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White Label vs Custom App Development: What is best for your agency?

The role of agencies has evolved over the years. The continuous technological revolution requires agencies and businesses to take up diverse roles and offer multiple solutions to businesses under one roof. No matter what your specialization is, solving more customer problems can help you grow faster.

As more people are moving from website to app-based solutions, the demand for app development is also growing. If you are planning to enter the business of app building, then you might have come across the dilemma of white label vs custom app development.

In this blog piece, we will address the same and help you come to a suitable conclusion. Stay tuned as we uncover the pros and cons of both approaches toward mobile app development. Get answers to all your queries and decide what is best for your business. 

In this blog

  1. What is custom app development?
  2. Benefits of custom app development
  3. Drawbacks of custom app development
  4. What is white label app development?
  5. Benefits of white label app development
  6. Drawbacks of white label app development
  7. Custom vs White label app development: The verdict
  8. Frequently asked questions

What is custom app development?

The phrase ‘custom app development’ has several connotations in the tech world. Traditionally, developers and others use it to define the process of creating fully customized apps using frameworks and programming languages.

You can read our guide on mobile app development and learn about custom app development in detail. Do not worry! Custom app development does not mean anything different in this blog piece. It is just that when we discuss development on an agency scale and compare it with white label app development, its scope widens.

Therefore, custom app development can be defined as the process of creating mobile apps in-house. As an agency, you can hire a team of professionals and get them to develop mobile apps for your customers. Depending upon the targeted operating system and app type, you will be required to use different programming languages and frameworks.

As an agency, you can develop one or more types of custom apps and implement the resources accordingly. The popular types of custom mobile app development methods are as follows:

  • Native app development: It is the process of creating platform specific apps. For example, Android, iOS, etc. Each platform will have its own set of frameworks and development ecosystem.
  • Cross-platform app development: Here, a single codebase is used to create apps for multiple platforms. Cross-platform is becoming highly popular these days.
  • Progressive web app (PWA) development: Here, advanced web technologies are used to create apps that render websites in a mobile interface. It is used to create instant web-view apps.

In general, most agencies are expected to deliver native apps and cover all forms of app development as a bonus. You will require a dedicated team of experts that are well-versed in different app development approaches and technologies.

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Benefits of custom app development

Custom app development has been the default choice of agencies for ages. Explore the advantages of this approach towards development, and know more:

  • Gain complete control over the end-to-end process of app development.
  • Get complete ownership of the product source code and other assets.
  • Ensure high level of product customizability and flexibility.
  • Custom apps are more unique and ensure great performance in general.
  • Adjustable according to the demands of the development project.
  • Implement changes and updates to the product at your own will.
  • Own the scalability and security of your apps and make them foolproof.

As evident, custom app development is done in-house. Therefore, it gives you access and control over every macro and micro aspect of the project. If budget is not a problem and you want to exercise complete authority, then custom app development can be a good choice.

Drawbacks of custom app development

While the merits of custom app development may sound enticing, it comes with several challenges and limitations. Go through the drawbacks of custom app development in the section below:

  • Requires a large number of resources and a huge team of professionals.
  • Different approaches and platforms require different frameworks.
  • High costs and time investments can drain small-scale businesses.
  • The average turnaround time is higher for custom app development.
  • Project delays and backlogs are a frequent phenomenon.
  • Not suitable for agencies with limited resources and talent.
  • Not ideal for fast-paced and competitive business environments.

Folks, if time is money for you and development is not the only aspect that you want to spend most of your energy and resources on, then custom app development is not for you. It is not very suitable for businesses and agencies that are still growing and need to keep up with the competition.

What is white label app development?

White label app development is the process of offering apps or app development solutions that are created and maintained by a third-party but can be rebranded and sold as yours. It is a boon for agencies that want to scale faster without compromising on their solutions and offerings.

For instance, let us assume that an agency aspires to offer mobile app development solutions to its customers. However, they do not have the infrastructure or resources required to take up app development on a professional scale. This is where white label app development can come into play.

However, you should not assume that white label is only an option for businesses that cannot take up full-time custom app development. In fact, several agencies that used custom technologies in the past have now moved on to white label solutions for the sake of ease and upgradation.

It gives them the freedom to cater to the growing demands of their customers without having to worry about transforming their infrastructure. Moreover, white label solutions also allow non-IT agencies to take up technical projects and offer software products to their customers. 

Benefits of white label app development

White-label app development is becoming the go-to solution for new-age agencies. Go through the benefits of this approach toward development and learn how it can power your goals.

  • Eliminates the need for a huge workforce and infrastructure.
  • Most white label solutions are low code or no code, enabling easy development.
  • Accommodates multiple app development frameworks and solutions.
  • Ensures financial freedom due to the affordability of white label solutions.
  • Enables customers to get apps and add-on services at a reasonable price.
  • Faster project development cycles increase request handling capacity.
  • Reduces project delays and backlogs and simplifies processes.
  • Suits all kinds of businesses and agencies with diverse portfolios.
  • Reduces time to market and suits highly competitive environments.

As evident, white label app development is a great way of outsourcing app development without necessarily relying on a third-party on a 360-degree level. It is an amazing choice for businesses and agencies that want to offer affordable apps and instant app development solutions to their customers. 

Drawbacks of white label app development

White label app development has numerous merits. However, when compared to custom app development, it also has a few limitations. These can be as follows:

  • Limited to negligible control over the product quality and development process.
  • In some cases, the scope of customization and scalability can be limited.
  • Since all apps are created with the same solution, uniqueness can be a challenge.
  • Limited freedom to experiment with new design and development ideas.
  • Increased reliability on the third-party can cause friction and conflicts.

If you have an authoritative approach towards app development and you want absolute control and customizability across all aspects of development, then white label may not be ideal for you. However, if your primary goal is on-time project delivery and optimization of resources, then it is a great alternative to custom app development. Please note that a lot depends on your choice of white label platform. 

Custom vs White label app development: The verdict

Mobile app development on a professional level is not a cakewalk. However, its advantages outweigh the challenges and that is what makes building apps and offering app development solutions to customers a lucrative option.

However, when it comes to making a choice about implementing a development method and model, you should consider several factors. This includes your budget, availability of talent and resources, targeted audience, their expectations as a customer, end goals, and so on. 

As discussed above, custom app development might be suitable for those who want to create in-house solutions and gain complete control over the product development and maintenance process, and other aspects associated with it. If this is of utmost importance to you, then you can go the custom app development route. 

However, when the result matters to you more than the process and you want fast, flawless, and affordable solutions, then white label app development is the way forward for you. It has endless advantages and deems fit in an age where the competition is high and there is no time to start everything from scratch and maintain it in the long run.

Therefore, hands down our vote goes to white-label app development. It gives you the power to offer a tried and tested solution to your customers and reduces the challenges and risks of building an app development business from the ground up. 


That was all about custom and white-label mobile app development. We hope that the information helps you with getting more clarity about the two different approaches. As evident, no-code white label solutions are the future of development and that can be a better option going forward.

It will free you from the burden of developing and maintaining the product and allow you to focus on business expansion and growth. You don’t have to go very far to get a reliable solution for your app development needs as AppMySite has all that you will require to fuel your goals.

Our white-label app builder for agencies has been designed to help businesses solve complex customer pain points, simplify, and fast-track app development, and offer end-to-end app development solutions under one roof. Try it out to know more or get in touch with us. 

Frequently asked questions

Why should agencies invest in mobile app development?

Statistics show that mobile apps have evolved to become one of the most significant tools for businesses and customers alike. Almost every company, organization, institution, or business wants to launch an app. This is where the role of app development agencies and platforms comes in. As the demand is high and the market is constantly growing, mobile app development has become mandatory and profitable for agencies.

Should I outsource mobile app development?

Developing mobile apps can be tricky. The complexities increase further when you take up app development on a professional or agency level. From acquiring a battery of talented professionals to building the infrastructure that is capable of handling multiple app projects at a time can be a challenging task. While outsourcing may seem like a viable option in this scenario, it comes with the challenges of authority and expensive costs. Therefore, a better option would be to go with a white-label no-code app development solution and implement the solution of DIY app development for your clientele and customers.

Is custom app development a viable option for agencies?

Custom app development is a process of creating apps through traditional app development frameworks. If you want to build custom apps on a professional scale, you will need to hire coders, programmers, developers, designers, and other professionals and give hours to meet the demands of your customers. Therefore, while it may seem profitable, it can get challenging for businesses with limited resources. However, as a solution, you can go with a DIY app creator platform that simplifies and expedites custom app development.

Is white-label app development suitable for agencies?

White-label mobile app development is one of the most suitable and profitable options for agencies. Here, you can outsource everything from research to product development, updates, and maintenance to a third-party solution or platform. You can resell such solutions under your own brand name to earn revenue and make your mark in the app development industry.

How can I grow my app development agency?

One of the best ways to grow your app development agency is to offer affordable, fast, and advanced app development solutions to your customers, and solve complex business problems in a fast-track environment. You can explore AppMySite’s agency solution and offer a white labeled version of our platform to your clients and customers. Either mobilize your own staff to create more apps in record time or directly enable customers to build their own apps in a DIY environment. This will unlock new business development and revenue opportunities for your business. 

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