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Effective tips to create Carousel Ads for boosting mobile app downloads

Carousel Ads are the latest trend of the time. This brand new ad format has already created an enormous buzz in the marketing universe and has also become too popular too soon.

Creating an app is not a herculean task anymore but promoting the apps and securing good ranks and downloads is becoming quite a challenge. While free app builders have made it easier to convert WordPress sites to Android apps and iOS apps, acquiring customers is still a game.

As carousel ads are the latest trend in the market, brands are using it frequently to grab the attention of their potential users and acquire new leads. However, it can be quite overwhelming if you do not know how to proceed.

So, today we will unveil some significant insights about carousel ads and tell you how you can use them to promote your mobile apps. Let us begin to discover some amazing facts and helpful strategies.

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What are Carousel Ads

Marketers and advertisers have always been in the process of innovating new ideas to promote and endorse products. However, with the proliferation of multiple social media platforms and easy accessibility of the internet, this quest for innovation has gone several notches up.

One such miraculous result of these innovative endeavors by various ad and marketing platforms is the emerging concept of Carousel Ads. It is the ad format that combines the stillness and tranquility of images and the story telling power of videos.

This powerful combo of ad content representation in the form of cards, is gaining widespread popularity. In fact, studies show that carousel ads can fetch ten times more traffic than standard ads for some platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Carousel ads can have higher rate of attention and better click-through rates, leading to the following benefits:

  • Interact and engage better with the viewers
  • Showcase multiple products and pages at once
  • Highlight multiple features and benefits at a go
  • Tell a brand tale or story that connects people

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Best platforms for placing carousel ads

Carousels can be used in website landing pages, apps, app store listings, and more. However, when it comes to placing ads for app promotion, some platforms manage to gather more eyeballs than the other.

Let us find out a list of those platforms and also learn to use them to the fullest:


Facebook carousel ads are highly in demand and can be crowned as one of the best ad formats. It is convenient to create and customize for a specific audience.

You can use a minimum of two and a maximum of ten cards. However, five to six cards are more than enough. This can be enriched with a landing page URL as well. Other recommended specifications include:

  • Image File: JPG or PNG; < 30 MB
  • Video File: MP4 or MOV; < 4 GB; length up to 240 minutes
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1080 px
  • Ratio: 1:1
  • Headline: 25 characters
  • Description: 20 characters
  • Primary Text: 125 characters

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Instagram is an image and video centric platform. Hence, the significance of Instagram carousel ads is even bigger, and it deserves all the brownie points.

Anyone with a business account can create an Instagram carousel ad. The “Expandable Story” Instagram carousel ad format is especially liked and preferred by most brands. While most of the requirements are similar to Facebook, the specific recommendations include:

  • Number of Cards: Up to 10 cards
  • Placement: Story or Automatic Placement in the Feed
  • Caption: < 2,200 characters (recommended: 125 characters)

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Carousel ads look especially pretty on Pinterest as it is quite aesthetic, and visuals play a significant role in engaging the Pinners and new visitors. You can choose a campaign objective and add details to customize the add.

A carousel can be created using videos or images. The recommended specs include:

  • Number of Cards: 2 to 5 cards
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (square) or 2:3 (vertical)
  • Requirements: File name, Title, Description, Organic Pin URL, and Destination URL

Read the blog suggested below and find out more about the specifications of different ad formats for Pinterest.

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Apart from these platforms, carousel ads can also be placed on LinkedIn and other relevant social media and community platforms. Twitter has also been exploring the avenue and testing the carousel ad formats.

With little research and strategic understanding, you can also use the carousel feature to display products and app highlights on your website or even within the app.

Tips to create carousel ads that convert

Now that you know what carousel ads are and where you can place them, it is time to discover the right strategy to create the ads.

Follow the tips listed below and create effective carousel ads for promoting your mobile app:

#1: Find the right audience

The first step to success for any endeavor is to carry out enough research and gather information. Find out the right audience for your app and segregate them on the basis of demography and personal preferences.

This will help you paint a clearer picture and channelize your resources and efforts in the right direction. Accordingly, you can also set your ad campaign goals like – increasing reach and brand awareness, generating leads and traffic, inspiring app downloads and conversions, and more.

#2: Create awesome content

As we know, good aesthetic elements, high quality images and compelling copies are the prime requisite for creating good quality and attractive carousel ad content.

So, pick your images wisely and write engaging copies. Make the content rich using combination of images, videos, gifs, text, etc. Also add a dash of humor, emotion, and other characteristics.

#3: Use the slots sensibly

Every platform has a dedicated number of card slots for creating carousel ads. You do not need to use all the space. In fact, using the space wisely is more important. In short, you should compel the viewers to SWIPE RIGHT and continue to view more cards.

Let all the slots have a distinct story of its own and also paint a coherent picture altogether. Create special content for each card and follow the content rule as suggested:

  • Head: Use the first card to grab the attention and introduce the campaign
  • Body: Build up the motive and intrigue consumer interests using the cards in the middle
  • Tail: Use the last card to conclude the campaign and redirect the users to take action

Pro Tip: You can also take one whole image and split it in several cards to give it a panorama like representation.

#4: Highlight key features

If your ultimate aim is generating app downloads, then ensure that you convey the benefits of the app in the carousel ad emphatically. Highlight the key features of the app using the carousel cards.

Also endorse the app’s USP and build social proof using statistics or customer reviews. Using real and consumer generated content and pictures with the app or product can also have a revolutionary impact.

#5: Add prominent CTA buttons

CTA (Call to Action) buttons play an important role in inspiring the desired action in customers. It is the ultimate and the most significant step that leads the campaign to conversions.

Use highlighted and well-defined action provoking buttons or URLs. Support it with a compelling copy and ask users to click on it to avail the listed benefits.

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#6: Tell a compelling brand story

The main purpose of carousel ads is to build a comprehensive brand story. Treat it like a canvas and paint it with a strong and creative tale that paints your brand’s identity in the most compelling manner.

Whether you use the carousels on your app, website, app store listings or social media ads, adhere to the format and specifications. However, stay focused and do not deviate from your actual mission of building the brand identity.

#7: Learn from the leading examples

Plagiarism is a big “no-no”, but learning from the best examples is a must. So, just enhance your listening and learning skills and checkout the web for relevant examples of carousel ads.

For instance, some brands like Zomato and H&M have aced the art of creating and placing carousel ads. Try to find and scrutinize more such examples. Complement it with your own ideas and creativity and create your own winning designs.

Wrapping Up

That was all form our end today! Hope you are well informed and more insightful as you leave. However, we suggest that if you have time, you check out our other blogs and learn more about app development and marketing.

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