analytic tracking and reporting system can help determine which messages elicit the maximum response, at which time the interaction is the highest, and which device owners are most likely to respond to promotions. Using an expert mobile app builder for woocommerce to create a native application, businesses can track the delivery, opening, and engagement of the push notifications, app owners can bolster their products, services, and marketing.

4. Target Relevant Users

Push notifications can also be sent to users and shoppers based on geographical locations, demographics, or order history. This is done in order to target users with relevant information, promotions, and offers. Not only does this increase the chances of a customer interacting with the app and redeeming an offer or voucher, but also improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. App owners can make the most of user insights obtained using push notifications and effectively personalise communications and promotions for relevant audiences.

Push notifications have created a new channel of user engagement and interaction. This has forced traditional marketing and communication strategies to innovate accordingly and engage app users with timely reminders and prompts in the form of push notifications. If you manage an online store, a native mobile application can help you effectively engage your customers and reach more shoppers. AppMySite is an easy-to-use mobile app builder for woocommerce that can help you create a native, feature-rich, and secure mobile app for your existing WooCommerce website. Do get in touch with us to know more about how your online business can benefit from a powerful and engaging mobile application.

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