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How to use the 5A marketing strategy to promote your mobile app

Mobile apps are the best thing to happen to the humankind since sliced bread. As the number of smartphone users is growing day by day, it is becoming easier for businesses to cross geographical and demographic boundaries and reach an infinite number of potential customers.

However, promoting the app may actually not be as easy as it sounds. As it has become easier to turn website to apk, the competition in the mCommerce realm is also increasing.

Every business and brand is willing to stand out and get noticed by their potential customers. However, only those who are ready to walk that extra mile, manage to succeed.

In order to attract huge number of app downloads, traction and sales, you must move ahead strategically and stay updated of the latest marketing and promotional trends.

Today, we will tell you about one such marketing strategy that can play a deciding role in the growth and expansion of your brand. So, stay tuned and discover all about it!

5A marketing strategy: An introduction to the concept

The marketing experts and gurus have conceptualized many models and strategies that make it to the coursebooks of marketing and business schools and specialized case studies.

While it is not feasible for every brand owner or marketer to know all of them and implement them, you can always pick the ones that are suitable and effective.

Today, we will discuss a similar marketing strategy that is simple, yet powerful enough to fuel the growth of your mobile-friendly business.

We will talk about the 5A marketing strategy that is a unique way of tracing the consumer path and purchase funnel. Knowing about these stages can help you in making better sales and marketing decisions.

While there are many marketing models that fulfil the same purpose, most of them are rigid and try to influence the consumer to follow a lead, rather than adapting to the consumers’ journey itself.

However, the 5A marketing model is quite flexible and adapts to the customers’ needs and purchase behavior. This intensifies the efforts and channelizes it in the right direction.

The 5As in the marketing model stand for:

  1. Awareness
  2. Appeal
  3. Ask
  4. Act
  5. Advocacy

These five elements together define the different levels of the purchase funnel and the different stages of the purchase journey of any potential app user or consumer.

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5As that cover the A to Z of the buyer’s journey

The 5As or the 5 stages of the consumer path that together constitute the marketing model, have been elaborately explained below.

The description is backed by relevant consumer touchpoints and impressions for each stage for a better insight. Let us discover them all one by one, in a chronological order:

#1: Awareness

This is the first stage where the buyer gets aware of the app or the brand. Here, your primary target is to introduce or re-introduce (in the case of lapsed buyers) the products or services to the targeted customers in an eye-catching packaging.

This is the crucial point that decides the buyers’ journey and his response to the various stages of the purchase funnel. You can make consumers aware of the app through a variety of ways. This may include app install ads, social media promotions, website ads, emails, push notifications, and more.

Customer Touchpoints:

  • Consumer gets informed about the app or the brand

  • Consumer gets re-informed or recalls the app

  • Consumer discovers the app through one or more channel(s)

Customer’s Impression: I am informed about the brand / I know about the app

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#2: Appeal

Once your potential buyers have discovered the app or have been introduced to it, it is time to woo them and communicate the benefits and advantages of the app to them.

Pique their interest in the app through elaborative and catchy ads, social media posts, carousel ads, and more. Highlight all the premium features of the app and show how it can cause a difference in their life. Attract and encourage them to move to the next stage and keep responding to your endeavors as they do so.

Customer Touchpoints:

  • Consumer gets interested in the app

  • Consumer likes the products/app/ brand

  • Customer gets curious about the app/brand

Customer’s Impression: I like the app / The app appeals to me

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#3: Ask

By the time the consumers reach this stage, they have their interest generated in the app or the brand as a whole. This will then prompt them to look out for more information and gather more details about the product. That is where the next set of your goals should come into play.

Make sure that when the consumers approach you for help, you offer them adequate support. Also ensure that you have enough reviews, app ratings, social proof, etc., on different platforms and a robust brand image online. This will encourage them to continue their journey and convert.

Customer Touchpoints:

  • Consumer approaches the brand

  • Consumer looks for online reviews and validation

  • Consumer tries the app/product

Customer’s Impression: I agree / I am convinced with the app or brand idea

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#4: Act

This is the stage where all your efforts actually ripen and take a fruitful course. As the consumer reaches this stage, he is ready to take a beneficial action like downloading the app, buying the products, purchasing a subscription, etc. As it all boils down to conversion, this stage is very crucial.

Hence, make the consumers’ journey easy and smooth as they download the app and make a purchase. Offer an easy access to download, ensure that your app listing is convincing, make checkout or purchase easy, and so on.

Customer Touchpoints:

  • Consumer downloads the app

  • Consumer interacts with the app/products/services/brand

  • Customer makes use of the content of the app

  • Consumer makes purchases using the app

Customer’s Impression: I will download the app / I will make a purchase

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#5: Advocacy

While you can still manage to convince many customers to download an app or make a purchase, retaining them can be a quite huge challenge. Hence, deliver a quality experience to your app users and buyers if you want them to reach this stage. Also, once you manage to do so, it can prove to be revolutionary for your brand.

As the consumers that reach this stage, begin to return to your app and shop regularly. Also try to incentivize their experience further and convince them to share and refer the app in their circle. You can also offer rewards, coupons, loyalty gifts, and more. The goal should be to turn customers into brand advocates who benefit your brand image and sales through word-of-mouth and referral publicity.

Customer Touchpoints:

  • Consumer returns to the app

  • Consumer suggests the app to others

  • Consumer rates and reviews the app/brand/products on the app stores and other platforms

  • Consumer shares the app/brand/products in the circle

Customers’ Impression: I refer and recommend the app / brand / products 

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Wrapping up!

Create and endorse your own app

That was all about 5A marketing. Implement the marketing strategy and encourage the buyers to traverse through the purchase funnel and become your loyal customers.

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