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Here’s why your marketing & ad agency needs a white label app builder

The marketing industry has evolved tremendously over the years. The proliferation of smartphones and social media has changed the traditional ways of marketing making it more dynamic. The term ‘marketing’ today has several connotations, and you must think out of the box to cater to your customers.

If you have been thinking about incorporating mobile apps and app development services within your business, then you are headed in the right direction. Continue reading and find out how apps can contribute to the growth and opportunity of your marketing business.

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  1. Role of mobile apps in marketing: A statistical overview
  2. Why do marketing companies need mobile app development tools?
  3. How can mobile apps help your marketing & ad agency?
  4. How can AppMySite’s white label app builder help you?
  5. Frequently asked questions

Role of mobile apps in marketing: A statistical overview

Mobile apps have emerged as a powerful marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. The industry is growing at a rapid pace as people are turning to apps for almost every day-to-day need. From food to travel, shopping to entertainment, apps are everywhere.

Total hours vs mobile hours


Getting a grasp of the overall mobile app industry will help you understand the bigger picture. Here are some notable statistics related to the role of apps in marketing:

  • Around 60 percent of website traffic comes from mobile devices. 92.3 percent of internet users access the internet using a mobile phone. 
  • The number of smartphone mobile network subscriptions reached around 6.4 billion in 2022. It is projected to reach 7.7 billion in 2028. 
  • Millennials spend 5.2 hours a day on their phones reading, watching, and creating content. Whereas Generation Z spends 5.9 hours on their mobile phones.
  • Conversions are 3x higher on apps as compared to mobile sites and 1.5x higher as compared to desktops. Clearly, apps can amplify your marketing efforts and bring more traction.
  • About 54 percent of marketers use a mobile app platform for marketing to customers and prospects. In 2022, mobile advertising spending reached a record 327 billion US dollars worldwide. It is estimated to reach around 400 billion by 2024. 
  • Only 30 percent of desktop and 10 percent of tablet users agree to receive push notifications. On the contrary, 60 percent of mobile users subscribe to push notifications, making your campaigns more productive.
  • Studies show that startups with mobile apps had an 825 percent higher IPO valuation as compared to non-mobile startups.
  • Mobile ad spending takes up around 67 percent of all money spent on digital ads. This amounts to around 87 billion US dollars.
  • 70 percent of mobile customers who find your business online take action within an hour. 46 percent of Americans research products and services on a mobile app.
  • The in-app advertising market is projected to reach 314.5 billion US dollars in 2023. Growing at a CAGR of 10.10 percent, it will result in a projected market volume of 462.20 billion US dollars by 2027.

These are some numbers that show how apps attract the most traffic and motivate users to act and convert. Clearly, all your marketing efforts can come to better fruition on mobile apps. Continue reading to find out why and how apps can help you.

Why do marketing companies need mobile app development tools?

If you are still thinking about what marketing companies have to do with apps and app development, then give it another thought. As evident by the numbers above, mobile apps have become more important than ever.

Millennials and Gen Z together comprise the biggest consumer segments across major industries and verticals. It is a no-brainer that this biggest consumer base cannot be targeted and attracted without a mobile-first policy.

Moreover, apps are no longer limited to individual usage for content consumption and entertainment. In fact, they have commercial applications and are being used by businesses across the globe for business processes, client engagements, and so much more.

From content delivery to advertisement, everything becomes more powerful and interactive when delivered on and through apps. For instance, with mobile apps, you can ensure the following benefits for yourself and your clients:

  • Register mobile-friendly business presence on digital channels
  • Personalize the experience for businesses and consumers
  • Offer one-click access and engagement to platforms
  • Ensure better traction on ad campaigns, notifications, etc.
  • Strengthen branding and marketing efforts to increase loyalty

Whether designing for yourself or your clients, your multichannel campaigns and strategies are incomplete without a mobile app. The world is on smartphones and missing out on such a huge industry can cost heavily. On the contrary, a well-placed mobile-centric strategy can take you places. 

How can mobile apps help your marketing & ad agency?

Now let us narrow down the discussion and explore the advantages of app development with respect to a marketing business and agency. As stated earlier, mobile apps can help your agency in many ways. Go through some of the most elementary benefits discussed below and learn more:

Offer mobile-centric solutions to your clientele

No matter how strong your marketing game is, your strategies cannot truly be complete without a mobile-centric approach. Once you start offering mobile apps and app development solutions to your clientele, you can push your boundaries and attract customers that rely on mobile apps for their branding, reach, engagement, and overall growth.

For instance, let us imagine you have created a website and social media accounts for your clients. However, as most end-customers now look for apps, your clientele will start demanding apps at one moment or another. Instead of getting third-party help or expecting customers to take care of this aspect, you can offer app development services under your own roof and earn brownie points.

Automate and simplify business processes

Agencies can leverage white label app development for their in-house enterprise needs as well. Let us say you own an agency where you need to offer apps to your staff and clients to facilitate smooth communication, engagement, and business operations. Instead of hiring app developers every time you need an app, you can implement a white label agency solution and simplify things.

With a no-code app development solution that is handy and white labeled, your staff will be able to create apps as and when the demand arises. For example, if you handle event-centric PR activities, you can create apps for event management. Offer one-click solutions to your customers and make it easy for them to access your business solutions.

Increase staff efficiency and productivity  

Becoming a white label app reseller is better than outsourcing. Instead of relying on third parties for the fulfillment of your app development demands, you can mobilize your existing staff to create apps on their own without worrying about their productivity. This is where no-code app builders will help you ensure instant and hassle-free development.

As it will become easier for your employees to collaborate on app projects and deliver apps on time, it will help you get rid of any organizational silos and friction. You will be able to expedite your app and project delivery timelines and fasten the entire process. Save time and effort for your core business processes and excel in every area.

Build your own marketing network

Having the steering wheel in your own hand enables you to run your business the way you want. As you create a large number of white label apps with your own touch of branding, you can build your widespread marketing network. Moreover, you can have a clientele that relies on your app development solutions and services.

This gives you exposure to a huge target base and presents an opportunity to collect data and information from a huge pool of customers. This in turn can be used for marketing and branding. Above all, offering multiple solutions under one roof will put you in the good books of your customers and give you an edge over your competitors who may have limited solutions to offer. 

How can AppMySite’s white label app builder help you?

Now that you know how mobile apps can be extremely beneficial for you, you can go ahead and act. AppMySite can be your perfect partner in this journey. Our no-code app builder platform is trusted by millions of subscribers around the globe and the agency solution makes it a perfect fit for small to large-scale enterprises and agencies.

As a marketing agency, you can either mobilize your staff to create premium white-label apps for your business and clients or offer the DIY app development tool to your clients and enable them to create apps of their own and go truly mobile.

As AppMySite is completely no-code, it fast-tracks app development and makes it super simple and easy. Additionally, you can avail a suite of in-built features like Push Notifications, Analytics, In-app Monetization, Chat Support, Social Media Integration, and so much more.

The process of signing up for AppMySite’s agency program and getting on board is super easy. Simply sign up for AppMySite and create your account. Create an agency within your account and connect your website’s subdomain. This will enable your customers to log in through your own platform. Once you are all set, you can start onboarding customers instantly.

Resell the app development solution to your customers at your own price and terms. Allow your customers to create apps of their own and power their marketing and branding strategies. Ace app development alongside marketing and give your competitors a run for their money.

In conclusion

It is a wrap for us! Hope you had an insightful read and got answers to all your questions. For more queries related to white label app development, you can check out the FAQ section below. We have covered the most commonly asked questions related to the role of apps in marketing, and more.

Moreover, if you want to get first-hand experience of AppMySite’s cutting-edge app development software, then do give it a try. Explore the platform and create your Android and iOS apps for free. You can also check out our tutorial on how to create an app and get all the guidance you need.

If you are already motivated to start developing and reselling apps and DIY app development software, then cut to the chase and subscribe to our white-label agency solution. Get in touch with our team and equip your agency with the power of no-code app development. 

Frequently asked questions

Do marketing companies need apps?

Yes, every business needs apps in a world that is run by smartphones. As a marketing agency, mobile apps are imperative for your success and engagement. A multichannel strategy is important for businesses in today’s world and mobile apps are an important avenue to cover. You can create apps for your business processes as well as your clientele and align your business with mobile-centric demands and solutions.

What are the best software tools for marketing agencies?

The complete list of software, white-label or branded, depends upon your personalized needs and business goals. To choose the best ensemble of software, you must be thorough with your research and planning activities. This will help you pick relevant tools that power your business and amplify your growth. However, there are some commonly used tools that you can use and get powerful results. Here’s a list of software that you can consider:

  • AppMySite: Instant code-free mobile app development
  • HubSpot CRM: Customer relationship management
  • CoSchedule: Marketing campaign planning and automation
  • Sprout Social: Social media and reputation management
  • Zapier: Software integration and automation
  • Asana: Project management and team collaboration
  • Intercom: Conversational marketing software
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How can white label app builders help marketing agencies?

Marketing agencies can use mobile apps and mobile app development tools in many ways. For instance, you can create business apps for various purposes and power your staff to increase their productivity and simplify the processes. Otherwise, you can cater to the customers’ growing demands for mobile apps and enable them to visualize and create their own apps without coding. This is where white label app builders can help you. White label app development tools enable you to implement app development facilities within your organization without hiring developers. You can enroll in a white label reseller partnership program and expand your horizons without compromising your brand image.

How can I create apps for my marketing agency clients?

White label mobile app builder software is the best solution for marketing agencies that want to create apps for their clients without hiring developers and setting up complicated in-house IT infrastructure. A white label app creator like AppMySite enables you to create apps or enable your clients to build their own apps instantly without coding. As the solution is white labeled you do not need to worry about third-party branding. Instead, you can resell apps and app development services under your own banner.

How to get started with a white label app builder?

Start with finding the right white label software for your marketing agency. If you want to create apps for your business needs, the platform must be equipped to enable the development of enterprise-level apps. Moreover, if you want to create apps for your clients, the app builder should be able to expedite and simplify app development for you to keep up with the demands. An app builder like AppMySite can help you make the best of both worlds. Once you have identified the solution, you can go on to sign up for the white-label agency program. Create apps without any limitations and grow your agency.

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