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Benefits of white-label mobile app development for Media & PR agencies 

Mobile applications have become dominant across every industry. Smartphones and apps are playing a key role in defining the success paradigms for different kinds of businesses and agencies like eCommerce, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, and so on.

The branding, marketing, media, and public relations industries are no different. Apps have become an integral part of any communication, outreach, and branding strategy as they enable businesses to connect with their targeted audiences directly.

While media and PR agencies are using the power of apps in several ways, white-label app development is still a less explored territory. However, it has unlimited benefits to offer and when implemented strategically, it can streamline and amplify your business efforts.

Continue reading and learn all about white label app development for media agencies. Find out how it can be beneficial for your media and PR business and tap into the pulse of your clients and audiences. Discover the best solution to go with and grow your business.

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In this blog

  1. Why is a mobile-first approach important for Media & PR agencies?
  2. Why go with white-label app development?
  3. How can no-code white-label app development benefit your media agency?
  4. Why choose AppMySite’s white-label agency solution for your business?
  5. Frequently asked questions

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Why is a mobile-first approach important for Media & PR agencies?

The media and content consumption habits of the audiences have changed tremendously over the years. Prioritizing mobile-centric solutions has become imperative for all businesses and the PR industry cannot remain oblivious to the same.

It is fairly evident that apps have become the top medium for communication, marketing, and advertising. Statistics show that it is the go-to channel for advertisers and businesses who aim to get widespread recognition and build meaningful consumer relationships.

Most studies underline the fact that the marketing and branding expenditure on apps is increasing consistently every year. As per Statista, global mobile advertising spending is projected to reach around 400 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

This is just one example. However, the significance of apps runs way deeper than this. From building a direct point of communication and contact to creating a loyal base of customers, apps can be used by PR agencies for their clients in numerous ways.

For example, apps can ensure the following benefits:

  • Help you gain maximum engagement as apps garner better traction than other mediums
  • Eliminate geographical and technical barriers and secure better reach
  • Offer better interaction and user experience for end customers and users
  • Give end-customers one-click access to the service/products/business
  • Align your strategies with the latest technological developments that are often mobile-centric  

These were some of the most obvious advantages of having a mobile-first approach for your agency. As evident, to ensure the whole package for your customers, you must include mobile apps in your PR strategy. Offer a holistic solution to your clients and earn their loyalty. 

Why go with white-label app development

Why white-label app development?

If you own a PR agency and you have faced clients who have demanded app development services in some way or the other, then you are already aware of the concept. The demand for apps has risen in recent years and most businesses want to include apps in their sales, marketing, and branding strategies.

However, statistics show that there is a shortage of developers across the globe and human resource professionals have a tough time finding the right talent. Not every agency may have access to the right resources that align with their requirements and budget.

Additionally, it is even tougher to find developers who understand the media and PR landscape. Moreover, it may not be within the means of every business to set up and manage a development architecture or outsource their development requirements to other agencies.

This is where white label app development emerges as a boon for agencies. It enables businesses to rebrand existing apps and app-centric solutions and resell them to their customers. This eliminates all the steps that make app development a lethargic process, including research, tech assembly, infrastructural setup and maintenance, and so on.

No-code white label app development takes this a step further and makes white label app development the ultimate experience for agencies and resellers. As no technical expertise is required to create apps, agencies can mobilize their non-IT staff to create apps or simply enable their customers to build their own apps in a drag-and-drop environment.

How can no-code white-label app development benefit your media agency?

How does White label SAAS work?


Wondering how no-code white-label app development can benefit your PR business? Well, we have the answer summarized for you. No-code white label app development can help you in the following ways:

  • Expand your offerings: An additional solution/service can open new avenues for your agency. You can target new audiences and industries that rely heavily on mobile apps for their branding, sales, and promotions.
  • Cater to clients’ demands: You can say yes to every client that demands an app for its business. Moreover, you can also push mobile apps as part of the branding strategy and earn additional revenue.
  • Strengthen your strategies: Mobile apps are a powerful medium of communication and branding. Adding app development to your bundle of services will increase the impact of your efforts and ensure better results and client satisfaction.
  • Get a competitive edge: You can get an edge over your competitors that do not offer app development solutions or take too long to deliver app projects. With no-code solutions, you can deliver affordable apps faster.
  • Amplify revenue and growth: All the factors above will enable you to turn the success metrics in your favor. As a result, it will become easier for you to maximize your revenue and growth potential and accomplish your goals in record time.

As evident, no-code white label app development has several merits. Stay tuned and find out where and how you can get started with white label app development. 

Why choose AppMySite’s white-label agency solution for your business?

You do not have to go far to hunt for a reliable white-label solution for your media and PR agency. If offering app development services is on your agenda, then AppMySite is the best solution that you can opt for.

It is a globally trusted solution that redefines and simplifies app development. As the platform requires no prior experience or coding expertise, it becomes easy for anyone to design and develop premium apps for their desired goals.

AppMySite offers a truly white-label DIY app development platform that you can rebrand and resell as your own. Let your customers build their own apps while you earn and grow your business. Else, create apps for your customers and invite them to collaborate on app projects without worrying about your brand exclusivity. The choice is yours.

You can personalize the no-code app builder and add your own color theme, logo, domain address, support email, and so on. Moreover, AppMySite comes with an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for you to manage your customers and the app projects created on your platform.

Whether you want to base your entire business idea around an app development strategy or just use it to complement your existing services, AppMySite can help you a great deal. While we do all the work under the hood, you can put our app builder to use and reap its benefits. 

In conclusion

Mobile apps are not magic. However, leveraging the power of mobile apps can help you achieve many magical milestones in your business. Now that you know how apps can particularly bolster your media and PR agency, sign up for an app development platform and tap into the possibilities.

No matter what your app development goal is, AppMySite can help you achieve it. It is the best no-code mobile app builder solution for individuals, businesses, as well as agencies. You can get on board with the white-label program in seconds and set up your account in no time.

Once you are ready, you can roll out the platform for your customers. Everything from design to development, deployment, and project collaboration can be managed under one roof. Make the most of all the tools and opportunities and grow your agency limitlessly. 

Frequently asked questions

How can mobile app development help PR agencies?

Digital marketing mix is the current buzzword, and it is one of the most popular and efficient ways of branding. It enables businesses to cover all grounds and maximize their branding and PR efforts. Since apps have emerged as one of the strongest mediums among the mix of marketing channels, it is important for PR agencies to explore this avenue. PR agencies can underline the importance of apps and extend app development solutions to their clientele. This will help their client base to harness all the benefits of the mobile-centric market and in turn, help their own agency.

Why do media agencies need mobile apps?

Media and PR agencies deal with all kinds of clients. While they need to explore different avenues as they build and optimize various branding channels for their clients, mobile apps cannot be ignored. In fact, apps have become a mandatory medium for communication, sales, and branding for almost every industry out there. Therefore, whether you create apps for your own agency or extend app development solutions to your clients, it is important to harness the power of the apps in some way or the other.

What are the best software tools for PR agencies?

It is the age of AI and smart tech that can help you automate and optimize your business processes. There are several white-label tools and software that can be used by media and PR professionals to enhance and amplify their efforts and make the most of the opportunities that come their way. This includes some of the tools discussed below:

  • AppMySite: No-code white label mobile app development
  • Mention: Web and social media listening tool
  • ActiveCampaign: Marketing automation and CRM
  • Sprout Social: Social media and reputation management
  • Sendbird: Live chat and conversational marketing

How to create white-label apps for Media and PR clients?

When it comes to white label mobile app development, there are multiple options for you to explore. While most agencies first think of custom app development, this method is time-consuming and extravagant. Creating one basic app can cost you thousands of dollars. Evidently, enterprise-scale app development becomes a costly affair in the long run. Alternatively, you can opt for no-code white label app builders that are more efficient, fast, and easy to work with. Enroll for a white label program for no-code app development and start your app reselling business with ease.

How to get started with AppMySite’s white label solution?

AppMySite is the best white-label solution for agencies and resellers. The platform is extremely easy to use and work with. It has been created to combat the challenges of traditional app development and make it simple and affordable for all. You can simply sign up for AppMySite and create your own agency account. Add your own logo, theme, domain address, and other details to personalize the app builder platform. Once you are all set up, you can roll out the solution for your clients and start full-scale white label app development.

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