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Mobile app marketing on Pinterest – The ultimate guide to success

The smartphone generation is well aware of the perks of mobile apps and is using them extensively. As the demand for the apps is growing, the competition is also levelling up.

Bands are building apps easily with free online app makers and promoting them vigorously. They are also promoting their apps using techniques like push notifications and social media marketing.

The other day, we discussed the various mobile app marketing and promotion techniques that you can implement and capitalize on. You can go through the compiled list of techniques in the blog suggested below.

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However, as promised, we are also committed to discussing each mobile app marketing technique in detail. Today, let us explore a new article find out all about Pinterest Marketing for mobile apps.

An insight into the picture-perfect world of Pinterest

Social media marketing is not just limited to Facebook or YouTube advertising anymore. Anyone who is a frequent user of internet and explores social media sites, knows little or more about Pinterest as well.

However, very few marketers are aware of the power of this platform in terms of marketing and promotion. Pinterest is one of the most unique social media platforms that enables users to express themselves in a variety of ways.

Pinterest was established in December 2009 and has been on a constant growth trajectory since then. It has become much more that an image sharing platform and has developed as a full-fledged marketing, discovery, and information resource.

Just like Google search engine ranks and lists the most helpful and informative web pages and boosts their web existence, Pinterest “pins” the content, images, videos, etc., thereby functioning as both, a social media platform and a search engine.

People who have learned to harness this platform are driving revenue and huge profits. With more than 320 million monthly active users, Pinterest is inspiring the buying decisions of many shoppers and potential website and app users.

Pinterest ensures a range of benefits and some of them are as compiled below:

  • 58 per cent users admit that Pinterest helps them make buying decisions
  • 82 per cent users said that they discovered new products on Pinterest
  • 97 per cent searches are unbranded, thereby increasing the chances for new brands
  • Pinterest users rate ads on Pinterest 1.4 times more relevant and useful than other platforms
  • Promoted app pins enable users to download brand apps without even leaving Pinterest

(Data Source: SproutSocial)

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Pinterest Ads: The most popular formats

As we said, Pinterest is an amazing and exciting platform that comes with endless ad and marketing options for businesses willing to grow and expand.

Discover some of the popular ad formats of Pinterest and their functionalities. Choose whatever suits your needs the best, and conquer your space.

#1: Standard Pins

This is the most popular ad category on Pinterest. It is a great way of elegantly displaying your products and brands and attracting the attention of the Pinners.

The Standard Pin type enables users to showcase content in image or video format. Once the ad is saved to the board, it starts appearing on the platform under a “Promoted By” label. Users can visit the website directly by clicking on the pin.

The ideal setting of the content for creating Standard Pins can be:

  • File Type: PNG or JPEG
  • File Size: < 10 MB
  • Aspect Ratio: 2:3

 #2: Shopping Pins

As the name suggests, this pin is all about making the buyer and seller journey smooth. It enables easy shopping for customers and easy selling for brand owners.

Sellers can directly upload products from their list and customers can view the necessary details like quality, price, brand, etc. However, uploading high resolution images becomes utmost important.

The ads appear in the home feed of your potential buyers and have high chances of conversion. You can use the format to cut the chase and attract impulsive or calculated buyers.

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#3: Video Pin Ads

As the name suggests, this format takes the ad placement strategy and efforts several notches up and focuses on video marketing. It has much potential as videos have become quite popular on all platforms, including Pinterest.

It is best suited for those brands who feel that an image or a GIF is not enough to tell the complete story. You get to choose from the Standard and Max Width format. While the former is just like regular standard pins, the latter takes up more space on the feed, thereby acquiring more attention.

The ideal specifications for Video Pin Ads are as follows:

  • File Type: mp4, mov, or m4v
  • File Size: < 2 GB
  • Optimum Length: 4 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Square Videos: 1:1
  • Vertical Videos: 2:3 or 9:16

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#4: Carousel Ads

If you wish to pick something between images and videos, you can take the middle road with Carousel Ads. It is a new trend that is being adopted by multiple platforms and tools and has become highly popular.

Carousel Ads are similar to Standard Pins, but the users get to swipe the images in the form of cards. You can add two to five cards and modify the title, link and description for each. It is best if you want to showcase multiple products and get up to five embedded back links.

  • File Type: PNG or JPEG
  • File Size: < 32 MB per image
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 or 2:3

#5: App Install Pins

App Pins, as the name suggests, is the direct and explicit technique of earning app downloads through “Install App” ads. Users can easily get an insight about the app features and download the app.

As an app marketer, your primary goal is to earn as many downloads as possible. So, you can use this format if you want to cut through the chase and make use of focused marketing.

Users can download the app directly without exiting Pinterest. The pins can get linked to Apple App Store and Google Play Store without any hassle.

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Best strategies to promote your app on Pinterest

Now that you are aware of the ad formats, it is time to learn the ropes of Pinterest advertising and set the strategy straight for resounding success.

#1: Set a target audience

Pinterest enables advertisers and promoters to customize their list of target audiences. You can use the tools to configure the ads for the people that are most likely to engage with it.

You can primarily target customers based on their:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Language
  • Device

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There is a default option when it comes to setting the budget of the Pinterest Ad. You can pick that if you are unsure, else customize your own set up and pick the real estate where you want the ads to be displayed accordingly.

#2: Pick your ad format

Once you have done your research and planning about the target audience, you can proceed to pick the ad format accordingly. The list of various ad formats discussed above can guide you through.

If your ultimate aim is to generate app downloads, you can go for the App Install Pins. If you do not wish to make a monetary investment at first, you can begin by creating a free account and exploring the common content sharing tools.

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#3: Create eye-catching content

Whether you opt for free branding or place ads, creating compelling content is equally important. As visual share of the content on Pinterest is more than text, focus highly on the aesthetics.

Besides writing crisp, and concise copies, use high quality visual elements that tempt the users to stop scrolling. Use more vertical (portrait) images and edit it to suit the platform, device adaptability, etc. You can also use text overlay, videos, GIFs, and more, for a better impact.

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#4: Use compelling CTAs

It is important that you convey your intention and goals to your customers explicitly. Have a conversational tone and engage with the visitors frequently.

Include a line establishing your brand identity and goal. Add a distinct CTA button to clearly re-direct the users and make their journey action packed.

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#5: Analyze the performance  

It is not just enough to execute a robust ad campaign. Listening, collecting feedback and processing the data to discover the strengths and weaknesses is as important.

Therefore, once the ad is live, you can go to the Pinterest Ads Manager dashboard and view the performance of the paid campaigns under the “Ads” section. You can see an overview of the report or even evaluate the results using a custom report about views, conversions, etc.

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Get, Set, Grow!

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