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The benefits of white label mobile app development for agencies

Adding a new platform or software to your existing business ecosystem can be overwhelming. This can get especially challenging when the product is a white label solution created by a third party.

Moreover, if you are delving into app development, finding a holistic and cost-effective solution can get tricky. However, when chosen and implemented strategically, it can have long-term impacts and benefits.

Today, we are here to clarify all your doubts about white-label mobile app development for Android and iOS and make you more aware of its advantages and futuristic relevance. So, stay tuned till the end and know more.

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Global SaaS Market: What do the statistics say?

Why SaaS?

In today’s market, the best way to implement a white-label app development service is to go with an online SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. A white-label SaaS provider can help you with a solution that enables you to resell software or software development services to your customers with minimal effort.

For instance, AppMySite is a SaaS solution that enables anyone to create advanced native and webview apps without writing a single line of code. Anyone with or without prior experience can easily create, design, and deploy any number of apps in a user-friendly environment.

This level of efficiency cannot be achieved by independent developers or agencies that depend on a manual workforce to create apps for you or your customers. Therefore, a SaaS provider can be your best bet in this scenario and enable you to upscale your business instantly and effectively.

So, where is the SaaS market headed to?

Knowing where the SaaS and app development market is headed can tell a lot about the exemplary benefits of offering a white label app development SaaS platform to your users. Here are some facts and statistics for a better insight:

  • Android users can choose between more than 3.5 million and iOS users can choose between more than 1.6 million apps and the numbers are constantly increasing.
  • In the third quarter of 2021, consumers spent 21.5 billion US dollars on the Apple App Store and 12.1 billion US dollars on the Google Play Store.
  • Total app market revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR (2022-2027) of 8.58 percent, resulting in a projected market volume of 755.50 billion US dollars by 2027.
  • The SaaS market size was valued at 151.31 billion US dollars in 2022. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of 27.45 percent (2023 to 2030) and reach the value of 896.2 billion US dollars by 2030.
  • In 2023, the SaaS market is estimated to be worth approximately 197 billion US dollars 
  • In 2022, there were approximately 17,000 SaaS companies in the United States. Together, they had around 59 billion customers worldwide. 
  • The biggest SaaS markets in the world include the US, UK, and Canada. Countries like India and China from the Asia Pacific region are catching up and growing their market rapidly.
Software as a service market


The statistics above shed light on the growing prominence of mobile apps and the growth of the SaaS market as a whole. Now that we have established the significance of app development and SaaS related to app development, let us proceed to the next step.

Benefits of white-label mobile app development

If you have a doubt about the concept, you can read our blog on white label mobile apps and get a head start. Continue to read if you already know what white label mobile apps are.

Using a white-label mobile app builder solution can ensure several advantages for agencies. Some of the notable benefits are as follows:

Offer more and stand apart from your competitors

One of the best ways to get a competitive advantage in almost any industry is to offer more products or services at affordable prices. A white label solution can help you offer instant app-building services to your customers and put you on the map ahead of your competitors.

If you go with a SaaS solution, you can get the services at an affordable budget and fixed subscription packages. In turn, you can resell the products or services to your customers at a reasonable price and still reap profits on the margin.

Moreover, having a one-stop approach and offering end-to-end solutions addresses one of the biggest pain points of customers. It eliminates the need to go from one company to another in search of different solutions and saves their time, effort, and resources. 

Tap into a ready-made pool of talent and resources

Hiring and maintaining the right resources and a huge workforce is a challenging task. Moreover, not every business may have access to the desired talent pool of developers. This can restrict some businesses from enabling app development on their platform.

This is where a white-label app development solution comes to your rescue. It enables you to offer app development services to your customers without worrying about hiring and paying a large number of people with different areas of expertise.

Instead, you get access to a ready-to-use pool of resources. Additionally, you can mobilize your existing employees to facilitate app development, maintenance, and support without worrying about constraints like time and budget. All they need is to adapt to the SaaS solution which should ideally be easy and seamless. 

Upscale your existing business and offerings

The biggest advantage of white label solutions is that they allow you to offer advanced solutions to your customers. You can add more value to your existing business model and processes without making any huge changes to the infrastructure.

For instance, a business that only designed menus for restaurants can start creating dining apps or offer restaurant app development solutions to their customers. In simple terms, anyone can upgrade their business and services with a white-label solution.

Moreover, the beauty of SaaS solutions is that everything is on the cloud, and anyone anywhere can access such products and services. This allows you to push your limits and target new markets and customer bases. 

Increase customer engagement and loyalty

Today, most of the target market for every industry consists of millennials or Gen-Z. These are the generations that have been a part of the technical revolution and they know exactly what they want. They have more expectations and little patience.

Therefore, in order to keep them content as customers, you must offer them multiple solutions under one roof. They will admire your wholesome approach. Moreover, an app development service can especially do wonders as they love apps and use them for almost everything.

With a white-label solution, you can deliver apps or offer DIY app development solutions under your own brand name. Impress and surprise your users with this addition to your business and win their undivided attention and loyalty. 

Get rid of backlogs and speed-up development cycle

AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools and automated solutions are making our lives easier. Therefore, as a business, you cannot and should not give excuses for project delays, errors, and other issues. This can be a big turn-off for your customers and hinder your growth.

On the other hand, subscribing to a white-label SaaS solution that is robust, fast, and reliable, can help you get rid of such bottlenecks. It can speed up your project development and delivery cycles and amp up your performance and sales.

This leads to a boost in your key performance metrics and gives your business an advantage when it comes to overall performance. You can use it as a selling point and impress your clients, investors, customers, and other stakeholders.

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Ensure financial freedom and growth

Having access to multiple resources on one platform frees you from several limitations. A white-label solution that does it all for you can be a boon for your business. It can give you the privilege of time and open doors to newer opportunities.

For example, when the research, development, maintenance, and upgrading of the product is taken care of, you remain free to focus on other aspects of your business. The dedicated experts keep scaling the product while you reap its benefits.

We recommend you go with a platform that does not intervene in how you resell the product to your end customers and monetize it. A commission-free model will ensure true financial liberty and your earnings will remain yours. 


Intrigued? You should be as white-label app development is truly beneficial. While it may come with some challenges like reliability on third-party, brand-identity overlap, and issues related to product customization and authority, at the end of the day it is a profitable approach.

You can get into a smart and win-win partnership and make the most of white label app development. As the statistics discussed above highlight, the demand for app development will continue to grow in the coming time. Eventually, app development SaaS will continue to remain in demand.

Therefore, as an agency, this is the best time to invest in a white-label app development SaaS solution. Moreover, it is equally beneficial for budding entrepreneurs, small-to-mid-scale businesses looking to expand their offerings, and so on.

Go on and try out AppMySite’s white label app development solution that has been designed for agencies and their fast-paced goals. Offer a simple but effective app builder platform to your customers and scale your business. 

Frequently asked questions

Why is app development important for agencies?

Mobile apps have become mandatory for every business and organization. If you own an online agency, then app development can add more value to your business. Whether you develop software or offer marketing and client related services, adding an app building product and service can increase your growth and profits. Offering app development as a standalone service or as an extension to your existing services can lead to unlimited benefits.

What is white label app development?

White labeling is the process of rebranding and selling apps built or provisioned by a third-party. The process of building such apps is known as white label app development and the apps are known as white label apps. White label app development helps non-technical businesses accomplish app development effortlessly and start an app reselling business.

How does white label app development benefit agencies?

White-label apps allow agencies to let go of the hassles of development and focus on the other aspects of the business such as promotion, marketing, etc. It also empowers agencies to increase the value of their offering. For example, a web development company can double up as an app development business with the help of a white-label solution. It helps businesses offer third-party products and services without compromising their brand value.

Is outsourcing app development viable for agencies?

Outsourcing app development can be a viable practice for agencies when done in the right manner. Completely outsourcing the development part with little to no intervention of your own can cause issues as your brand value ultimately depends on the product. Therefore, it is advisable to go with a solution that expedites your product development cycle or enables your clients to create their own apps.

How can I start a white label app development business?

The best way to start a white-label app development business is to go with an advanced SaaS platform that offers end-to-end app development solutions. You can try out AppMySite’s white-label agency solution that enables customers to create native Android and iOS apps without coding. Here, you can create apps for any industry or enable your clients to make their own apps. 


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