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Know why your app users are redirected to a web view checkout on AppMySite

Mobile apps are the future of online shopping, and every business deserves an app of its own. It enables you to connect with your customers directly and make the most of your potential in the eCommerce industry.

However, the traditional ways of app development can be extravagant, mind-numbing, and challenging, especially for small scale businesses. AppMySite aims to mitigate this challenge for such businesses and equip them with affordable yet efficient apps.

It has democratized app building and made it easier to convert stores built on WooCommerce to app, without writing a single line of code. Apps built on AppMySite are native and highly responsive.

However, it offers a web view checkout feature in the eCommerce apps. Read our blog and find out the reason behind this practice. Know about the web view feature in detail and make the most of it.

An introduction to the web view checkout feature

Mobile development technology consists of multiple paths that can be opted as you create your app. The two most common paths are native and web view. You can go through our blog suggested below and know about them in detail.

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AppMySite enables its customers to create premium native apps, as these are the best in terms of performance, responsiveness, and smooth user-experience. However, the option of enabling web-view also remains open for many screens.

This is done in order to support core functionalities, that may otherwise get restricted in the native view. Therefore, as users shop for your app, you get the option to display your essential app screens and product pages in web view or native view.

In the case of web view, your website pages are rendered within the app and the app users get a consistent experience. The website data is mirrored on the app as it is, and the customers can view the products as they would, on your eCommerce website.

However, when it comes to the checkout feature, it is mandatorily showcased in the web view. This implies, that even if you have chosen native view settings for your entire app, the users will be redirected to a web view checkout to offer more flexibility and dynamism.

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Web view Checkout on AppMySite: Reasons & Benefits

In this section, we will elaborate on the reasons behind redirecting users to a web view checkout on apps built with AppMySite. We will also discuss the benefits of this practice, to give you a clearer picture.

Reason behind offering a web view checkout

One of the primary reasons why app shoppers are redirected to a web view checkout is to incorporate and support every possible payment gateway built for WooCommerce.

It prevents any restriction that could arise due to limited functionalities in a native view. Besides, it also helps in keeping the app size optimal that may increase drastically when multiple payment gateways are added.

Benefits of offering a web view checkout

The biggest benefit of redirecting users to a web view, as discussed above, is the possibility of offering multiple payment options.

The two major benefits of a web view checkout are:

  1. The checkout functionalities available on your website can be mirrored on the app
  2. Every payment gateway available on the website can be integrated within the app

Thus, AppMySite redirects your app users to a web view checkout, in order to ensure the benefits listed above.

Benefits of offering multiple payment gateways to your customers

Not restricting your payment options to a few gateways, broadens your horizon. Integrating multiple payment gateways further ensures the following benefits for your business:

#1: Wider demographic coverage

Different customers may have different preferences when it comes to choosing a suitable payment option. You can risk losing some if their preferences do not match to what your eCommerce store offers.

Therefore, if you want to keep your website and your app open to all kinds of customers, then you should integrate multiple payment gateways on your website. AppMySite will ensure that all these payment gateways are reflected in your app without increasing its size and making it bulky, by redirecting users to a web view checkout.

#2: Lesser geographic barriers

Most payment gateways are location-specific. This means that they are suitable for certain locations and support a few currencies only. If you aim to target a global market, then limiting your payment options can become a barrier.

On the other hand, a wider and more varied list of payment gateways can help you overcome any such barrier. You can pick payment gateways that suit your targeted customer base and not let these issues limit your sales and conversions. 

#3: Extensive flexibility and support

Different companies and brands offering different payment gateway services, offer varied things. Their services, offerings, features, functionalities, and limitations may vary extensively. Hence, the more options you integrate, the more flexible the experience will be.

You will be able to get varied support, and in turn, offer a more user-friendly experience to your customers. This will get emulated on your app and hence, the overall experience of your users will be more consistent, smooth and free of any kind of friction.

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Create a WooCommerce app and grow your business

web view checkout on appmysite

AppMySite app builder has all that you need to create the perfect eCommerce apps for your business. It enables you to create premium Android and iOS apps that are feature rich and capable of offering a smooth experience to your mobile shoppers.

It takes all the guesswork out of the otherwise complicated processes of app development, and makes the journey simpler, more frictionless, and affordable. Anyone can subscribe to the platform and make an app without writing a single line of code.

AppMySite has a huge family of thousands of subscribers, and the list keeps increasing every day. The app maker offers a 360 degree solution to businesses aspiring to make it big in the mobile commerce industry.

It addresses all your needs and also offers the perfect ensemble of add-on solutions that take the experience several notches up. Clearly, there is no reason to lag behind and hinder your scope of growth and success. Build an e-commerce app and tap into the mobile-friendly industry now!

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