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Amplify the potential of your development agency with AppMySite and grow more

Software development takes work. Running a development agency or business is even more challenging. Technologies are changing with the blink of our eyes and customer demands have grown unprecedentedly over the years.

From shortage of reliable talent to maintenance of affordable technology stack, businesses face many hurdles day in and day out. If you belong to that league or feel that your business is stuck, and you need a push or support then you have landed at the right place.

Whether you already own an app development agency or are planning to start one, this blog is for you. Continue reading and learn how you can maximize the potential of your app development agency with a white label mobile app builder like AppMySite.

In this blog

  1. Challenges faced by traditional app development agencies
  2. How can AppMySite help your app development agency?
  3. How to get started with AppMySite’s white-label reseller platform?
  4. Frequently asked questions

Challenges faced by traditional app development agencies

Common challenges in software development

If your agency is struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of customers, then you have already experienced the challenges of software development. However, the problem runs deep within the traditional ecosystems of app development. As a result, most businesses resort to outsourcing or avoid mobile app development altogether.

Here are some statistics that highlight how traditional methods of app development have become cumbersome and challenging:

  • 61 percent of human resource professionals admit that they face difficulty finding qualified talents for in-house development.
  • As per Avasant, 60 percent of global companies outsource app development for ease and customer satisfaction. Access to the latest technology and talent are key drivers.
  • The global shortage of full-time software developers will grow to 4 million by 2025. This will make in-house app development even more difficult.
  • The global business process outsourcing market is expected to reach 525 billion US dollars by 2030. Fintech and IT are likely to be the biggest contributors to the growth.
  • 60 percent of organizations turn to outsourcing for app development. The challenges of traditional app development make outsourcing the go-to option for such businesses.
  • Maintaining app security and code is a big challenge. Around 50 percent of apps in industries like healthcare, public services, and education are susceptible to cyber-attacks due to bug issues in the code. 

As evident by the facts and numbers above, traditional practices of app development are not favorable in the long run. From development to design, code maintenance, app submission, and approval, every aspect has become challenging.

Therefore, opting for an easy solution can help you and your business. It allows you to focus on your core business processes and customer satisfaction. As a result, you get the room to make efforts for marketing and publicity and stay relevant in the competitive market.

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How can AppMySite help your app development agency?

Whether your agency has been in the development industry for a while or you are planning to launch a new one, AppMySite can help you in numerous ways. It helps you save time and resources that you can redirect towards other aspects of your business such as customer satisfaction, core IT processes, marketing, and more.

Here are the notable benefits of signing up for our white label reseller platform:

Unlock new business opportunities

Statistics show that the mobile app industry is booming. There is a huge demand for mobile app development across all categories and segments. From real estate to eCommerce, education to entertainment, and everything in between, apps are everywhere. Adding a DIY mobile app builder solution to your platform can enable you to tap into the immense business opportunities that app development entails.

Expand your offerings and services

Many development agencies either overlook the importance of apps or lack the resources to take on full-fledged mobile app development. Some only create website builder software, some only offer development environments and tools, and so on. However, with AppMySite, you can get rid of all the barriers and limitations and offer full-fledged app development solutions to your customers. Make it your primary product or offer it alongside other products and services.

Save on infrastructural expenses

Several agencies avoid app development as it is not easy to set up and maintain the required infrastructure. Hiring in-house talent and resources can be equally exhausting. However, AppMySite eliminates the need for any such setup. It is a cloud-based solution that lets you launch your app development business and manage it from anywhere in the world. This saves you a ton of money and resources as well. Moreover, you get access to the latest technology and resources.

Minimize IT dependency

AppMySite is a completely no-code app builder that makes anyone capable of designing, developing, and deploying apps like a pro. Implementing this solution in your agency allows you to reduce your dependency on IT professionals and mobilize your non-technical staff and clients to create apps. You can save hours that are spent on programming. Additionally, the need to find and hire technical resources is also mitigated.

Reduce project backlogs and delays

Traditional practices of app development can cause project backlogs and organizational silos. The delays and friction can further lead to customer frustrations, abandonments, churn, and migrations. However, AppMySite’s fast and easy solution makes you capable of creating an app within minutes. As a result, you can decongest your backlogs and expedite project timelines. Eventually, you will be able to create space for more orders and business opportunities.

Enhance brand value and credibility

It all boils down to the fact that you can eliminate the traditional challenges of app development and make your business processes more organized, effective, and faster. You can create apps that comply with the global standards of design, quality, performance, and security. You can collaborate with your colleagues and clients and be transparent about your offerings and project progress. This will result in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty and eventually bring in more business and revenue.

Grow and compete with other agencies

Mobile apps open several doors of opportunities. From creating paid apps to earning through in-app monetization, you can ensure app-based revenue. This allows you to think of new revenue sources and build an app ecosystem of your own that you can materialize in many ways. As a result, your agency can get the boost it requires. Get an edge over your competitors by offering something extra and grow your revenue, engagement, and overall performance and success metrics. 

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How to get started with AppMySite’s white label reseller platform?

The best thing about AppMySite is that it has been designed for ease, convenience, and speed. It takes far less time, effort, and resources to build an app on AppMySite as compared to traditional methods and tools of app development. You can follow the steps described below to get the ball rolling:

Get started by navigating to AppMySite and creating an account. Scroll down to the agency option and click on ‘Create an agency’. Give a name to your agency and enter the basic details to land on your dashboard.

This is where you can manage your account and your apps as you go on to create them. Once you have apps built through your account, you will be able to view them under the ‘Apps’ section. Similarly, you can also track all your ‘Subscriptions’, and ‘Customers’ in these sections respectively.

Follow this with the steps required to configure, rebrand, and set up your white label app builder. Add your domain and subdomain and verify it. Create a new CNAME record in your DNS host’s configuration and click on the “How to” button for help and guidance if needed.

Once your DNS records are updated, click on ‘Verify’ to validate your subdomain ownership. Next, add the business email address and sender details. Proceed to enter your SMTP credentials. This will enable you to send emails to your subscribers from your own email server.

In the next steps, you can enable third-party signups, add customer support details and more. Additionally, you can also create white labeled versions of the WordPress and WooCommerce plugins if you wish to offer our WordPress App, and WooCommerce App products to your customers. Add a plugin name, description, author name, and URL in the designated fields, and then download your plugin and save the information.

Additionally, you can add team members to your account under the ‘Team’ page. and collaborate with them on the app projects. Define their roles and give access accordingly. Moreover, you can finetune other settings and personalize the platform by adding your agency logo, name, favicon, and color theme.

Once these steps are sorted, you will be ready to roll out the product for your clientele and reap the benefits of AppMySite’s white-label agency solution. If you need any help with the same, you can get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to help you.

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Wrapping up

That was it from our end today. We hope that you have found answers to all your questions. If you are facing difficulty scaling your development agency, you can add AppMySite to your existing list of resources. Reduce backlogs and accomplish app projects at lightning-fast speeds. Amplify your growth potential and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Additionally, if you are an entrepreneur and you are planning to take on mobile app development then AppMySite is all you need. Overcome the entry barriers and make an easy start with our white label app builder. Just set up your agency account and customize it to add a touch of your own branding. Start reselling app development solutions and tap into the ever-growing industry.

You can choose from a range of product options and enable your customers to create their own apps without coding. Let them turn their website into an app or build a custom app from scratch. Collaborate with your team and clients on dedicated dashboards and manage everything with ease. Get onboard with AppMySite and launch your business in no time.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best software tools for development agencies?

Development agencies rely on a variety of software tools. Thanks to the competitive software market, there are a range of options available out there. You can use these tools to automate, simplify, and streamline your business processes. Some of the best software tools for development agencies are as follows:

  • AppMySite: Instant code-free mobile app builder
  • Wix: Drag and drop website development platform
  • GitHub: AI-powered platform for software development
  • Visual Studio Code: Source-code editing platform
  • Jenkins: Open-source automation server
  • Bootstrap: Free and open-source CSS framework
  • Cloud9 IDE: Online integrated development environment
  • Jira: Bug tracking and agile project management
  • Bitbucket: Git-based source code repository hosting service
  • CloudBees: Enterprise software delivery platform
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Do app development companies need white-label app builders?

App development companies are often equipped with a team of app developers and other resources. However, adding no-code white-label app builders to their list of assets and offerings can amplify their potential. Moreover, it can also simplify and expedite their business processes. If you own an app development agency or company and you want to get rid of your backlogs, adding a white-label app builder can be your best bet. Enable your staff and customers to create apps without coding and grow your business.

How can AppMySite help my development agency?

AppMySite is one of the best no-code mobile app builders that is fast, simple, affordable, and versatile. While it is an amazing solution for individuals, developers, and small businesses, it is also a great platform for all kinds of agencies. If you own a development agency, AppMySite can be your perfect white-label app prototyping and development partner. It enables you to simplify and fast-track app development for your agency clients. AppMySite is easy to set up and the intuitive dashboard makes it extremely easy to manage all your projects in one place. Give it a try and explore the benefits yourself.

How can I start my own app development agency?

If you are planning to start an app development agency of your own, then AppMySite’s white label app builder is the best solution to bank upon. Anyone can start an app development agency with AppMySite’s reseller platform. All you have to do is sign up and get started. You will get a dashboard with your account where you can customize the app builder by adding your own color theme, brand logo, domain address, support email, and so on. Once you are all set, you can start reselling the solution to your customers instantly.


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