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Becoming a profitable AppMySite reseller: Who can leverage our white label software?

AppMySite is a no-code app builder that has become popular across the globe. You can share the same bragging rights as us by leveraging our amazing platform and becoming a reseller partner. Our reseller solution simplifies app development like no other and makes it suitable for all.

With AppMySite, you can grow the scope of your business and cater to the growing demand for mobile app development. Offer it as an add-on service through your agency or build a full-blown business out of it, the choice is completely yours.

But first, let us discuss what is AppMySite’s white label app builder and who it is meant for. Stay tuned and find out. Read till the end and get answers to all your queries related to white label software and application development.

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AppMySite’s white label app builder: An introduction

For years, many agencies have sailed seamlessly through web design, development, and marketing. However, the complexities of app development make most of us dread getting into that business. Traditional methods of app development have been costly, time taking, technically extensive, and laborious and AppMySite is a solution that addresses these challenges and solves them.

AppMySite’s no-code DIY app maker powers customers to create premium Android and iOS apps instantly without coding. It takes all the guesswork out of development and enables customers to manage everything from design to development and deployment under one roof. As of now, AppMySite offers the following products:

  • WordPress App: Here, customers can leverage deep integration with WordPress and turn their WordPress website into an equally powerful app.
  • WooCommerce App: This solution offers deep integration with WooCommerce and enables customers to turn their e-commerce sites into feature-rich shopping apps.
  • Web to App: This product enables customers to turn any type of website into an app. It is suitable for any web technology.
  • Custom App: This product enables customers to create standalone apps that do not need any website to function. It is suitable for those businesses that want to connect directly with app users.

Agencies can subscribe to AppMySite’s white label app builder solution and offer the above listed products to their end customers and clientele. Resellers can make use of a pre-built app development ecosystem and infrastructure and start a business without any intensive effort.

Who can become our app reseller partners?

Any person, group, entity, organization, or business reselling an app, app builder, or app development service to customers can be a reseller. Such resellers partner with an existing solution, product, service, or platform and resell their existing product under their own brand name.

This process is known as “white labeling”, where a product built by a third party is endorsed by another business as their own. For instance, AppMySite is a SaaS solution that can be white labeled and resold by resellers as their own.  

If you are wondering who particularly qualifies to become AppMySite’s app reseller partner, then here is the answer! Scroll through the sections below and find out who all can resell our no-code app development software to their customers:

Web design & development agencies

Those who are not living under a rock know that there is a massive shift from web to mobile in almost every realm. In fact, search engines also give preference to websites that are mobile-ready and optimized for a portable experience. Clearly, the demand for apps is high and customers want to complement their websites with apps.

This is why web design and development agencies can make the most of AppMySite’s white label agency solutions and offer it on their platforms. This will enable your customers to create apps alongside websites and get a complete solution for their business under one roof. It will prevent the migration of customers to more holistic platforms that can offer both.

With AppMySite, you can eliminate the challenge of hiring in-house app designers and app developers, which is expensive and time-taking. Alternatively, just rebrand and offer the white-label DIY app development solution as your own and enable your customers to launch premium native Android and iOS apps. Increase your offerings and grow your agency profits and revenue. 

App design & development agencies

If you own a mobile app design or development agency, then you are already aware of the power and possibilities of the industry. However, the existing app development methods and practices are falling short, and this is leading to a huge gap between the demand and supply of apps. AppMySite can help you overcome any shortcomings and make the most of the app development industry.

You can leverage our white-label solution to automate and fast-track your processes and cater to more customers in a shorter time span. AppMySite’s cloud-based app development technology eliminates the need for bulky infrastructure and a huge battery of designers and developers. Instead, you can bring the power of DIY and no-code development to your customer’s fingertips.

Either mobilize your staff to create premium apps instantly and resell them, or simply rebrand and offer the DIY solution to your end customers and empower them to build their own apps without any coding. The choice is yours. Build more apps in record time and grow the potential of your business. Get rid of IT backlogs and open new avenues of opportunities and success.

Marketing and advertising agencies

Over the years, mobile apps have become the biggest mode of communication, marketing, publicity, and advertising. Almost every popular brand, business, organization, and celebrity has an app (or apps) of their own and they use it to connect with their targeted customers, audience, and the public in general.

You can also augment the potential of your marketing and advertising agency and offer your customers a little more. With AppMySite, you can create and offer technical assets to your customers at a minimal cost and attend to all such high-demanding clients. You can empower them to build app-based solutions for their end users and charge them accordingly.

All this can be done without taking help from another custom app development agency that often does not align with your time and budget constraints. You can create and share app prototypes, build full-fledged products, offer a DIY app-building environment, and more. Gain complete authority and control over the process and impress your clients with a bouquet of unlimited offerings.

Businesses willing to expand to app development

Not just web and app design agencies, but other enterprises, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms, tech service providers, and businesses in general, can also leverage AppMySite to start an app development service. You can start everything from scratch and build a business out of it. Else, offer it as an add-on and expand your business in new dimensions.

For instance, if you are a POS service provider to grocery stores or restaurants, you can offer a grocery store app builder or a restaurant app builder to your customers. This is just an example. The possibilities are endless. Basically, you can expand the scope of your offerings and multiply your engagement and profits. Else, you can also enable citizen development within your organization. 

AppMySite can help you in this journey by offering a ready-to-use DIY app development solution. You can get started right away and build all kinds of apps for your customers. Moreover, if you do not want to get into development and still attract the customer base, you can empower your clients to build their own apps as the system is completely DIY. 

Entrepreneurs willing to enter the app industry

Unlike the popular myth, app development is not just for developers. AppMySite is challenging and changing this notion by enabling anyone and everyone to create high-performing and feature-rich apps without coding and without any extravagant budget. If you are an entrepreneur, creating apps can be a great start-up idea that is both trending and profitable.

Apps are in demand everywhere and as an entrepreneur, you can resell the same with AppMySite. The basic challenges that entrepreneurs face are that of investment, infrastructure, workforce, and resources. AppMySite simplifies it all by offering an affordable, simple, cloud-based solution that helps you get started with minimal effort and resources.

Upcoming business enthusiasts can partner with AppMySite and create apps for their own brand, other businesses, or end customers. As everything from design to development can be managed in minutes, you can make do with a small team and limited resources. However, you can sell unlimited apps and grow beyond limits, making your mark in the app development territory.

Companies aiming to target mobile-based customers

Not just entrepreneurs but multi-entrepreneurs and companies who are willing to offer multiple products and services to their clients or scale more than one vertical and industry, can also delve into mobile app development with AppMySite. It does not matter if you have anything to do with app development directly or indirectly.

For instance, you could be a global real estate business willing to create apps for partners in different locations. You could be a developer willing to create apps for maintenance or residents of your housing societies. Else you could be an entrepreneur branching out into multiple industries including app development.

With AppMySite, you can create unlimited apps for a company or business of any size. You can offer app development solutions to your workforce, clients, partner firms, and so on. No matter what your app development goal is, you can realize it with AppMySite. Moreover, our huge pool of resources and dedicated experts can help you sail and navigate through the process seamlessly.

Administrative entities and organizations

The concept of institutional apps is not new. Federal bodies, public administrative entities, organizations, and even educational institutions often need to create multiple apps for various segments and services. This could be for their own internal use, for the public, end users, or any other target group. However, the challenges of app development remain the same.

The cost of hiring experts every now and then can cause huge expenditures. Moreover, traditional methods are often time taking and not suitable for such organizations where time is a critical asset. This is where AppMySite can be extremely useful. Here, you can create unlimited apps in a fast-paced and affordable environment.

As no prior app development experience is required to create apps, you can mobilize your existing workforce to use the no-code app builder and build apps whenever you need them. All the apps can be managed under one dashboard, so maintenance and control become seamless. Leverage AppMySite and power your public service bodies with digital solutions.

…And all those who believe in the power of apps

If you feel that your profile does not fit in one of the sections above, then do not worry. As long as you believe in the power of apps and app development and are willing to resell our white label solution to your customers, you are welcome.

Apart from technical agencies and entrepreneurs, others who want to create multiple apps or extend this benefit to their customers can also partner with AppMySite. We have all that you need to create your own app development empire and get an edge over your competitors.

If you feel that you do not need a full-blown enterprise and agency solution, then you can also check out our no-code DIY app builder platform and create apps just for your own business. Join our family of millions of subscribers and be a part of a mobile app development revolution! 

Frequently asked questions

Does AppMySite offer a white label solution?

Yes. AppMySite offers a wholesome white label solution for agencies, resellers, and affiliates. AppMySite is a DIY no-code app builder that enables customers to create premium Android and iOS apps within minutes. As part of our agency solution, we offer our white label app builder software to businesses who can resell it as their own. The platform enables self-provisioning, taking all the guesswork out of app development and allowing your clients to create feature-rich apps in an intuitive and easily navigable environment.

Can I become AppMySite’s reseller partner?

Our agency solution is open to all those who are willing to expedite their app development processes and offer AppMySite’s DIY app builder to their clients and customers. You can become our reseller partner and grow your business and revenue by offering an intuitive, code-free, and instant app development solution to your customers. All you must do is purchase our agency solution. Once you are onboard, you can resell AppMySite’s white label app builder and amplify your revenue.

How many apps can I create with AppMySite?

The number of apps you can build with AppMySite depends on the plan you choose. As part of our agency plan, you can create unlimited apps and sell them the way you want. Here, you can create apps for all kinds of businesses, industries, organizations, and clients, including eCommerce apps, healthcare apps, educational apps, on-demand food delivery apps, and so on. All the apps can be managed under a dedicated dashboard with ease.

How does AppMySite work for resellers and their clients?

AppMySite offers a white label app development solution for resellers. Agencies, affiliates, and other resellers can brand the solution as their own and offer it to their customers. The platform comes with a DIY no-code app builder that enables anyone, including the end users and clients, to create apps instantly without coding. Everything from design to development and deployment can be managed under one roof. Resellers can extend the benefits to their customers and grow their business and revenue.

How can I get on board with AppMySite’s reseller program?

AppMySite offers a holistic white label app development solution. Getting on board our reseller program is easy. Just visit the contact page and fill in the required details. Hit ‘Send’ and that is it. You can wait back and relax while we review your application. We will get back to you at the earliest and help you get started with AppMySite’s white label agency solution. Once you are in, you can start reselling our products as your own.


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