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Andromo vs AppMySite – A comparison between two popular app builders

Code-free app development technologies have been in the picture for more than a decade now. There are many app builder software enabling businesses and individuals around the world to create apps without much technical or coding expertise.

When you’re choosing an app builder for your business, it’s important to consider multiple alternatives and then finalize the best option. Andromo and AppMySite are popular app builders and to choose between these two, you must know about the features and services they offer.

Today, we will give you a walkthrough of the same. AppMySite is one of the top alternatives of Andromo that stands out in the league of no-code app creators. Stay tuned and learn all about AppMySite and its offerings.

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  1. Andromo: No-code apps for Android and iOS
  2. AppMySite: The best Andromo alternative
  3. Why choose AppMySite over Andromo?
  1. Frequently asked questions

Andromo: No-code apps for Android and iOS

Andromo’s no-code app development platform enables you to create both Android and iOS apps without coding. It was founded in 2018 and is based out of the United Kingdom.

The app builder primarily focuses on eCommerce app development and claims to have more than one million sign-ups from across the globe. It is a sustainable app development solution that simplifies the process of building apps.

Currently, subscription plans for Andromo start at USD 24 per month with a limited number of app projects and storage.

AppMySite: The best Andromo alternative

All the statistics and market trends indicate that apps are driving most of the internet traffic and playing an instrumental role in the growth of online businesses. Despite this, there’s a huge gap between the number of websites and the number of apps available out there.

AppMySite aims to bridge the gap by making smart and future-friendly app development technology available for all. It does not just offer another run-of-the-mill DIY app maker but a truly code-free app builder with a difference.

AppMySite is a wholesome package of premium solutions and features that together make the app builder the best for any and every kind of business out there. Amongst the top alternatives to Andromo, AppMySite ranks high and serves as an ideal no-code solution for all.

Why choose AppMySite over Andromo?

AppMySite vs Andromo

There are many app builders out there that claim to be code-free. However, most options available are either not competent enough or charge hefty prices from customers. This is where AppMySite emerges as a champion.

The app builder enables you to create apps in an easy manner. Moreover, it is suitable for customers of all scales as the platform offers versatile plans and pricing options. Stay tuned, and learn more about what it has to offer:

Custom app development from scratch

AppMySite has redefined custom app development that was once dreaded due to its complexity. The platform comes with a built-in CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to build fully customized apps from scratch. It is the best solution for businesses without websites. You can create customized pages, posts, listings, and much more and launch any kind of app for your business.

Apps for any website

If you have a website and wish to quickly turn it into an app then AppMySite’s web to app converter is the only product you need. It allows you to turn your website into an app irrespective of the technology your website is built on. You can sync the two and auto-populate all the website content on the app. Create apps for a range of CMS websites like Shopify, Wix, and more, and offer a true mobile experience to your customers.

White-label solution for agencies​

AppMySite is not just suitable for small businesses but also for large enterprises and agencies that want to add app development services to their portfolio. It has a dedicated white-label app development solution for resellers that allows them to sell AppMySite’s products under their own brand name. From customizing the theme to adding your own support link, the platform offers support for setting up a full-fledged app development agency.

WordPress & WooCommerce deep integration

Most people think of WordPress when they plan to create a website, making it the most popular CMS. Similarly, its eCommerce counterpart WooCommerce is the preferred choice of online store owners. AppMySite offers deep integration with both, making it extremely easy to build WooCommerce and WordPress apps. Anyone can turn their WordPress and WooCommerce websites into equally powerful apps and offer a consistent experience to their users.

Custom taxonomy and posts​

Custom Taxonomy and Posts is a WordPress-centric feature that enables users to add varied functionalities to their website, based on their industry type and business goals. It allows you to create a customized bundle of posts. AppMySite extends support for Custom Taxonomy and Posts and facilitates app development for all kinds of niche-specific websites like real estate listings, educational platforms, and so on.

Website-app real-time sync

App builders that enable real-time sync between your website and app make the task of data population and management easier. As the app remains in total synchronization with the website, all the data gets populated to the app automatically and changes get reflected in real-time. AppMySite ensures the same and allows all of your site’s data to be synced to the app in real-time. This includes new content and updates to old posts, pages, and other content types.

Easy design and personalization​

It is imperative for every app to have a unique appeal in terms of design, aesthetics, and brand voice. This can only be made possible with a code-free app builder that allows you to personalize the design and play around with design elements. AppMySite gives too much importance to personalization. It also offers advanced tools that let you create fine-designed and aesthetically tuned apps like a pro.

Realtime app preview

Real-time preview is an underrated but amazing feature. The process of code-free app development involves several steps, and this feature lets you track them all on a live screen. This eliminates the chances of errors and mistakes that may seem silly at first but force you to re-do the process again. AppMySite offers a real-time preview feature on its platform and enables you to monitor your app on the live preview and emulator screens.

Content analytics

Data is king in today’s day and age. Therefore, most app builders offer access to app analytics in some way or the other. However, very few manage to see past the basic metrics of app downloads and uninstalls. On the other hand, AppMySite helps you understand how your products, pages, blogs, etc., are performing on your app. This gives you more in-depth and meaningful insights.

Push notifications

The power of push notifications is now known to almost every business out there. It can amplify your app’s engagement rate and give a boost to conversions. AppMySite offers built-in support for standard and rich push notifications. Thus, you can create tailored messages for your users from within your AppMySite account. Easily draft and schedule push notifications and send them to your customers with ease.

In-app chat

Chatbots are being leveraged across industries for better customer service and lead generation. With AppMySite, you can integrate your desired chat software into your app and extend one-click support to your users. It takes only a few clicks to configure the feature within your app. Open the chat option for your app users and unlock infinite possibilities. Solve customers’ queries and complaints and capture leads with utmost ease.  


There is no rationing when it comes to offerings and benefits on AppMySite. The platform also offers support for the most desired monetization feature. From in-app purchases to in-app ads, you can leverage multiple methods to monetize your app. The platform offers support for premium ad networks like Google AdMob. You can also integrate your custom ad network and earn by showing relevant and viable ads in your mobile app.

Auto-publish apps

Users often discover and download apps from the app stores. However, the process of submitting apps to the app stores and getting them live is tricky. This is especially true for the Apple App Store which is more stringent than Google Play. However, AppMySite makes the process streamlined besides enabling you to automatically push new versions of your iOS app to the Apple App Store. This helps with keeping the app updated and flawless.

Code-version updates​

Almost every app we use prompts us to download a new version every now and then. This is done to fix any anomalies, bugs, etc., and enhance the performance, speed, and aesthetics of the app. AppMySite releases new version updates frequently thereby keeping your app competent and up to date. You can also push new updates when you make concrete design or layout changes or rebrand your app.

Unlimited app downloads​

Many app builders limit the number of downloads that apps built on their platform can achieve in the stores. Some also charge extra for more bandwidth, additional downloads, and sales. AppMySite imposes no such restraint. You can market your app to a large audience without worrying about crossing your download limit. Freely promote your app and inspire as many downloads and sales as you can.

Overall ease of use

AppMySite offers a DIY, effortless, and feature-rich app development experience. You can set up your project within seconds and create your first app within minutes on this platform. Here, you can explore endless possibilities and create almost any kind of app that you want, ranging from news or blogging apps to eCommerce to even educational or dating apps. The list is endless, and the experience is truly seamless. 

In conclusion

That was a summary of AppMySite and its products, benefits, and features. However, we recommend you try the platform and learn for yourself.

If you have already tried Andromo and similar platforms and are seeking a better alternative, then your search should end here. AppMySite has all that you need to create premium and feature-rich apps for your audience. From design to deployment, every step becomes a cakewalk.

So, wait no more. Explore AppMySite for free and build your app. Reduce your time to market and launch low-maintenance apps that increase your engagement and boost your growth.

Frequently asked questions

What is no-code app development?

No-code app development, as the name suggests, is the process of developing mobile apps without traditional programming and coding. Ideal no-code app builders enable users to create apps in an easy DIY environment.

Users with or without any prior technical coding expertise can effortlessly create apps with no-code tools like AppMySite. From app design to development, every step becomes seamless and streamlined. You can try this method of app development and get rid of the challenges of custom app development techniques.

Why switch to AppMySite app creator?

AppMySite is the best no-code app creator that has democratized mobile app development. It brings a premium cutting-edge tech stack to your fingertips and allows you to build Android and iOS apps on your own.

It is one of the most versatile DIY tools with multiple product options. From turning your website into an app to building an application from scratch, AppMySite is suitable for all kinds of app development projects and goals. You can try it out for free and know for yourself.

How can I migrate from Andromo to AppMySite?

Migrating from any other platform to AppMySite is a breeze. Just sign up on the platform and create your desired app. Add features of your choice and configure the settings. As you go on to publish your app, you can replace your existing app listing on the app stores with the one you have built on AppMySite.

The apps listed on Google Play and Apple App Stores will get replaced and your users will be able to view the new version as soon as they update the app. Move to AppMySite now and grow your business with the perfect mobile application.

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