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Best Instagram marketing hacks to earn mobile app installs and traffic

Social Media has emerged as a life saver for businesses. Any brand, however big or small, is harnessing the plethora of opportunities it offers, and reaping huge profits.

There are multiple platforms that you can make use of and grow your brand identity. These platforms serve businesses with a ready to be targeted audience base that can be your potential consumers.

With time, the platforms have also evolved to suit the growing commercial needs of the online market. While it has become easier to go from website to apk, marketing apps has also become easier.

The other day, we discussed a detailed list of app promotion and marketing methods that cover almost every aspect of mCommerce.

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Today, we will discuss one of those marketing tools in detail. So, swim through the blog further and find the gems of the best Instagram marketing hacks.

Instagram: The best marketing tool to attract millennials

A lot of your approach towards success is determined by your methods of consumer targeting. Generational understanding plays a crucial role in app marketing and promotion.

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While it is true that your app category determines your audience base, you must also know that targeting the largest consumer base in general, can be the most profitable.

It is noteworthy that the millennials and the generation following them, are the biggest online consumers today. Hence, it becomes important that you speak their language.

This implies that you must use the marketing tools and instruments that appeals them the most. Fortunately, Instagram is found appealing by a lot of people of the most active generations online.

Importance of Instagram marketing – A statistical insight

Many studies and surveys show that Instagram marketing is crucial for holistic success. Let us scroll through some statistical information for in-depth insights:

  1. Active Users: Instagram has billions of users out of which 57 per cent are active on a daily basis.
  2. Engagement: It gets 15 times more engagement than Facebook and 20 per cent more engagement than Twitter.
  3. Brand Activity: More than 70 per cent brands post at least one photo or video every week on Instagram.
  4. Visual Appeal: More than 65 per cent audience prefers and grasps visual learning which is the USP of Instagram.
  5. Sales and Revenue: 54 per cent people agreed in a survey that they bought something they saw on Instagram.
  6. Success Rate: Instagram is primarily a mobile app based platform and hence perfect to target potential app users.

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Unending benefits that follow Instagram marketing

Instagram stands out from other platforms for the following reasons:

#1- Immense reach potential

We discussed above how Instagram has an enormous user-base with a huge number of active users increasing on a daily basis.

Thus, you get the benefit of acquiring fresh and new leads every day, along with reaching the existing and potential consumers and followers.

#2- Focused response and high CTR

The orientation of Instagram feed is such that it makes your potential users more focused. This helps you in catching their attention and inspiring a response easily and effortlessly.

Besides, Instagram posts and ads also have a strong CTR (Click-through rate). In fact, they get more attention than ads placed on other platforms.

#3- Easy promotion and outreach

With the tools evolved and curated to suit business and advertisement needs, marketing with Instagram becomes really easy and beneficial. It also ensures maximum coverage.

You can choose from a plethora of options and place ads easily. Cross promoting on platforms like Facebook and Twitter also becomes easier, thereby strengthening your outreach strategy.

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Types of Instagram ads suitable for mobile apps

Creative video campaigns for Instagram

You can leverage your Instagram marketing in the following ways:

#1- Create a Business Account for free

You can simply create a business account on Instagram for free and start engaging with your audience immediately. You may share posts, images, brand stories, trending content, or more.

You can also ask your buyers to curate content for you. Use the space to endorse every appealing aspect of your brand in multiple ways. This is the first and the most mandatory step in the realm of Instagram marketing.

#2- Go for Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing gets the most attention and response on Instagram. In fact, many people actively use Instagram just to get a peek in the lives of their favorite influencers and celebrities.

You can utilize this tendency of consumers in your favor. Partner with relatable influencers and curate creative visual content to rope in their followers.

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 #3- Tie up for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another important promotional and advertisement tool for Instagram. You can find affiliates that enjoy a huge consumer base and have a big followership.

Build professional partnerships with them and go for paid promotions of your app. They can endorse your app amidst their followers and help you acquire new leads, downloads, installs, etc.

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#4- Run promotional Visual Ads

Sponsored ad content is the most promising technique of app promotion. These ads appear like any other post on the users’ feeds and are more likely to grab their undivided attention.

Instagram has both “App Install” and “App Engagement” ads that you can choose from. Based on the appearance, sponsored ads can be of the following types:

  • Image Ads: Still images or infographics with related captions and URLs are used in the visual content.
  • Video Ads: Sight, motion and sound all are used to place video content that may last up to 30 seconds or more by using IGTV (for longer video content formats).
  • Carousel Ads: Users can swipe through several images, that when clubbed together, tell a unique brand tale or ad story.
  • Stories Ads: A popular content sharing format that lasts for up to 24 hours, users can view it in their stories section.

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Tips to earn more installs and traffic with Instagram

Now that you are aware of the various aspects of Instagram marketing, learn a few tips that may help you optimize your Instagram marketing strategy for your mobile app. Let us begin:

#1- Use the right creative elements

It is all about aesthetics and intricate details if you want to win on Instagram. Use the right images and understand your requirements.

Based on your budget, content type and preferences, you can proceed to pick an orientation (landscape or square), resolution, file type, and more.

#2- Add appealing music and visuals

Although music is not mandatory, it certainly makes the content more appealing and audibly noticeable. Either get original music created, use your brand’s theme song, or find a free musical track.

Also ensure that the visual elements like images, gifs, videos, etc., are all eye-catchy and both informative, and entertaining. The transitions should be smooth and frictionless.

#3- Unleash the power of keywords and hashtags

Hashtags play a very important role in getting the desired attention on Instagram. Find the most popular hashtags that suit your brand, app, products, and industry.

You can also make use of the relevant keywords and use them as your hashtags. Add these tags and attributions to optimize the post reach and visibility.

#4- Write compelling captions and copies

Just like the hashtags and keywords, captions and post copies also have a defining role in the realm of Instagram. Write comprehensive but creative copies that engage the audience.

Do not be too wordy but try to highlight all the key features of your app. You can also hire creative copy writers to create content that is trending and has shareability and virality.

#5- Make use of the initial seconds

The first three seconds are the most important when it comes to video ads on Instagram. Ensure that you use it to spike your viewers interest and grab their attention.

You can start by asking a question or posing a problem, use some space to elaborate it and then end with giving a solution or proposing an action.

#6- Include relevant CTAs and URLs

It is particularly important that your content is optimized as a marketing copy and has all the necessary elements to help your audience engage with you.

Besides including information, entertaining elements, and hashtags, also use direct but relevant and necessary URLs and CTAs like “Install Now”, “Try Now”, “Buy Now”, “Discover more”, etc.

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#7- Sell without actually selling

Try to sell your app and your products without pushing too hard. Use Instagram as a platform to share your brand stories and build relationships with your followers and customers. Take part in ongoing social media trends and engage in conversations.

The best strategy is to make your users feel welcomed and become a part of your marketing campaign. Seek user-generated content by asking customers to post content using your brands’ hashtags and earn word of mouth publicity and social proof.

Get, Set, Grow!

This was our comprehensive guide to help you learn the best strategies and hacks of Instagram marketing. Implement the tips discussed here and share your experience with us.

Also, do not hinder your chances of absolute growth and success by limiting your business to website. If you still do not have an app for your online store, then build one first.

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