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How to make your WordPress website more Gen Z friendly

Millennials are ready to pass on the baton and Generation Z is the new economic power class and the new force in the market to reckon with.

Generation Z, colloquially also known as Zoomers, is the group of people succeeding Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha.

This includes people born between mid-90’s and early 2010’s, thus adhering to the current age group of 10 to 25 years.

In terms of careers, most of the people from this age range are either pursuing education or entering the workforce.

In relation to personal and social lives, they are highly active on dating platforms, social media, matrimonial platforms, and more.

In fact, this is the generation that was born and brought in the midst of technology and is more inclined towards it than the millennials.

Gadgets, high-tech accessories, fast internet, etc., are more like a necessity to them rather than being a luxury.

Clearly, it is one of the fastest growing lot of potential customers for almost every realm and industry. In fact, in the year 2020, Gen Z accounted for 40% of all consumers. (Refer to the blog below for details).

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Therefore, any online business owner must treat this generation as a priority and keep them at the core of their business decisions, sales strategies, marketing endeavors, and more.

This also goes for the WordPress website owners. So, continue reading and find out how you can make your website more Gen Z friendly and keep your business trending over the years.

1: Be as mobile friendly as you can

Mobile phones, gadgets, portable devices, and apps that power all these, are an indispensable part of every Zoomer’s life. In fact, their mobile phones mean the world to some of them.

So, making your WordPress website mobile friendly is of acute importance if you want to appeal to this generation.

Optimize your website and its content and media to make them adaptable across all kinds of screens, devices, operating systems, and other such variations.

In fact, you must take a step further and create an app for your website. Do not worry, you can do it within minutes with a free online WordPress app builder available online.

Create Android and iOS apps and add the links to the apps on your website’s landing page. This will give your interested visitors a medium to stay connected with you anytime, anywhere.

It will make your business go ‘truly mobile’ and prevent your potential young customers from migrating to more mobile-centric customers.

2: Choose clutter free themes & designs

From rose gold phone cases to pastel pink website headers, every thing around us was being developed keeping the “Millennial Pink” or Rose Quartz trend in mind.

However, ever since the post-millennials have taken charge, brands have started switching.

“Gen Z aesthetic” is the new thing and businesses are now rapidly adapting and conforming to this idea.

Interestingly, “yellow & green” are being pitched as the colors of this generation and “no rules” is apparently the new rule for aesthetics.

The generation is highly vocal and opinionated on various issues and breaking the “symmetry”, “conventional patterns”, “set rules”, “gender-based attributions”, etc., is the new trend.

Some designers have also used the term “intentionally ugly” while describing the aesthetic trends and choices of this generation.

While incorporating all this can be a huge challenge as you design for a generation that refuses to stick to one pattern or theme, you can still follow the evergreen rule of “minimalism”.

So, opt for clutter free themes and designs without being “too boring or mundane” in your approach. Do your research in terms of popular themes and design assets amongst this age group, and proceed accordingly.

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3: Add easy to grasp zero barrier content

As discussed above, people of generation Z have been born and brought up amidst technological revolution.

They do not need the kind of hand-holding and step-by-step guidance as most people from other less tech-savvy generations did.

They are aware of the latest and best performing trends and are extremely demanding.

All these factors also make them extremely impulsive, cutting down their attention span to only a few seconds.

Clearly, there is no room for mistakes, friction, barriers, and other interruptions. Else, the customers will not take a moment to abandon you and move ahead.

Therefore, when you design your website UI and UX and add the content and media, be very heedful. Keep everything to the point and make the content fun to read and interact with.

Remember, this is a generation that thrives on memes. So, avoid having a mundane approach and try to amp up the content, look and feel of your website on a regular basis.

Ensure that navigating from point A to B is extremely easy on your website, and the content catches the attention of impulsive and quick decision-making buyers.

4: Optimize for speed & performance

As discussed above, patience is something that the upcoming generation is heavily deprived of. They do not want to wait to achieve their goals.

Therefore, your website must be optimized for speed and performance and free of any interruptions or flaws.

Create a technically sound and rich eco-system using the most up to date tools and resources.

Also, we would like to reiterate the importance of a mobile-first approach. So, optimize the content to make it more mobile-like and choose your assets accordingly.

Eliminate “auto-plays” and add media that blends with the overall content of the website, while capturing the attention of visitors and giving them an overview of the entire messaging.

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5: Leverage the pop trends & moments

This generation is crazy about memes, and it is all about living in the “moment”. Therefore, just having a unique brand voice and story is not going to be enough anymore.

In fact, there is a whole new trend of meme marketing that the modern day brands are leveraging to the fullest.

Make sure that the recent popular trends and moments that create a buzz, form an integral part of your campaigns, marketing messages, and more.

Apart from that, also try to be more “Socially responsible”. This generation is politically aware and vocal, so try to adhere your brand voice to issues like environmentalism, general social welfare, diversity, inclusion, and more.

Factor these events and trends into your content and you will be able to grab the attention of the Generation Z buyers.

Leverage moment marketing and emotional marketing to make each campaign more relevant and interesting.

6: Catch the pulse through social media

3 young users around a mobile phone

Social media is the ultimate route to the new generation’s heart and mind.

You can explore different channels and platforms to find out what’s trending among them and make business decisions accordingly.

You can also hire people belonging to this age group and hand over your social media to them.

This will give you a direct insight into their thought process and give your brand a new tone and voice that aligns with the right kind of audience.

Focus more on aesthetic platforms like Instagram and TikTok that resonate this generation’s trends and cultures.

Also try to make them feel a part of your brand by posting user-generated content on your website. Turn your regular customers into influencers and attract new visitors with ease.

7: Be transparent, responsible & creative

Generation Z customers might be impulsive, but they are definitely smart and informed. You cannot lure them with vague offers and inaccurate information.

Many of them also like to use ad blockers and other filters to have a no-nonsense style of surfing the web.

Thus, as a brand you have no option but to have a “customer centric approach” and be transparent and organic in your practices.

Tell your users whenever you are collecting data. Tell them the purpose of it and assure them of security, privacy and respect.

Explain how you use the data, how long you store it and whether or not you share it.

Also give them options to opt out of data sharing whenever possible.  Respect their decision as customers and win them over with goodwill and ethics.

Also, try to be more available for your customers. Ensure round the clock availability through chat, email, and other mediums. Also focus on getting feedback of their experience and enhancing it.

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Wrapping up!

That was all about it!

We agree that pleasing the new generation of buyers and consumers is not going to be easy, but you can surely achieve the feat with the right strategy and approach.

Implement the tips listed above and make the Zoomers fall in love with you.

This generation is new to everything and is going to be the biggest consumer in the coming years. So, appeal to them and make your business excel in the present as well as the future.

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So, go ahead and get some food for thought now!

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