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Popular industries that created mobile apps in 2024

Most business owners who are on a path of their entrepreneurial journey, are either building a mobile app or are exploring options to create one. Mobile applications are not a short-lived concept and will probably continue to be popular until we don’t stop using our smartphones.

Not only have mobile apps added value to businesses, but they have also become an undivided part of all progressive businesses that look forward to sustainable growth.

Every business, irrespective of the niche they cater to, should own a mobile application to sustain and grow because the customers demand so. Presently, customers expect to download a mobile for any service they are seeking.

Looking at the popularity of mobile apps in the year gone by, let’s see which industry adapted to this change to grow substantially.

Food Industry 

Zomato, Food Panda and UberEats developed mobile apps to drive more business for restaurants and to provide doorstep delivery to the customers. The launch of these mobile apps proved to be a game changers for the food industry and inspired many to build a one for their business.

Most entrepreneurs who own restaurants, cafes and food delivery trucks, instantly wanted to follow the lead generated by these top-notch brands. The reason was simple, a mobile app would not just offer an excellent experience to the customers but also save them from taking orders on the phone. A lot of operations which earlier required human attention could easily be managed by these apps, creating an efficient working environment for the entire staff.

Additionally, restaurants could attract more customers by offering more discounts and coupons through these mobile apps.

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Entertainment Industry 

Entertainment is probably one sector where people spend most of their time on their phones. Spotify is among the biggest names in the online music industry, allowing people to effortlessly stream their favourite music for free. Netflix launched its iPhone app in 2011 and has significantly grown ever since.

According to a research by TechCrunch, 57 per cent millennials use more than 2 mobile apps to stream their favourite music online. That’s a big number!

Businesses that own a radio channel or an entertainment website and are hoping to tap their target audience, it’s time they turn website into app. It is now possible to convert a website into a mobile in a code free environment, on a smaller budget and much lesser time.

Religious Organisations

In the hustle of our daily routine, we often fail to make time for religious activities that constantly creates guilt in our heart. The busy routine of people, especially the ones who live in cities, makes it utterly difficult for them to visit the Church and follow the sermons of the pastors and priests.

To overcome this challenge and to help connect with a larger audience, religious organisations invested in building mobile apps. With the help of mobile apps, these organisation could break the location barrier and helped members of multiples churches stay connected.

Some of these apps also allowed members to make donation from within the app. Additionally, it was easier for organizers to plan an event through the app by inviting all members through push notifications.

Social Networking

Social media has brought people from different parts of the world together, which connected them through their common hobbies, interests, work, dating status and more.

When we think of social networking, we only think of big names – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, 2019 witnessed mobile applications that were launched on a much smaller scale but still became popular in their geographical regions.

Businesses came up with mobile apps that connected people of a residential community, where they could easily raise a request to see carpenters, house help, plumbers and more. It is not mandatory to spend a huge budget to build such mobile apps. You can simply take help of an app builder to create an app on a smaller scale.

Real Estate Industry

In the past, real estate businesses attracted customers by listing themselves on popular websites. This platform restricted the property agents from adding numerous images and content of the property they wanted to sell. Additionally, the process of renewing the subscription and paying more to stay on the top of the list was a pain.

To rise above this challenge, property agents started invested in building real estate app of their own business where they could list residential property, commercial offices, farms, all in different categories. Alongside, they could add images, content and reviews from existing customers.

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Wedding Planners 

Like other industries, mobile apps have gained a lot of popularity in the wedding industry too. Wedding planning became a digitalised process through websites and was mobilised with the help of apps.

The intensity of the planning that is needed in organising a perfect wedding can be taken care of by mobile apps. Not only have mobile apps made it easier for customers to plan their entire wedding on an app but also made it simpler for organisers to stay in touch with both their clients and the vendors.

From keeping a track of the appointments to select the most appropriate vendors, could all be managed by a single mobile app. Wedding planners that already own a website, can simply turn website into app that will bring together your clients and your vendors for a perfect wedding.

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E-commerce Industry

The change began when retail outlets were taken over by e-commerce websites, simply to provide more convenience to the customers. Most businesses want to build an e-commerce mobile application​, irrespective of their popularity in the market. The truth is that mobile apps have empowered small establishments to compete with bigger brands.

Customers are happier in downloading a mobile app and shopping on the move rather than stationing themselves on a desktop. Convenience is above everything in the present, which is just what a mobile app does.

WooCommerce mobile app builder is the most talked about tool that businesses are going with, to convert their website into a mobile app. It is simple, code-free, affordable option that saves time.

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Wrapping up 

A lot of businesses from different industries invested in building a mobile app and only saw a positive change in the overall growth. The reason is simple, customers prefer mobility above everything.

While it is important to build a business app, it is not necessary to pump in a big budget to develop one. You can always go with a WooCommerce mobile app builder to kick start the creation of your mobile app.

Drop in an inquiry on App My Site to build an app for your business today!

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