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The best tips to design mobile app landing pages that inspire conversions

Designing mobile apps that satisfy your customers and also cater to your business needs can be a tricky task. Creating landing pages, especially, can be quite overwhelming as it is the heart and soul of your mobile app.

Admittedly, converting WordPress to Android apps and iOS apps has become quite easier overtime. Online app creators with intuitive DIY technology have made the task a breeze.

However, perfecting the nuances and designing the crucial app screens and pages can still be overwhelming. So, let us help you with that.

The other day, we shared tips to help you design the perfect on-boarding pages for your mobile app users. You can read the blog suggested below and find out more about it.

Today, we well tell you all about designing the best landing pages for your mobile app. Read the blog till the end and know all about it.

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The significance of landing page in a mobile app

In the digital ecosystem, landing page is defined as the entry point where the customers actually begin interacting with the service or business for the first time, or every time they launch it.

In terms of mobile apps, it is actually the primitive screen that the users interact with, every time they launch the app. It is the home to all the app features and the starting point of the entire app journey.

A perfect app landing page has multiple elements, that when put together, ensure an awesome new experience every time a user begins interacting with the brand.

However, before we tell you about the crucial elements and tell you how to design them, let us first introduce the significance of the app landing page. Keep reading and discover its key features and benefits:

#1: Establishes the business goals

The landing page sets the tone of the entire app experience and hence, contributes to shaping up the users’ beliefs about the brand as well. It also establishes the goals and objectives of the app, and the brand overall.

The aesthetics and content you use and the offers that you promote on the landing page, tells the users what to expect from the brand further. For instance, if you focus on discounts and deals, your users will know that they can expect offers coming forth.

#2: Inspires sales and conversions

If the landing page assures the consumers that they are investing their time and efforts in the right place, they will also invest their money.

The customers will make more purchases if they are well informed about the brand and the product. Hence, a good landing page will also inspire sales and boost conversions.

#3: Boosts ad and marketing campaigns

Most brands use their landing pages to power their ad and marketing campaigns. As is it the center of the app, landing page attracts attention of the buyers more than any other page.

Hence, the ads and promotions placed and displayed on this page have the highest possibility of conversions. Interlinking the landing page to the ads placed elsewhere on other platforms also boosts conversions.

#4: Enables useful data collection

The ways in which people interact with the landing page tells a lot about their shopping style, preferences, likes and dislikes, vulnerabilities as a buyer, and more.

You can track your consumers’ activity and collect the data to take informed business decisions. You can also empower your sales strategy and customize their app feed accordingly.

#5: Enhances brand awareness

The landing page of the app is like the home of your brand on the users’ device. The overall experience of a customer as it launches and uses the app, speaks volumes about your brand.

In fact, every landing page can become a branding opportunity if utilized well. It carries and exhibits the identity of your business that is perceived by the consumers as the brand image and goals.

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Tips to design eye-catching mobile app landing pages

 Voila! That was all about the crucial features and benefits of the landing page. In this section, we will actually tell you how you can create eye-catching landing pages for your app.

Discover the industry secrets compiled below and create a magical experience for your app buyers and consumers. Let us begin:

#1: Create a prototype and test

The first thing you can do to create the perfect landing page is to build a prototype first. Create a few sample pages and run it through your in-house testers or trusted workforce.

Do a bit research about the on-going trends and create a blue-print for your app navigation. Include a clear draft design of the landing page. You can create multiple options and then finalize the one that looks best.

#2: Enhance the content presentation

The content on the landing page should be creative and attractive and must have a standard presentation style. Although you can break the convention if you have better ideas in your mind, the general format of a landing page includes the following elements:


It is the first thing that your users’ encounter when they launch the app and land on the page. Place the headline or banner text distinctly above the fold. Use it to convey the basic feature of your app or the brand objective.

Body text

The subheadings, body text and other textual content on the landing page also takes up a good part of the app screen real estate. It must be kept to a minimal quantity. Use informative text that introduces the consumers to the contents of the app.

Call to action

The landing page can have a prominent CTA button that tells the users how to react to a suggested action within the app. It can be about checking out the latest deals and offers, new arrivals in the products categories, or more.

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Social proof

You can also use a few testimonials or some successful sales statistics that boosts the social proof for the brand. It can be a customer review from a satisfied buyer or something like “Three thousand people are shopping at our sales section now.” This may influence and shape the decision of your buyers and make them convert.

Creative visuals

The media that you use on your landing page, also determines your success or failure. A landing page that uses multiple elements like text, images, video, and more, strategically and cautiously, has a higher chance of gaining consumer attention and trust.

#3: Unleash the power of aesthetics

As humans, we t our minds to respond to various aesthetics differently. While a pleasing visual can hold our attention, a poor one can turn us away, even if it has enough substantial worth.,

Evidently, the overall aesthetic appeal of the landing page can also influence the rate of attention of the consumers. So, use proper choice of colors that create an impressive appeal. Declutter the app screen real estate and reduce the cognitive load on users.

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#4: Follow the thumb rule of navigation

Follow the thumb rule of navigation

It is evident that most app users tend to primarily use their thumb to navigate the basic features of the app. It is for this reason, that the most significant buttons and icons are placed below the fold on the app screen.

Keep this mechanism in mind as you design the landing page of the app. Place significant icons and features like product filters, sorting tools, etc., where the thumb can easily reach. Also design the icons keeping various thumb sizes and preferences in mind.

#5: Highlight benefits and inspire actions

Use the landing page to tell your customers about the brand highlights and convey the most selling features of the app. Find a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and highlight it on the landing page.

Encourage users to explore the different features and sections of the app and give them ample reasons to do the same. Inspire them to take the desired actions and create a supportive app ecosystem with the landing page as the base of it.

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Create your own app and landing page

That was all about designing eye-catching landing page for your mobile app. Implement the tips and ensure the perfect experience for your users, every time they launch your mobile app.

To discover more about mobile app design, development and marketing, tune to our other blogs and follow this space. We update it regularly and bring you the most beneficial information from the app and online business industry.

However, if all this seems too overwhelming to you, then simply sign up for AppMySite online app creator and complement your website with the perfect app for your mobile shoppers.

Design your own app screens and pages with holistic assistance and ensure an amazing experience for your consumers. Create, customize, test, and publish WooCommerce Android apps without coding and be future ready.

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