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How to create an app like YouTube? 

Fast streaming technologies have become more accessible, convenient, and mainstream. This has made platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion highly popular. However, YouTube stands out in this league and emerges as the benchmark for all other app developers and business owners.

YouTube is the most popular multimedia distribution service on the internet. It simplifies uploading and streaming video content like never before. Many entrepreneurs are leveraging the platforms’ popularity by developing an app like YouTube, of their own.

While there are many advantages to creating an app like YouTube, it requires significant consideration. From complex programming to intricate features the video streaming platform incorporates a myriad of things.If building an app like YouTube has been on your bucket list, you have landed at the right place. In our series where we talk about building different types of apps, today we have decided to cover YouTube. Stay tuned and explore the easiest guide to accomplish your app development goal.

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  1. Benefits of making an app like YouTube
  2. Key features to build an app like YouTube
  3. How to build an app like YouTube in 2024?
  4. How to develop white-label video streaming apps?

Benefits of making an app like YouTube

Graph on YouTube popularity and statistics


YouTube is the second most popular social media platform in the world. This fact alone is enough to give you a perspective of its reach and scale. It shows the demand for such platforms and apps that allow users to tell audio-visual stories and connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

The YouTube database has over 2.7 billion accounts, with new ones being added each day. The platform has 868.4 million active users, and the number is expected to reach 1 billion by the year 2026. Above all, the platform earned around 31 billion US dollars in revenue in the year 2023. It accounted for approximately 10.25 percent of Google’s total revenue.

It is also a great monetization tool as platforms like YouTube attract advertisers and marketers from all over the world. It is among their top choice of platforms that ensure high ROI (Return on Investment) and engagement.

Evidently, a platform like YouTube has immense potential in terms of popularity, engagement, and revenue. Here are some of the notable benefits of making your own app like YouTube:

  • Decentralized platform: Creating your own video streaming platform gives you autonomy and reduces your dependency on third-party platforms. This allows you to play by your own rules and go for full customization based on your desired goals and vision.
  • High Google visibility: Creating high-quality content on your website and sharing videos on platforms like YouTube can increase your business’s online potential and improve Google search engine rankings.
  • Heavy traffic: YouTube’s daily growth of 5 billion videos makes it a great place for businesses to reach potential customers by promoting products on others’ videos. A similar app can bring a chunk of that traffic to your platform. This traffic can be easily monetized and used for engagement and earnings.
  • High conversion: Video content is more powerful than images, evoking emotions and transforming a message from static to dynamic. It brings businesses to life, builds trust, and increases conversion rates by huge margins.
  • Multiple video formats: Like YouTube, your app can offer multiple video formats for content streaming and ads (For example: Shorts, Long form Videos, Premium Ad-free Videos, and so on). This allows you and your stakeholders to tell your story in multiple ways and attract the right audience.
  • Access to infinite data: An app like YouTube offers significant advantages. It gives you access to powerful user data and behavior insights. You can use this data for marketing and business purposes. For example, you can create an email list by adding sign-up forms to your app and allowing viewers to subscribe while they enjoy quality content.

Key features to build an app like YouTube

From voice-based search to live captioning, time stamps, subtitles/closed captions, social sharing, and much more, YouTube offers a ton of features to its users. These features enhance the video streaming and viewing experience and make the platform worth its weight.

If you’re an entrepreneur planning to build an app like YouTube for a video streaming service, you might want to focus on such features that have made YouTube the market leader. Let’s explore some of those key features and get better insights:

  • Easy registration, sign up & login (including login via Email, Google, etc.)
  • Social/Creator profile creation and management
  • Option to subscribe for premium and ad-free content
  • Subscription, billing, payment, and monetization support
  • Smart search for finding relevant content and channels
  • Support for creating channels and playlists
  • Support for uploading and sharing short-form and long-form videos
  • Live stream of events and videos with user interaction support
  • Options to like, comment, share, and subscribe to content
  • Support for viewing content in multiple formats and resolutions
  • Voice and viewing control options and buttons
  • Support to download and save content for viewing later
  • Customized content recommendations and feed based on data
  • Exploring relevant and trending content
  • Mentioning and tagging other users
  • Managing followers and collecting data
  • Real-time notifications and updates
  • In-app advertisement and targeted ads support
  • Multilingual & localization support

These are some of the features that make YouTube what it is. However, it is not necessary for you to completely clone the YouTube app and incorporate every feature present on it. If you have a unique idea, tailor your list of features according to it and add what is convenient for your business goals, app type, targeted audience, and so on. 

How to build an app like YouTube in 2024?

The first thing that comes to mind while building an app like YouTube is where to start. The following are some popular methods of app development that will help you to make an app like YouTube of your own: 

Research and Planning

Everything begins with a plan. Thus, it is essential to consider each step of developing an app like YouTube before moving on to the actual development stage. Think about how you can monetize it and what features to incorporate based on the audience you are targeting. 

Conducting research in the initial steps helps analyze issues, research competitors, and create an optimized solution that is truly ready and suitable for the targeted market. This research will aid you in creating a successful app like YouTube and help you make the most of the opportunities.

For instance, you can assess your own strengths and weaknesses and study your competitors alongside. You can also conduct a detailed study on YouTube’s business, operation, and revenue model. This will give you a robust head start and propel your efforts in the right direction.

YouTube business and monetization model


Prototype and Designing

After planning and research you can take the following steps for perfecting the UI/UX and overall design aspect of your app:

  1. Create an outline of the features that you want to incorporate into your app.
  2. Start developing your app’s wireframe, mockups, and prototype.
  3. Use a mobile app design tool like Sketch or Figma to create the visual design of your app.

An alternate option is to create a minimum viable product that can be quickly distributed for user testing. This will allow you to obtain valuable input from the people who will have the biggest impact on your app’s success.

Development and Deployment

Next comes the most critical step in the process of app development. However, the exact steps will depend on multiple factors like your app development goals, preferred methodologies, availability of talent and tech stack, and so on.

If you cannot code the app yourself, here are the different paths to app development that you can explore:

1: AppMySite’s no-code mobile app builder

Adopting no-code app development is a quick and easy way to overcome budget, time, and resource constraints. It is appropriate for both developers and beginners. For example, AppMySite’s no-code video streaming and OTT app builder make it super easy to create an app like YouTube without any coding or extensive technical effort.

Here, you can build your app in a fully DIY (Do-It-Yourself) environment. From design to development and deployment, everything can be handled under one roof single-handedly. Else, you can create a full-blown workspace and also invite your teammates to collaborate and work on your app projects.

You can subscribe to this wholesome solution and turn any idea into an app in minutes. If you already have a streaming website, you can easily convert it into an app. Else, build everything from the ground up, populate content, integrate artwork and features of your choice, and go live on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

2: Low-code app development platforms

Low-code development platforms are yet another popular mode of building apps. Companies are increasingly using such tools to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. This is particularly attractive for organizations operating in a competitive environment where speed and productivity are of utmost importance.

While low-code solutions still require some coding and come with a learning curve, they are easier than custom app development frameworks. You can look for low-code platforms that provide visual interface builders with drag-and-drop functionality and model-driven logic.

Developers and non-developers should also be allowed to create complex applications without writing extensive code. Moreover, the platform should ensure speed, performance, customization, and feasibility for all kinds of businesses and suit their app development goals. Alternatively, you can always utilize no-code solutions that are more seamless and faster.

3: App development agencies or professionals

Custom app development is still a popular method for creating an app using relevant frameworks and tools. However, this requires extensive knowledge of programming languages and experience with technical development software.

If you lack programming and coding skills, consider hiring external developers or agencies to create your app for you. Hire companies or experts that ensure reasonable prices, on-time delivery, and ongoing support. Transparency and openness to suggestions should be given preference to ensure a smooth development process and delivery.

Remember, this approach can be expensive and slow, so expect potential setbacks and delays. Alternatively, you can use no-code or low-code app builders to streamline the development process, control your project, and reduce time, cost, and effort. If you need elaborate guidance on all the methods of creating an app, you can refer to our guide suggested below:

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How to develop white-label video streaming apps?

White-label app development is a popular method for creating or reselling video-sharing apps and app development solutions to other businesses. This method eliminates the need to assemble the entire app development architecture and create solutions from scratch.

Such solutions enable you to sell mobile apps and ready-to-use mobile app development services under your brand name. Whether you want to create white-label apps for your customers or extend app development services under your brand name, this is a bankable approach that allows you to start selling immediately.

For instance, AppMySite is a no-code white-label app builder that empowers you to start your own video streaming app development company. All you have to do is subscribe to the solution and set up your agency on the platform. Just a few steps, and you can go from an idea to a full-fledged business in the blink of an eye.

Build your own white-label app development ecosystem and resell the no-code app builder solution to customers. Customize the platform with your own logos, colors, domain names, and support addresses. Invite colleagues and clients to your reseller dashboard, collaborate on app projects, and enable high-performing Android and iOS app development projects.

Wrapping up

Crafting a YouTube-like app can be beneficial with the right plan and development approach. Start by researching existing video platforms and getting inspiration from the best ones. Committing to extensive research and an effective plan from the start will help you achieve your goal without any hurdles.

If you are looking for a fast, reliable, and affordable solution then try AppMySite’s app builder for free. Here, you can create all kinds of apps in minutes without any coding. Create social media apps like Instagram or start your own video streaming service The choice is yours, and the process is straightforward and efficient. Realize your app development goals now!

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