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Mobile app design add-on by AppMySite: Introduction and benefits

AppMySite DIY app builder has become the ultimate solution for brands and businesses willing to enter the mCommerce industry. It has democratized the app building process by making it more effortless and affordable.

It has become easier to create an app without writing a single line of code. Anyone can convert WordPress and WooCommerce to app and tap into the mobile friendly industry.

The complete app builder is extremely easy to use and navigate through. Creating high-performing native apps with AppMySite is a breeze. However, it also comes with some add-on products and features that make it even more amazing.

Today, we will discuss about one such add-on product by AppMySite that can make your app building process easier and effortless. Stay tuned with us and learn all about it.

Mobile app design add-on by AppMySite: An introduction

AppMySite is a code-free app builder that is one of the best DIY solutions available online. Customers can easily subscribe to the platform and start building their app immediately.

They can customize the app icon, logo, screens, buttons, page layouts, and more. The dashboard is intuitive, and it makes the process of building and personalizing the app absolutely effortless.

This gives absolute control to the customers over the design and app appearance. However, we understand that not everybody might be willing to do that

Hence, we offer the Mobile App Design Add-on for customers who need assistance with designing the artwork for the mobile app. Customers who purchase this add on, can get their artwork designed by the experts at AppMySite.

You can purchase this add-on to save time and effort and get your app designed by our seasoned professionals. As soon as the order gets processed, our team gets in touch with you to know of your requirements.

You can get your stunning art-work delivered within seven business days and you may also request for one revision. While the customers still need to continue with other elements, and build the app on their own with the app builder, the “ready to upload” artwork will be provided.

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Benefits of getting the mobile app design add-on

If you are wondering why you should purchase this add-on and what are the benefits that you will gain, then worry not. Let us explain them to you in detail.

As the name suggests, this add-on is all about helping you in enhancing the design and aesthetics of your mobile app. The design and visual appeal of an app is primarily shaped by the following elements:

  • App Icon
  • Splash Screen (Also known as loading or welcome screen)
  • Login Screen
  • Sign Up Screen
  • Forgot Password Screen
  • Home Screen Banner

This add-on enables you to ace it all. You get professionally designed app icon and screens that can ensure multiple benefits like:

  1. Enhance the design, layout, and overall visual appeal of your app
  2. Eliminate the need of assembling and hiring design professionals
  3. Make your app more aesthetic, professional, and likeable for your users
  4. Personalize your app to reflect your brand message and objectives
  5. Boost your users’ experience and earn more engagements & conversions

The add-on comes like a package treatment and enables you to get the artwork designed for multiple elements. Let us explore all the elements in detail and know more:

App Icon & Splash Screen

App Icon is the identity of any app. It is the icon that makes your app stand out amidst other apps on a user’s smartphone screen. Besides, it also contains and carries a brand identity and expression.

On the other hand, the splash screen is like a teaser that welcomes the users and spikes their curiosity while the contents of the app load. Hence, it is also known as the loading and welcome screen.

These two elements together constitute the gateway to your app. We know that designing the icon and app splash screen can get really tricky. Hence, this has been provided in the add-on.

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Log in, Sign up, & Forgot Password Screens

The on-boarding process determines the journey and experience of a potential app user or an existing customer. It establishes how the consumer might proceed to interact with the app.

This experience is together defined by the log-in screen, sign up screen and forgot password screens. These screens end up shaping the on-boarding or login experience of the user.

Designing these screens may sound simple, but can end up being challenging. However, you can just purchase the add-on and get the artwork designed without any hassle.

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Home Screen Banner

The home screen or app dashboard is the section from where all the magic initiates. It is the main screen of your app that further propels the user forward towards other contents of the app.

The banner plays an extremely important role on the app home screen. It the probably the first thing that most users notice when they land on your app.

The banner alone, can drive many conversions and engagements. Hence, it is advisable to get it designed by a professional. Therefore, you can get this add-on and get a trendy and catchy banner designed by our professionals.

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Design the perfect apps with AppMySite

That was all about this fascinating add-on product by AppMySite. If you are intrigued by this idea of getting your app designed by experts, and still build a DIY app without coding, then wait no more!

Sign up for AppMySite free app maker and build your own app without coding. Get an add-on for the extended feature or assistance you need, and offer a flawless experience to your app users.

Subscribe now and join our family of customers who trust and rely upon AppMySite. Build, customize and test your mobile app for free and publish for Android and iOS.

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