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How to resell white label software?

Software demand has increased massively over the years. Customers expect businesses to go the extra mile and offer multiple value-added products and services under one roof. However, it is not possible for every online business to create multiple solutions from scratch and offer them to their clientele.

Therefore, if you are planning to become a software reseller and need guidance you are headed in the right direction. We have created a comprehensive guide to help you get started in the software reselling market.

This piece will help you understand why software reselling is beneficial, what its scope is, and how you can become a reseller yourself. So, continue reading and learn the essential tips and tricks of becoming a white label software reseller.

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  1. Who can sell white label software?
  2. Why resell white label software?
  3. Complete guide to reselling white label software
  1. Partner with AppMySite – The best white label software for resellers
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sell white label software?

First, let us understand what a white label software is.

White labeling of a software is essentially the process of creating software that can be rebranded and sold by third parties as their own. As evident, a white label reselling partnership has three essential pillars. They are:

  • Provider: The company that creates and offers the software to third-party resellers and distributors.
  • Reseller: The third-party seller that purchases the software from the provider, rebrands, and resells it to end customers.
  • Customer: The end-buyer that purchases and uses the software.

Based on the business and pricing model and the type of software license, the product or service may be offered on a one-time payment or subscription basis. In turn, resellers can also implement a similar pricing model and sell the software on a profit margin.

Now, who can become a white label software reseller?

The short answer would be ‘Anyone’. The age of geographical restrictions and infrastructural limitations is now over. Thanks to SaaS and cloud-based solutions, anyone can avail the benefits of software products and services and become a reseller.

Whether you are a software development agency willing to extend additional products and services or just an entrepreneur looking forward to starting a software-based business of your own, reselling can be a great option for anyone.

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Why resell white label software?

Bar chart of top saas purchase drivers


The biggest food delivery apps do not have food outlets of their own. Aggregator apps for taxi and ride-hailing services do not rely on their own vehicles. The gist here is that technology has changed the way brands operate and do business.

Similarly, to become a software seller or create a software product / service-based company, one does not really need to be an IT expert or hire a large team of software professionals. On the contrary, you can just become a software reseller and reap all the benefits that entail.

For instance, here are some of the notable advantages of becoming a software reseller:

  • Low barrier to entry and easier to start
  • Faster resolution of complex business goals
  • No expenditure on research and infrastructure
  • Access to new-age tech and resources
  • Value-addition to existing services
  • Faster time to market and delivery
  • Advantage over competitors
  • Enhanced performance and revenue metrics

These are only some of the many advantages of becoming a white label software reseller. You can read the blog suggested below and learn about the advantages of software reselling in detail.

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Complete guide to reselling white label software

Now that you know what white label reselling is and how it works, let us tell you how you can become a reseller. Go through our step-by-step guide and become a profitable white label software reseller: 

Step 1: Identify your software demand

Reselling software eliminates the burden of traditional R&D (Research and Development) as the product/service is created by the providers. However, you should still do preliminary research to identify the software demand and competition in your targeted market.

Analyze the market and study your customers’ pain points. Identifying their demands and needs and knowing the current trends of the targeted niche will help you identify the best software that you can resell.

The last thing you need is to get entangled with a wrong investment and offer a solution that offers no value to your business and customers. Therefore, make the most of your efforts and investments and pick the most apt software from the myriad of options.

Step 2: Find a reliable software provider

Once you have identified the demand, it will be easier for you to narrow down the list of providers. Create a list of your needs and understand what you are looking for. Make sure that your software provider offers the same. Here’s a checklist that you can use to find a reliable software:

  • Brand exclusive white-label partnership
  • Easy to rebrand, resell, and manage
  • Smooth onboarding and set-up
  • All-inclusive end-to-end solution
  • Faster development and delivery
  • Little to no backend-involvement
  • Easy to use platform and modules
  • Flexible prices with no hidden costs
  • Customization and scalability support
  • Intuitive and unified dashboard

These are some of the points that you should look out for. Make sure that you find a reliable and trusted solution. Additionally, go for a platform that does not interfere with how you price and resell the software. 

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Step 3: Subscribe and set up the platform

Once you have found a reliable software, you can go ahead and learn about their onboarding and partnership process. If you go with a SaaS-based solution, the onboarding and setup process will ideally become easy and seamless.

Essentially, the process of onboarding will depend upon the platform. Most white-label software provider platforms offer handy guides and tutorials for the same. Go through the prices, packages, and offerings and pick the ones that suit you the best.

We recommend you go with a platform that ensures direct support. Get in touch with the representatives of the platform and set up your account. Learn about the terms of the reseller partnership and make an informed decision. 

Step 4: Implement your branding and pricing

Once you are onboard and completely set up, you can start customizing the software or platform to repackage it. Note that this step will vary for different types of white label software.

Some white label platforms may require you to add your business or customer details and data. This may especially be the case for marketing automation solutions and analytics tools. Get help from the providers’ support if required and proceed.

Implement your own branding elements and figure out how you can add your own pricing to the product and resell it. Make sure that the pricing and associated offers are ideal and suit your customers and clientele without affecting your profit margins.

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Step 5: Start reselling the white label software

Once you are all set up, you can start reselling the white label product to your customers. If it is a value-addition to your existing offerings, you can start marketing it to your existing customers and clientele and get them to avail the benefits of the new product or service.

Else, you can start pitching the new product/service to your targeted audience and get them to try out the product. This is where a white label platform that offers free trials or free versions can come in handy.

Earn the trust and confidence of your customers and start reselling the white label software as your own. Explore new markets and audience segments and market the software there. Use multiple channels like social media, website, email, notifications, etc., and endorse the offering to get the maximum traction. 

Partner with AppMySite – The best white label software for resellers

If your hunt for the best white label software and reseller program is still on, then you have landed at the right place. AppMySite has the most lucrative white label solution for new-age resellers looking for an affordable, sophisticated, and effortless technology under one roof.

AppMySite is essentially a no-code mobile app creator that enables users to create native Android and iOS apps within minutes. Yes, you heard it right! The platform makes app development as simple and fast as it can get.

AppMySite also offers a viable white label platform that empowers resellers to start their own mobile app development business. Here, you can either create apps for your customers or offer the white label platform to your clients under your own name and let them create their own apps without coding.

As apps are highly in demand, extending app development services can add more value to your agency. From software development to marketing, every agency needs mobile apps to power their customers’ goals and offer them the new-age mobile experience. Offer the same to your clientele and grow your profits and revenue. 

Wrapping up! 

This was our comprehensive guide that you can use to get started with your reselling business. As evident, cloud and SaaS-based solutions have made it easier to start a software business online. All you need is to find a reliable software that automates and simplifies your business processes.

Make sure to partner with a trusted solution that aligns with your brand’s goals, vision, and growth. Moreover, invest in a software idea or solution that is in demand and has the potential to attract customers.

You can go through the FAQ section below and get answers to popular questions about white label reselling. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and learn more about AppMySite’s white label reseller program. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a white label software?

Software, as we know, is a set of programs, procedures, or instructions for performing any task through computers and hardware devices. Today, software is available as both products and services. A software can be white labeled and made available to third-party businesses for reselling. For instance, a reseller can purchase a white label app builder software from the provider and resell it under their own brand name.

Who are white label providers?

White label providers are the creators of white label software products or services. Several software creators make their products or platforms available to other businesses. Unlike software sold directly to customers, such platforms do not contain branding imprints of the original seller. In fact, white labeling of the software allows third-party businesses and agencies to rebrand and resell the product as their own.

Who are white label resellers?

White label reselling is ideally done under a B2B (Business to Business) or B2M (Business to Many) model. White label resellers are the ones who purchase or subscribe to a software product/service/platform created by a third party. The software is then rebranded and resold to end customers and clients. With the advent of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and subscription-based solutions, it has become easier for businesses and agencies to become white label resellers.

How can I resell white label software?

The process of reselling a white label software depends upon the type of software you resell and the platform you partner with. Start with identifying your customers’ needs and demands. Pick a trusted and reliable software that adds value to your existing offerings or enables you to start a profitable business. Finalize your reselling partnership accordingly. Go on to set up your account and rebrand the software if needed. Decide your pricing model and implement the same. Go on to endorse and resell the software to your end customers and become a full-fledged reseller. 

Can I resell mobile app development services?

White label mobile app development software is one of the most lucrative and profitable options for resellers. It is especially beneficial for businesses and agencies that offer some kind of online services or software products to their customers. As mobile apps are highly in demand and traditional methods of app development have become cumbersome and costly, reselling app development solutions can get you colossal profits. For instance, AppMySite offers one of the most trusted and easiest white label no-code app development solutions for resellers. You can get in touch with AppMySite’s team to know more and start your reselling journey.

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